Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What are Etherium products?, Episode #265

Angela and I started using the etherium products from Harmonic Enterprises in our elixirs. I can sense the energy booming after I take it. Additionally, discover how Angela and I are going to be sleeping outside often :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey You Guys,
I am totally excited for you and your new tent for under the stars!! Hopefully you will ask your friend to let us all in on where these may be purchased or when you will carry them?!!!! Hmmm, will you???
Thanks Marty

uzbekjoe said...

Love the new tent. I have one also mine is a solo model a bit narrower.
When Angela figures it out she can show me how to put mine together.
Whenever you want to camp in NE PA let me know I have 10 acres of pesticide free field you can use. Will also supply fantastic tasting well water during your stay.

Wholly Raw for an Organic Planet said...

you happy monkeys are so cute! So glad you loved my links and found your SWAG!!!!!! nights under stars yahay!!!!!
look for the nimbus style!

love Holly from AUS

Anonymous said...

Hey u guys! really nice!!! I used to have a swag, i remember they made them for the buckaroos to tie behind the saddle and have a save, bugfree comfy night in the bush. Mine was made from heavy canvas and lasted until the rats got it... Have fuuun ! stephj from germany