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Coconut oil Raises Cholesterol???!

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Xell wrote:

I have a question for you: What do you think or Virgin Coconut Oil? I have been reading the Miracle of Coconut Oil, and while I have been using it for several years, I am now playing with his suggested therapeutic dose of 3.5 Tablespoons a day (am NOT following his recipes, however)...what do you think of all this? I have to admit I have seen some pretty interesting results (I swear I am getting rid of parasites) and wanted to know your thoughts.
Thank you for everything!

Ok, well...remember that I am more sensitive than 'the average Joe'... If I didn't vomit after eating 3.5 Tablespoons of coconut oil in one day, I would definitely wake up unhappy the next day with a HUGE headache and runny nose. Even smaller amounts of coconut oil don't feel optimal to me.

The affects of coconut oil depends on who you are. If I were to eat some animal protein, that would result in a disaster. However, someone on an intermediate healthy cooked food diet might eat it at any time and be fine.

The Number one benefit that MOST people derive from coconut oil is the fact that they are eliminating other HARMFUL fats from their diet and putting in coconut oil instead, which is practically harmless to them. Think of the millions of people who have eliminated nasty trans-fats and replaced them with coconut oil. THAT IS A HUGE DIETARY IMPROVEMENT. It's not the coconut oil that healed them, it is eliminating the trans-fatty acids, which are detrimental to the body that healed them. ANOTHER beautiful thing about the coconut oil is that you can cook with it and the properties stay stable to high temps, so that it doesn't become more damaging to the body. This is indeed a 'coconut miracle' to 90% of the human population.

I am 95% sure that RawMan & Green-Girl don't put coconut oil in THEIR Green Smoothies. There is an on-going debate on the internet whether coconut oil raises the blood cholesterol levels. If I were to take a blood test now, and then eat 1 tablespoon of coconut oil every single day and tested my blood again after a month, I have no doubt that my blood cholesterol would be through the roof. However, someone on the standard American diet who replaces trans-fats with coconut oil would likely have the EXTREME opposite effect, with their cholesterol shooting downwards. The effects on a 100% Raw Food eater would be even different from someone on an intermediate healthy cooked food diet. It may not even effect someone's cholesterol on a healthy intermediate diet at all.

Also, keep in mind, that coconut oil is really concentrated and if RawMan and Green-Girl are actively fighting the dark forces on an on-going basis, then I have a pretty strong feeling that they are staying away from large amounts of coconut oil. My diet consists of mainly whole foods and the most concentrated fats I eat are small amounts of avocado, nuts and seeds. I do eat coconut oil every once in a while when I go to a raw restaurant... and... I do pay for it the next day. Also, keep in mind; if you have a raw food eater who eats lots of concentrated fats on a daily basis, then the coconut oil won't affect them as much either. However, if they are TRULY 100% Raw, their body will rapidly become cleaner and at some point demand less.

I LOVE using coconut oil on my skin, in my hair, and for massage though. It's GREAT topically!

Melina wrote:

After reading this blog and the couple one's previous to them I am starting to question my overnight plunge into 100% raw. Should I have made a slower transition? Before I went raw, I never had a lifestyle that included refined sugars or largely processed foods. I am 17 and my family has always stayed on what you call an intermediate diet. However, I deeply want to attain a balanced raw lifestyle and the purity that you get from this lifestyle. However, I do not juice or take supplements, do colonics, enemas, or the other things that seem necessary to live a balanced raw lifestyle. I cannot afford them right now. Should I go back to a more transitional diet until I can achieve these things? How did you do it before knowing all that you know now?
P.S. I have been 100% raw for about 2 straight weeks now, with the intention of doing it for 30 days, but must admit that I am getting the feeling that I might yo-yo in a little while.

Wow Melina! You are very fortunate to have been brought up like that. I am assuming that you are actually pretty balanced on this 100% Raw Food diet, compared to most others who go 100% Raw. Most people go 100% Raw because they have a degenerative disease and they NEED to do it, OR ELSE. If you are balanced out with good eating habits (not snacking in between meals, overeating, etc.) and having a few bowel movements each day, then you are 'ahead of the game', if compared to most others. I would recommend getting a 4 quart enema bag to use in place of the colonics, when you feel it is needed. You can use this at home whenever you like, for the one time purchase of the bag. You can get away without the enzymes and other supplements. However, I would try to drink green juice every day. Instead of veggie juice, wheatgrass will also work (which you could grow very cheaply yourself), or a green food powder will work too, or a blended green smoothie will work, or E3 live is another great option. You can even switch those different ideas up if you like. I would try for two a day. The monthly cost on these items above isn’t too bad. And... if you personally email me, I will get you everything "at cost" to help you get started, bringing your total spent down to not much at all.

I personally started doing vegetable juices and periodic colon cleansing from day one of being 100% Raw. I was learning through Dr. Norman Walker’s books.

Oliver Wrote:

Lately i was reading your article about "the missing Link in the rawfood diet" and your blog and it made me wonder about: If we detox all of our lives and we depend on periodic Colonics is there time to enjoy the superior health we are supposed to reach? It sounds like we would be on a nonstop detox trip. :) Just thoughts ..
All the best

EVERYONE is on a non-stop detoxification trip. It is an ongoing process in the human life cycle - we all go into detox every single night, for example, when we stop eating and rest. If they are doing it optimally, Raw Food Eaters have the added benefit of not running into arthritis, getting zits, headaches and so much more! The SAD eater is continually detoxing the same stuff they put in their body, day in and day out. Their bodies generally break down early in life because they don't give themselves a chance to eliminate all the backed-up waste, which they keep adding to every single day. When you go 100% Raw, you start to detox ALL the stuff you have been putting in for your entire life... and YES... it needs to be dealt with. There is no doubt, Oliver, that there are "up's and down's" to this ongoing detoxification process. As you reach higher levels of 'cleanliness', your body's efficiency increases. Your brain functions better, you become more beautiful and your body becomes more in-tune to the universal cosmic energy. On the other hand, it takes years to understand your body and your new diet and much confusion arises, but in my opinion, and I believe most likely RawMan & Green-Girl's opinions too, it is well worth it. ;)


Kristen's Raw said...

Great post!

Raw chef Dan said...

I have to admit I haven’t done the homework when it comes to coconut or any raw fats but it seems to me that all fats should be taken in moderation. Just looking at it visually can tell you a lot. Coconut oil or coconut butter is solid at room temp. How good can a thick past like that be to a digestive system? Take a piece of plastic hose and pour a green juice through it. Then pour coconut oil through it, how much residue is left in the tube in each case? Now think of you digestive system. Which one do you think your body can process and pass the easiest and which has the most potential for clogging things up and causing a problem? I am not even getting into the scientific / biological effects on the liver, lymph, blood, yeast, funguses… Just look at it with an open eye. How pleasant is it to eat 3 TBS of coconut oil and how pleasant is it to drink 18oz of green juice? Your body will tell you!
I also read recently that drinking cold drink especially iced drinks with a meal can cause the fats you just ate to solidify. I just think sometime we over think things and feel we need a ton of research to clear us up when just looking at it logically can give us quick answers that serve us better. How often do animals in nature eat isolated portions of pure fat? Not too often; so why should we? More than likely any benefit you may get from a “Therapeutic dose” of coconut oil is due to the fact that you are eating less of something else and will be short lived.
One thing I try to make people aware of quit often is the fact that many times when we add less nasty stuff to our diet we often consume less of something even worse. Eating more oatmeal will cause you to eat less Fruit Loops or Bacon and eggs and yes you may feel better BUT that does not mean Oatmeal is good for you. This is why you really need to look at statistic with an inquiring mind and what they are really saying. Most research is done by and paid for by the company selling the product and the statistics they provide are therefore focused on the message that best serves the ones who paid for the research.
Coconut oil really does work great for massage though I have to admit.
Peace and gratitude Raw Chef Dan

Rawmaste said...

Hi Matt,

Regarding your statement "There is an on-going debate on the internet whether coconut oil raises the blood cholesterol levels. If I were to take a blood test now, and then eat 1 tablespoon of cholesterol every single day and tested my blood again after a month, I have no doubt that my blood cholesterol would be through the roof......"

There is no cholesterol in coconut oil (per the label and what I've read), so I am unsure why you are referring to it as eating cholesterol?

Also, you state "I LOVE using coconut oil on my skin, in my hair, and for massage though. It's GREAT topically......!

I am surprised you do not get a reaction from using it topically because anything put on the skin is essentially like eating it as it does get into the body. The skin is not a barrier. It is an organ that absorbs whatever is put on it.

Just some thoughts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I love your blog.


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NaKz said...

@Kristens Raw

Coconut oil is SOMETIMES solid at room temperature. If your body is ever around 70 degrees, coconut oil being a solid will be the least of your you will no longer be part of this Earth. As long as our bodies perform at 98.6 never have to worry about coconut oil being a solid or a hard to digest substance in your body.

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