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Water - Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

One of the BIGGEST questions that I always get asked is, "Which type of water is it best to drink?". I have always shied away from writing an article on this subject, because I realized that many people have strong opinions on the subject... AND... I didn't FULLY realize the importance of my own water choices until now.

There are a couple of important things to consider when discussing water. In my opinion, the most important consideration is the amount of "earthy matter" in the water. When you drink standard bottled spring water, such as Arrowhead or Poland Springs, there is "earthy matter" in it, which includes lyme (in-organic calcium). As many of you know from our previous newsletters, in my opinion this earthy matter is one of the biggest contributing factors in the aging process. Dr. Norman Walker states that if you drink bottled spring water like this, during the course of your life you will have between one and two tons of lyme pass through your body. Most likely a LARGE percentage of this lyme is naturally eliminated from your body, but as the years go by, it also starts to accumulate and cause havoc in the body. Arterial plaque, cataracts and arthritis are just a few of the many conditions related to this accumulation of earthy matter.

I've actually tested distilling Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water before. What was left over was an ENTIRE FILM of "dust" (in-organic earthy matter)!!! I then tested distilling the distilled water from the Arrowhead Mountain Spring company and there wasn't any film of dusty matter left over.

The second key thing to consider is the structure of the water. Many of you are familiar with Dr. Emoto's work with the energy of water. It is scientifically proven that our thoughts affect the vibration of water. When we send positive thoughts in the presence of water, the structure of the water takes on a more beautiful formation via this INCREASED vibration and subtle etheric energy, than if we were to send negative thoughts. This affects the energy of the water, which also affects how much it hydrates us, and which types of energies enter your body. Our bodies are comprised of at least 70% water. Therefore, the more POSITIVE thoughts we have, the more the water in our body is going to take on this HIGH VIBRATION beautiful structure and affect our health, emotions, and entire well-being.

In nature, water gets filtered through the Earth and naturally occurring vortices punctuate the process of water flow. There are ways to create a vortex in our homes with the water we drink, to structure the water into a state that is more hydrating and energetically beneficial to our bodies.

Many raw food advocates, such as David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis, are HUGE supporters of spring water collected directly from the earth. This water is ALIVE in its ULTIMATE structure and hydrates the body like no other. TRUE spring water bubbling up from the Earth like this has a MAGICAL vibration to it and will most likely increase your well-being and longevity. Keep in mind that we want water containing as LITTLE earthy matter as possible and many springs don't provide this kind of water quality. The best water on the planet in my opinion, is the FRESH spring water that comes bubbling from the Earth like this, WITH a RIDICULOUSLY LOW TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) count (less than 50, for example).

Finding a spring with a "RIDICULOUSLY LOW" TDS count like this is only usually possible in healthy, thriving ecosystems. I would guess that only about 15 - 25% of all fresh springs have a "ridiculously low" TDS count like this, maybe fewer. For most people, obtaining fresh spring water with a low TDS count like this is not really practical.

A lot of people have been investing in Alkaline and/or Ionized water machines in recent years. Generally, these types of machines just have one standard filter and cannot possibly clean all of the contaminants out of the water. In fact, I believe that they purposefully leave calcium carbonate in the water to make the water more alkaline! The water may be alkaline with a higher pH, but with ingesting calcium carbonate as the expense. This is lime-stone and as I said above, the presence of this type of earthy matter is the number one thing we would do well to be cautious about when choosing a water source.

Some ionizers claim to be better than others, however, the process of ionizing water is basically the same. Some machines have more bells and whistles such as meters telling what the pH of the water is as it comes out, what the ORP (oxidative reduction potential) is of the water, or some machines may have more plates in them (3, 5 or 7 plates) to make ionized water faster or with a higher ORP number, which can be measured with a meter. The TRUE spring water in nature, which people experience great longevity with does not have a super high pH... and... nowhere in nature will you find spring water with such strong, high ORP numbers or alkaline water. Additionally, water ionizers make the water into small clusters taking away its surface tension. Natural spring water has some surface tension, which is needed in the body. And... again... MOST IMPORTANTLY, these ionizing machines don't remove all of the calcium in the water.

The water sources that most people are consuming from have become SO POLLUTED these days that we are dealing with not only earthy matter, but also... all sorts of chemicals and other contaminants. It is even said that our water is contaminated with birth control pills and other prescription drugs that other people have taken and then urinated out into the water supply. In this day and age, apparently reverse osmosis water typically has about 15 parts per million of chemicals left in the water, and distilled water typically has 4 to 8 parts per million of chemicals left in the water. I have even heard of some tests where they distilled the water three times and it STILL wasn't completely "pure". I feel saddened when I consider the state into which we have brought our water source today on our Mother Earth.

Research shows that the MEMORY of those chemicals stays in the structure of the water, even after distilling it or going through an RO system, affecting anyone who consumes it. This memory of the chemicals is like drinking a homeopathic solution cocktail of flouride, prescription drugs, heavy metals, faeces, urine, arsenic, and so on. Some machines claim to rid this chemical 'memory' from the water, but it is unlikely that they actually succeed.

So, which type of water is best to drink?

In my opinion, the best source of water would be to find a spring bubbling up from the Earth with a VERY LOW TDS count. Some of these types of water can apparently be over 200 years old and are NATURALLY filtered underground by the Earth, void of chemicals. Yet most likely, we will tell ourselves... and believe it... that this type of water source is not feasible for the majority of us to obtain.

Currently when Angela and I are on the road, we carry a 5 gallon empty bottle and fill it up in those water machines usually found at health food stores and grocery markets. The water usually costs only about .30 cents per gallon and it goes through a 7-stage process, which includes reverse osmosis, a few filters and a couple of ultraviolet zaps. This will do a pretty good job of eliminating the majority of the earthy matter and chemicals, however, the water is still not "100% PURE". For now, this works really well for Angela and I on the road and I feel good about it.

We discussed two important factors above about our water sources, which were eliminating earthy matter from our water and the importance of structuring water. After Angela and I get our water from these machines, we restructure it and remineralize it so that it will hydrate us more effectively and provide us with a higher vibration of LOVE energy. Everyone structures and remineralizes their water differently. We personally use this little $20 vortex contraption that is used between two bottles, vortexing the water from the top bottle down into the bottom bottle via the vortexer, with a magnet helping to eliminate a small portion of that homeopathic memory in the water. In the future, we may carry these small vortex contraptions in our store. You can also use a vortex machine and get the same results. Sometimes we remineralize the water with Marine Phytoplankton or simply put a couple of drops of ocean water (Oceangrown's Ocean Solution) into it. There are many other things that you can do to your water such as singing to it, writing LOVE all over it with LOVING intention, pray to it, put it under the moonlight and many other fun loving things!

I feel that the water Angela and I are drinking is not exactly IDEAL right now, yet it is the best we can currently do in the flow of our lives and is also probably much better than what 99% of the human population is drinking. These water machines bring the TDS down to a low number and we are also remineralizing and restructuring the water. Additionally, this method is not only effective but also inexpensive. Someday when Angela and I finally settle down, we intend to change our drinking water tune... AND... I know EXACTLY which type of water source we are intending to use. I am sure in Ecuador that we will find many sources of springs with a "RIDICULOUSLY LOW" TDS count... However, I want to also have a source of water that I can obtain from my own dwelling that is CONSISTENT and "PERFECTLY PURE".

We have discovered a water machine that is not available yet to the general public, but should be ready by the end of this year. The Doctor who created this machine has been researching water for over 40 years and has spent over 4 million of his own dollars in researching the ULTIMATE process of bringing water back as close as possible to the pristine natural spring sources we had access to on our planet hundreds of years ago. This doctor has researched the BEST water filters from all over the world and has sourced the best of the best from Germany and other areas of the world. His water machine uses SEVEN of the BEST filters available. This machine clears EVERYTHING out of the water, providing a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) count of ZERO parts per million!!! There is even a TDS detector on the machine that shows the count for the water going in and the water coming out. I witnessed the TDS count of ZERO on the way out of this machine. The doctor said that as soon as the TDS count on a machine leaves the ZERO point, it is time to change the filters, which happens about once every two years.

This machine not only removes all inorganic earthy matter and toxic chemicals, but it also leaves NO MEMORY of these chemicals in the water whatsoever. That toxic homeopathic cocktail is GONE! Many other water machines claim to take out 100% of the chemicals in the water, however, as we have already discussed, it is unlikely that they actually succeed. The Doctor ensures the complete removal of all memories in the water with a proprietary "NEN" system that is built on top of the machine. This NEN unit makes a "zapping"-like noise as it performs this erasing operation.

ADDITIONALLY, this water machine structures the water in a way that brings it the closest to spring water compared to any other machine out there. The structuring feature of the machine involves a hollow quartz glass tube (which is quite expensive) with a wire-like coil wrapped around it, which is placed in the machine at the point right after which the water has been purified and the "negative" chemical memory removed. The machine also adds a small portion of some special, high quality minerals to the water, in an extremely small particle size. The body can easily utilize these special minerals, making the water like a natural PURE spring water. This machine automatically injects 10 drops of minerals per half gallon, so the mineral supply lasts a really long time.

INCREDIBLE!!! This machine literally brings the TDS count to ZERO, removes all chemical memory, restructures the water, and adds minerals to it... And... there's even more to it than this!!! This doctor has been studying spring water for decades and there is a lot more to it than these basic elements that I just mentioned here. I feel that if a person were to drink this water as their primary source of water, it will actually add a decade or two to their life. I just tried this water this weekend and I felt like dancing on the roof-tops! It was almost as good as my first experience of FRESH, PURE spring water.

This doctor who I will be introducing you to sometime over the coming few months currently hand-makes each one of these water units and as a result, the cost is SEVERAL thousand dollars per machine. He can only produce so many per month and that is why I can't yet mention all the details here in this newsletter, as it might inundate him with water machine production for the next decade! The GREAT NEWS is that he recently signed a deal to mass produce these water machines, to the exact same superlative standards, which means we will not only all be able to get the LATEST, BEST, and IMPROVED units instantly, but it will also bring the cost down dramatically. I felt compelled to bring you this information already in this article, to let you know that something BIG is on the horizon and also to perhaps help steer anyone away from buying alkalinizers/ionizers or other substandard equipment, which I feel is ultimately DETRIMENTAL to the system. I know that there have been new water machines POPPING UP for years on end, making all sorts of claims. I have never mentioned any of them here, as they have not truly appealed to me. This machine is finally the REAL DEAL... trust me on that.

Once these units are available, around January sometime, all being well, you will be the first to know. Additionally, I will have an e-book available then from this doctor, which has the potential to BLOW your watery socks off. In the meantime, I suggest you fire your water alkalinizers, and get the purest structured water you can currently find... and... I hope that you are as excited as I am about having the BEST water EVER ;-) in your home within the next six months :-)

The Raw Food World RADIO Show - Gabriel Cousens

This NEXT Raw Food World RADIO show with Dr. Gabriel Cousens is going to be HUGE!!! I am going to go DEEP with Gabriel Cousens into the spiritual aspects of the Raw Food Lifestyle. We are going to speak about some of those "UNFATHOMABLE", things that many humans don't seem to believe even EXIST! I sense... that I PERSONALLY am going to be BLOWN AWAY by this interview!!!

Alongside this spiritual journey and talk, I intend to explore other subjects, such as candida, in depth. We are going to go deep into physics and explain some of Gabriel's fascinating theories in "layman's terms" for us all to easily understand and apply.

Listen in LIVE as I, Matt Monarch, interview Dr. Gabriel Cousens, this Thursday NIGHT, October 15th at 10pm Eastern time (7pm Pacific). There is only room for 1000 people to listen in again LIVE on the call... SO sign up ASAP!

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New Products

The Silver & Magnetic Pulser
If you are interested in Parasite Zappers, then these two products are a MUST! If you are familiar with the Terminator Zapper or the Hulda Clark Zapper, then you will understand that the Silver Pulser is like those products x 100. It is like a zapper on "STEROIDS"... In other words, it is very, very powerful. The amazing thing about the Silver Pulser is that it straps right onto the pulse of your wrist. This allows the electrical current to easily travel throughout your entire blood stream. It is so powerful, that if you put it on full blast like I ALWAYS do, then the electricity actually makes your fingers pulse and wiggle. The guidance is to start with 20 minutes a day and build up to 2 hours or more. Apparently, if you have this machine on for two hours, the electricity will go through your entire bloodstream 12 times.

Now... It is said that some of those little parasite critters are rather smart and when a zapper electrifies them, they can go and hide out instead in the lymph system and take cover. That's where the Magnetic Pulser comes in - this machine was designed just to get to those run-away little critters. The Magnetic Pulser gives out a magnetic pulse every 5 seconds and you position it over your lymph nodes, all over your body, in rotation. This helps create the same environment that the Silver Pulser creates in the bloodstream, yet in the Lymph system. I feel that these two items are the BEST way to go for anyone sincerely wanting to tackle their parasite load.

To learn even more, you can check out this video below...


Low Glycemic Raw Chocolate Sacred Hearts
Steve, the WIZARD creator of the Sacred Heart raw chocolates, emailed me excitedly about these two NEW Sacred Heart formulations. I felt compelled to jump on board with these MAGICAL new creations. Dr. Gabriel Cousens actually just ordered a MASS of these two products for the Tree of Life Center. These two Raw Chocolate Sacred Hearts are a special RAW ORGANIC VEGAN chocolate designed for people who are concerned about blood sugar related issues, such as diabetes. This chocolate apparently scored VERY HIGH on a special energetic test that Dr. Cousens uses. These sacred hearts are semi-sweet, bordering on bitter-sweet. In the Still Pointe Mint Flavor, whole peppermint leaf is stone ground right into the chocolate. These are TRULY magical, unique low glycemic raw chocolate treats... Enjoy...

Hurom Slow Juicer
This is one of my FAVORITE juicers now!!! At first I was a little skeptical, but now I LOVE using this machine! Many of you are familiar with the HORIZONTAL single auger juicers that are good for wheatgrass, such as the Omega 8003 Juicer. The Hurom Juicer is a VERTICAL single auger juicer and is WAY more efficient than the horizontal one. I never liked the horizontal single auger juicers, because they leave a lot of pulp in the juice and are slow moving with an irritating CLONKING vibrating action when you juice things like carrots... and lastly...I find them hard to clean. I have always veered instead towards the twin gear juicers, because there is less pulp in the juice and they have a much smoother action overall.

The Vertical Single Auger Hurom Juicer is SO FAST compared to the twin gear Green Star juicer. The Hurom Juicer IS the FASTEST slow moving juicer, which does not heat up the juice, leading to oxidation. One of the reasons why the Hurom is so fast is because the auger is about three times the size of the augers in the horizontal single auger juicers. This huge auger in the Hurom juicer just PULLS the vegetables into the juicer, full force. It does leave quite a lot of pulp in the juice, however, we strain all of our juices anyway... We even strain the juice from our favorite twin gear juicer. In the past, you would need to get a centrifugal ejection juicer for speedy juicing, which oxidizes juice rapidly, within 15 minutes. The Hurom Juicer is the first Fast Moving "Slow" Juicer on the market, which does not oxidize the juice. It's what we choose to use every day now while on the road. Watch us in action using this juicer in the video below:


Purple Corn Kernel Extract
Our organic purple corn powder is created by juicing the corn and then slowly evaporating the liquid at low temperatures until only a pure powder - the essence of purple corn - remains. Because it is so potent, a little goes a long way. One level teaspoon (approximately 2 grams) per day is all that is needed for a good dose.

Today, the corn is generally grown in Peru, where the people of the Andes use it to make a refreshing and highly nutritious drink. Purple corn has a high phenolic content and at least six different anthocyanins even more than blueberries. Anthocyanins, the flavonoids that produce blue, purple, or red colors, are antioxidants that:

  • Stabilize connective tissue
  • Promote collagen formation
  • Improve micro-circulation
  • Help protect blood vessels from oxidative damage
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promote blood flow
  • Reduce cholesterol

    Studies have shown that the consumption of foods with polyphenolic compounds is associated with reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease and colon cancer. Purple corn also has a role in the prevention of obesity, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.


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    Raw Food Dehydration Chart
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