Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to make Almond Milk, Episode #276

Ever since it got cold, Angela has been making almond milk for her raw food granola. We decided to film Angela showing you just how to make almond milk.


Thubten Comerford said...

I'm a big fan of nut milks, too!

I used to make only almond milk, until one day I ran out of almonds, and had walnuts handy. I tried them as a replacement and love walnut milk even more!

The biggest benefit (from my perspective) to making walnut milk rather than almond milk is that the walnuts leave nothing to strain out, they just blend in.

Anonymous said...

love love love this video! angela, you have such a nurturing, peaceful, safe, loving aura. You are going to be a great mom someday.

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