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Spiritual Bang for your Buck!

One of my most popular sayings is, "When you improve your diet by eating fewer kinds and quantities of foods, your body becomes a more in-tune receptive machine to the spiritual energy." This is something you actually feel; it is physical.

When I say this, many retort that there is a lot more to do with spiritual existence than just diet, which is of course true... yet, I feel that there is not enough emphasis placed on the power of food to help us feel connected. By no means do I feel or claim that I am a 'spiritual guru'. Nonetheless, from my personal experience and the testimonials of many others, if you adhere to a balanced 100% Raw Food Diet, your body will become more vibratory, flowing with that universal cosmic energy. Of course you have to also keep up with the endogenous poisons that will be continually purging from your cells, to really feel the effects. In the Blood Gas Theory article, under the, 'The Science and Spiritual Energy' section, I discuss how the less obstruction you have in the body on a cellular level AND in the bloodstream, the higher you vibrate and with more intensity. Colon hydrotherapy can aid in this process tremendously.

Many Eastern spiritual 'gurus' of the past recommend a raw diet and colon cleansing for this purpose. If you tell a 'mainstream' American that you eat a 100% Raw Food Diet, they look at you as if there is something wrong with you. However, if you tell an 'average' person in India, it seems they'd be much more likely to understand and appreciate the value of your choices.

I am not going to get into details, but I have been experimenting... I have been toying around with eating VERY LITTLE this week. The energy fields in my body have been vibrating with pulsating LIVELINESS. Love energy overcomes my body which is just given right back to the universe. It is Sensory Bliss! When I eat like this, my third eye and body vibrate with such immense force that prayer and meditation practically happen effortlessly. My body also automatically starts to BREATHE DEEPER. I notice while I am laying in bed that my body is actually spontaneously taking deeper breaths and pulling energy from the air. Breathing this pure air while eating like this awakens parts of my lungs that haven't been used in a while. Since the air is so pure out here, it accelerates the detoxification process. It is amazing what these bodies are capable of, if we just provide the right environment for them. I feel that if one lives this type of lifestyle, by eating VERY LITTLE (even less than the typical balanced Raw Food Diet) and breathing pure air, then we can awaken dormant abilities, such as telepathic communication, energy visualization and much more. Just from being on the 100% Raw Food Diet that I have been on and doing the appropriate cleansing, I have personally awakened these types of facilities. However, I feel so much more is possible by eating even less. Conversely, my book Raw Success states that we have to be careful if we decide to permanently commit to eating very little.

Just to be clear, I don't plan to be eating less than my current balanced Raw Diet.

You have to be careful when you do things like this. HARSH and CONCENTRATED old toxins (Gases) from the past will detox out of your cells. Many people think the detox ends after you are 100% Raw for a given amount of time. As I state in the 'Missing Link on the 100% Raw Food Diet' article HERE, when you go on a 100% Raw Food Diet, it is like going on a life-long fast and you are going to detox until the day you die. In truth, when you get up there in age like Dr. Fred Bisci at 80 years old, with 50 years being 100% Raw behind you, that's when you've got to be REALLY careful. This is when the toxins that are leaving during the detox are the MOST CONCENTRATED and dangerous. He is probably detoxing waste from his ancestors.

Many people who have done fasting in their time will vouch for this massive energy that vibrates through them and also the concentrated toxins that leave the body. Especially after a fast you have to be careful. The body is filled with toxins and you have to know what to do to balance back to normal.

Rip wrote:

Do you know a good way to improve the soil that i grow wheatgrass in or maybe good stuff to add to the water? i heard a cup of sea water for every 20 cups of regular water, but i don’t live by the ocean. I'm doing an experiment and i heard that wheatgrass has everything but calories and i want to try to sustain my body off of wheatgrass, a single raw food that's the highest in calories, this breathing technique that's similar to the yoga breath of fire, and joy. so my question is what has the most calories, avacado?

Seawater is excellent but you have to be careful that the waters you get the sea water from are pure. You can purchase concentrated sea water if you like for this. OceanGrown's OceanSolution at this link is tested for toxins and they suggest to use it for growing vegetation. I personally use this stuff in my water and veggie juices. The company says not to drink it straight. I only use a drop or two, just as Norman Walker suggests. He states that the ocean is replete in all of the minerals. This helps provide the rest of the minerals we need, which the vegetable kingdom can't easily offer (especially these days with depleted top soil issues). Additionally, ocean water is electrically charged, so it will improve the structure of the water.

It sounds like you are trying to live off as little as possible. I would probably choose Hemp seeds. An avocado sounds like a good high calorie food to choose because they are readily available and inexpensive. On the other hand, you are lacking the carbs here. Small amounts of Durian can work as it is a carb AND fat. The Durian will give you more energy than the hemp seeds or avocado due to the carbs. If you were open to soaking a few dried figs and blending hemp seeds with that; the hemp seeds, figs and wheatgrass would give you EVERYTHING that you need. Carbs, fat, greens and nutrients. I would probably add a green food to this fig/hemp mixture too. That in itself would be a complete food and you could literally live off that. Additionally, I would do other shots of different greens as well as wheatgrass every day, to get more nutrients. I would maybe even do just a small bit of all the vegetables in the veggie kingdom. I would also add a drop or two of that ocean water to all my drinks, to get minerals not available in the veggie kingdom.

Keep in mind that each person is completely different. There are so many factors such as age, weight, how 'clean' one is at a cellular level and what type of diet they eat. We can literally live off very little. The less you consume, the closer you will be to that fasting state and the more you will detoxify.

Our lovely Angela got 'tagged' in her blog post HERE.

She passed it on to me and now I get to mention 5 things about myself that you already don't know.

1. I was President of ZBT Fraternity in college
2. I worked as an Intern on the Keened Ivory Wayan's Show, Love Connection, Smith Barney and Fundraiser (Mutual Fund Company)
3. I used to LOVE playing Laser Tag with my friends! And Basketball too!
4. My oldest brother is Mentally Challenged (He has the personality of a three year old and he is about 41 years old)
5. I am the prepubescent kid in the middle of this picture with my pledge brothers in the Fraternity. This is around the time when I started to heavily eat meat and work out. On some days I was eating 6 Double-Double Hamburgers from 'IN-N-OUT', in ONE DAY! The hormones from those burgers threw me into puberty. Many years later, I started getting a lot of zits and I knew it was related to the food I ate. I then started cutting out most fast foods.

And now I get to Tag 5 other Bloggers!

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Figs are now in season in New Zealand and I am going to different trees daily!!! LOVING IT!

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bonnie said...

I agree that a cleaner diet leads to a greater spiritual connection. Conversely, I believe that my spiritual connection led me to a raw food diet. I started the practice of buddhist prayer and meditation late last year, and by mid January had changed my diet radically and began the transition to raw foods. It's a beautiful self-perpetuating cycle.