Saturday, October 3, 2009

Will enzymes help me lose weight?, Episode #262

Today Angela and I were on a hike and we were going backwards and forwards wondering if enzymes would help a person lose weight or gain weight. However, in the end, I think we came to a GREAT conclusion!


Kristin said...

Well, you guys, if you find a person who can actually eat an entire jar of almond butter, let me know so I can shake their hand! That's a lotta buttah!

John Cleveland said...

Dear Angela,
Could you perhaps post a video with Matt going into more detail on your vision improvement? I've heard of another individual who accomplished such a feat, I think he mentioned it on a Raw Spirit video. It's an idea I've been toying with for a while but I'd like to know what you're doing. I'm 18, I've been wearing glasses for 8 years, contacts for 4, and I've got some seriously short-range vision without use of glasses or contacts. I'm talking about a foot from my face.
So yay :) I do look forward to more info :)

Christina Dodson said...

All I know is that Dave the Raw Food Trucker (you can see his videos on YouTube) said when he first transitioned to the raw food lifestyle, he at WHOLE jars of nut butters at a time because he was used to eating to much meat. Yet, he still lost weight very quickly. WOW!

Chiara Petrachi said...

You guys are so lunky you are back in California.

Thubten said...

Angela & Matt!

It seems that you and the other raw food lifestyle experts eat a lot of very expensive food. The most recent example was the five pound plus bag of Incan berries Angela was using last week.

Would you be wiling to share the actual retail value of your food expenses with us? Knowing what the lifestyle costs to maintain will help me/us to budget before jumping in.

Love you both!


Anonymous said...

I agree with John, I would like more info on what you're doing to heal your eyes. I eat around 75% raw, more sometimes...and have worn readers for about5 years and perscripts for the last 2. I am 50 years young and I have noticed that when I am outside in the bright sunshine, I don't need my glasses. In the car, I tend to see things more clearly side to side rather that straight out front. Looking forward to more info.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Regarding the use of digestive enzymes ~ all an enzyme will do is break down the food faster. It will not reduce or eliminate the fat or calories ingested. It will simply move it into your cells faster from the stomach and intestines. If you eat more calories than your body needs, it will be stored as fat, with or without digestive enzymes.

Aromatherapy Health said...

It means that you will have to use a TON of toilet paper when you have your next movement ! lol !!!

Aromatherapy Health said...

Oh I think it really depends on the person for that question. I think that if the person has a high metabolism they will burn more of that nut butter. Also if they happen to have a high level of activity that day they might have more energy available due to the enzymes. I suggest you do a test. You both eat a jar of nut butter one takes enzymes one not. Then, you two can take a hike, like you are doing in this video and see how you each feel... be sure to take some tp wit YA. . . you know what those enzymes do to ya sometimes. . . lol