Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The !!!!!!!!!!!C!A!C!A!O! !E!X!P!E!R!I!M!E!N!T!!!!!!!!!!!!

OW! OW! OWWWWOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!... I am absolutely ~!!!WAASTED!!!~ on Cacao right now!!!

I made Angela a 'Raw Celebration' cake for finishing her Super Stupendous SUPERCALIFRAGULISTICEXPIALIDOUCIOUS Book, Raw Emotions, and we decided to PaRtAkE iN cAcAo also...

In January, when I first started this blog, I told everyone that this blog signifies the end of spices, cacao, Nama Shoyu and all the other "gourmet" ingredients. However, thing shifted and I knew that I was going to be partaking in Cacao a few days ago, as I wanted to document the effects of it in my blog. In truth though, the day before this experiment, I wasn't excited like "I GET TO EAT CACAO"...I honestly felt like I actually didn't really want to eat the cacao. I was feeling quite repelled by it in fact.

Today came along though and we were eating Raw cake and then I went through with it and ate the cacao. The first thing I ate was a standard cacao truffle that I used to partake in during my short-lived 'cacao eating adventures'. I used to LOVE the taste of these Raw Chocolate truffles. When I took my first bite, it was so bitter that I didn't even want any more. I felt practically the same thing for each and every cacao sample that I tasted in this experiment. Surprisingly, there was definitely a lack of enjoyment here. I have no desire to eat it again.

Although, I do have to say that I am WaStEdDDDD! right now.

I feeeeeelllll…. AMAZING!.... I FEEEEELLLL GREAT! IIIIIII... am soooooo stimulated right now!!! I feel like I can lift a truck. I know that I could go running miles and miles not needing to stop.

The thing is, I felt NATURALLY amazing before the cacao. It takes a lot of work to get balanced into a space of getting NATURALLY high on NO stimulation. It is like the less 'indulging' you partake in, the better you feel naturally... and let me tell you... I partake in very little, and this type of 'Natural High' is PHENOMENAL. It feels C L E A N.

All of this is explained in the FAMOUS Raw Food Pioneer, Arnold Ehret's, Formula:

"V" = "P" - "O"
("V" equals "P" minus "O") is the formula of life -- and yet at the same time you may call it the formula of death...

"V" stands for VITALITY.
"P," or call it "X," the unknown quantity in this question, is the POWER that drives the human machinery which keeps you alive, which gives you strength and efficiency, endurance for as yet an unknown length of time without food!
"O" means OBSTRUCTION, encumbrance, foreign matters, toxemias, mucus; in short, all internal impurities which obstruct the circulation, the function of internal organs especially, and the human engine in its entire functioning system.

Food, poor air, stress, etc. create the "O"bstruction bringing down our Natural "V"itality. As I said earlier, the less you indulge, then the less of "O" is created, and the more NATURALLY high you get yourself on "P".

SO... Right now... I AM STIMULATED off my little TUSH on CACAO RIGHT NoW. One of the rules of this formula is:

Removing "O" by artificially increasing "P" thru artificial stimulants (CrACkAO), shaking and vibrating tissues thru physical treatments is always done at the expense of "V," Vitality.

This is what I JUST DID with the Cacao! I will pay for it later at the expense of my "V"itality. In other words, it is going to take me some time to get back to that NATURAL HIGH, as I come down off the cacao. My body will beg for more stimulation. Kind of like a drug addict, or a 'Processed Starches' or 'Refined Sugar' addict. From past experience, I will go through withdrawals and crave it as I come DOWWWWN and detox it. My body will beg for more.

For those of you who want to see the other rules of this formula by Arnold Ehret, here they are:

First -- Vitality does not depend primarily and directly upon food, but rather from the facts of how far and how much the function of the human engine is obstructed -- "clogged up" by the obstructions of mucus and toxemias.
Second -- Removing "O" by artificially increasing "P" thru artificial stimulants, shaking and vibrating tissues thru physical treatments is always done at the expense of "V," Vitality.
Third -- Vital energy, physical and mental efficiency, endurance, superior health by "P," air and water alone, is tremendous, beyond imagination, as soon as "P" works and can work without "O" -- without obstruction and friction in a perfectly clean body.
Fourth -- The limit of going without food and before solid food becomes necessary under such ideal conditions, is yet unknown.
Fifth -- The composition of "P," besides air, oxygen and a certain quantity of water-steam, increases -- but only in a clean body -- thru the following other agents from the infinite:
ELECTRICITY; OZONE; LIGHT (especially sunlight); ODOR (good smells of fruit and flowers).
Further, it is not impossible that under such clean, natural conditions, nitrogen of the air may be assimilated.

I will continue to document to you the rest of this experiment over the next few days. That is probably about how long I will have NOTICEABLE effects from this. I have a feeling that I won't be sleeping much tonight. Whenever I detox cacao, stuff coming out of my pores smells like DIRTY SOCKS.

Some readers have been calling me a 'purist', and... the effects may not be as impactful on other people as they are to me. Additionally, if someone replaces something like coffee for Raw Cacao, that is an improvement and can be very beneficial as a step in the right direction. One sip of coffee would make this curreent 'high' I'm experiencing look miniscule.

OK… After the last blog I got a mass amount of questions on "Blending vs. Juicing". As a result, I've decided that in my April Newsletter, the article will be Juicing vs. Blending. Stay tuned. If you haven't signed up for my monthly newsletter yet, you can do so on the right hand side at http://www.rawspirit.org/.

Valerie Wrote:

I could not leave this question without adding my comment. I too have to watch my blood work as I have 3 types of anemia. The health concerns your reader describes such as loss of hair gets worse, as the anemia exacerbates. Since I have been doing Green smoothies and being VERY precise that I am getting a lot of nutrient rich greens, my anemia's have improved.
I would also like the stress the IMPORTANCE of taking Vitamin C in a higher dose. Vitamin C is what helps the body assimilate the iron. You reader mentioned Ferratin levels which I am quite familiar with. My Ferratin levels were as low as 4 and the norm should be at least in the low hundreds! I also found that making sure I got my folic acid and B Vitamins were as crucial as the Vitamin C. Although I am nurse, this is not intended as medical advice. It is only my story and how I managed to improve my iron levels. The best to your reader!
Valerie from Virginia

Yes, thank you Valerie. The B12 supplement that I recommended has folic acid in it and it is available HERE. As far as I know, Camu Powder is the highest source of vitamin C. Weight for weight, it is reported to have 500 times the amount of vitamin C as oranges. Camu Powder is available HERE.

Keep in mind, Dr. Norman Walker lived to be 99 years old and deficiency free. He drank lots of DIFFERENT veggie juices, ate a WIDE VARIETY of Raw Foods, cleansed the colon periodically, and drank a small glass of orange juice every day to get his vitamin c, and did some other things for minerals. If these basic rules are followed CONSISTENTLY, while adhering to a healthy diet, then, in my opinion, it is inevitable that marginal deficiencies will be avoided. If you already have deficiencies, change your lifestyle to this method, add extra nutrients for that deficiency and in my opinion, they will inevitably disappear.

In Raw Success, I suggest Dr. Norman Walker's Diet as the "optimal diet". I suggest that you don't want to eat less than what he did, as you may become so sensitive that your longevity may be affected by the polluted environment. I mapped out in my book Raw Success what Dr. Norman Walker ate, to the best of my knowledge after extensively reading each and every one of his books. Additionally, I go into all the 'supplement' types of foods he ate.

!!!AND!!!… My HEART is beating at like 1025 mph and my head is ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!!!! WHAAA ha ha haaaaaaa!!!!!! My hands are practically shaking!! AaaaaaaaaAHHHH!~!!!!! Hah HAAHH.

Les wrote:

Hey Matt, Just wondering if you could give me a little advice..... Ive been vegan for a long time, on and off raw, but now have been raw for 6 days straight. The only thing that is discouraging me is my bloated tummy!! i feel great other wise. I take a probiotic about 2 times a day. I would live to buy those enzymes you suggest but I am a student and am on a budget. Any other suggestions? thanx Les

LES!!! This is what I am talking about! One question that I generally ask to people at my lectures is, "How many have experienced more gas since improving their diet?" Almost everyone raises their hands. I feel that Detoxification is the most misunderstood concept in the raw foods movement! Read "The Missing Link on the 100% Raw Food Diet" article HERE for more on this subject.

Les, Dr. Fred Bisci's Therapeutic Enzymes are MIRACULOUS, but they are going to do very little for your gas. You are cleansing and you are going to continue cleansing for as long as you stay 100% RAW. Cleansing the colon is, in my opinion, THE way to get rid of the gas. Go get a colonic and WATCH how you are transported to absolute BLISS. You are in the perfect space for this right now. Dr. Norman Walker says that if you get copious gas, enemas will help with that. That is what I do.

And when you are raw, it is quite amazing the aromas that can come out of us. The mixture of these powerful RAW foods with this ongoing detoxification can present a bloated stomach with other quite interesting gifts to strangers. Going on the 100% Raw Food Diet is like going on a Life-Long Fast (read the Missing Link Article). Some Natural Hygenists will tell you to fast to get rid of the gas. You will be fasting a great amount of time during your life-time to succeed at that. I feel that if they were truly 100% Raw, they would perhaps understand this ongoing detoxification process more.

And... Keep this in mind... someone who partakes in cooked food, even every once in a while, will stop the detoxification and they will likely not understand the dynamics of this ongoing detoxification process. There is a big difference between someone who is truly 100% raw and someone who is 95% raw... and we will consider raw cacao, spices, nama shoyu and other gourmet ingredient 100% Raw in this instance.

For me, I can sense after eating this Cacao, that it temporarily stopped the detox, due to the obstruction I put into my clean body. What goes up through stimulation, must detox and come down.

The other day, an acquaintance of mine bought the Dr. Fred Bisci’s Therapeutic enzymes and in the notes section of the order she wrote, "I hope these enzymes do what you say they do as I am going through a healing crisis."

The enzymes will be GREAT in helping to move along a healing crisis. However, remember, all disease is the same, it is this waste just trying to get out the body. More helpful than the enzymes, do a colonic. You will pull out all the waste through a colonic, allowing even more waste to deposit in there. That, along with the enzymes will get you over this crisis in no time. Many people just do a colonic and INSTANTANEOUSLY, their healing crisis is over. They just pulled the waste right out!

Les, one of the downsides of the raw diet is dealing with this ongoing detox. However, it is sooooo worth it. Look at Dr. Fred Bisci at 80 years old. I was trying to keep up with him on the beach on a fast 3 mile trot and we were looking at people his age with walkers and canes. A few years back we went on a hike together and I couldn't keep up with the man. I know people 20 years younger than him who have a rough time just walking around the block.

Here is a quick excerpt from Raw Success about someone who went from Vegan to Raw Vegan, just like you, Les:

I am of the strong opinion that the majority of people who are not successful on the 100% Raw Diet could experience a dramatic turn around with Colon Cleansing. There is a documentary about a man who switched from being Vegan to Raw Vegan. The first week he felt like he had won the lottery! After week two, his energy plummeted, he felt depressed, suffered intense cravings for coffee and food that he hadn’t consumed in years, and was about to quit. Desperate, he decided to do a Colonic Irrigation. Immediately following this Colonic, he reached a level of well-being he had never before experienced. The Colonic eliminated the accumulating waste, which relieved his cravings and gave him unsurpassed energy. If Colonics had not saved the day, it’s very likely he would have abandoned the Raw Diet and returned to a lifelong struggle with dietary bankruptcy.

I am in the process of getting this documentary available for sale on our website. It is sooo funny and INSPIRING!

Woah!!! I just got UP and did this TRIBAL CHANGA ABABABOUOOOLUGI DANCE around Angela six times!!!! HarRrrRRRRRRRRRRRR! HAR HAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! OH my GOD, I can't CALM MYSELF DOWN!

Chris wrote:

Enjoy your blog, but worry about your advice for colonics. just read "over thousands of patients and no problems, completely safe", sure its paraphrased but gets to the point. what about other raw practitioners with longterm success (ANONYMOUS over 20 years on the same raw diet, held as a major raw authority) whome have seen all sorts of troubles resulting from enemas and colonics?, some even who cronicly need enemas for a regular bowel movement? the raw diet and a healthy lifestyle naturally cleans the colon in the safest way possible. do you ever see any animals in nature shoot water or anything else up their bum? (sure a play, but think on it)sorry to give negative, i love your site, and as a succesful raw foodest even picked up some great facts. I just like you like to offer help when i feel i can and if your set on colonics id recomend at the least some research on failed colonics, research ANONYMOUS findings. in the end maybe there is a middleground but based on the information i have obtained colonics are a dangerous recomindation. hope this meets you with nothing but genuine care for you n yours. peacelovenseasonalfruits ck

CHRIIIIIISSSSS... oh Chris oh Chris oh Chris. OHHHHHHH CHRIS! I love you!

Colon Hydrotherapy IIIIIISSSSS my speciality. Ladies and Gentlemen, YES... my passion in life is telling people to, as Chris said it, "shoot water up their bums". This is not an ego thing, by any means... I get no personal benefit from 'preaching' this.

Dr. Fred Bisci has seen over 25,000 clients in his 50 years of experience. Thousands and thousands of people have had tremendous results and not one of them has run into a SINGLE problem. We have both seen people just SLIGHTLY improve their diet and do masses of colon cleansing, and heal from degenerative diseases. In my opinion, it is the number one thing that anyone can do for their health and THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to do to heal from degenerative disease. If you can get a chance, study the blood gas theory HERE. AND YES... In my ~!!!!!!!!!PASSIONATE!!!!!!!!!~ HEART-FELT opinion, it is COMPLETELY SAFE.

I can give you emails from hundreds of people who will state that enemas and colonics saved their life.

You wrote, "ANONYMOUS said, some even who cronicly need enemas for a regular bowel movement?"

Enema dependency is, in my opinion, an absolute falsehood. Dr. Norman Walker and Ann Wigmore both state that enemas and colonics strengthen, rather than weaken, the peristalsis. I personally have been experimenting with this sort of thing for 8 years and I don't have any problem having a bowel movement. There could be confusion around this sort of thing because people don't understand what is happening to them.

Sometimes after someone gets a colonic, they don't need to go to the bathroom for 48 hours, which is completely normal and ok. You just cleaned out this 6 foot receptacle of waste. Very soon, you will be going normally again. Angela, the founders of Juice Feasting, and many other Juice Feasters ate no solid food for extended periods of time (e.g. 92 days), while doing enemas many days a week. It was reported that many of them had solid waste coming out of their system for this ENTIRE time period. The founders stated that the mass majority of people AT LEAST have OLD solid waste coming out for at least the first 30 days while eating no solid food and doing many enemas. Where is all this solid waste coming from???

The issue doesn't lay in becoming dependent on enemas. When someone does enemas often, they can get addicted to that blissed clean feeling... AND... they cleanse much more rapidly than others. It is quite complicated and at some point I am going to write an entire article about this matter... the cells are much more contracted in a 'cleaner' person, especially someone who practices cleansing the colon frequently; they have less margin for error in their consistent food choices. Their hundreds of trillions of thousands of cells are in a small, contracted state with less internal obstruction than the majority of people. Therefore, they are affected by fermentative gas produced by certain foods more, because there is less space for this gas inside their structure, while someone with bigger cells won't notice a thing with the same amount of gas. Read the Blood Gas Theory for a deeper understanding HERE...

This Cacao will get me to write an entire book if I don't stop myself here! Stay tuned for the next blog post as I will document the day by day effects of this Roller Coaster CACAO RIDE... ;)


Jamey said...

WoW! I've never read such an EXCITING blog post before, thanks! Your energy is soooo extremely evident, I am craving some of that right now!!! I am so encouraged by the whole spirit of this thing, I really will be trying to go raw soon - so many benefits and I really don't enjoy eating denatured foods, I love it RAW!!!! You rock!

junglegirl said...

Wow, timing. The same thing just happened to me on Friday the 14th. (Just now getting to read this post.)

I am allergic to cacao ( brings up blackest depression), and had made a cacao smoothie for someone and tasted about a half cup of it. I found myself having to use Major Restraint so that I didn't scare my client. It was like I was on crack and frankly it was a bit scary how much energy I had. I had to focus on pranayama breathing to stay present and calm my heart beat, for about 3 days. I guess it was truly my last hurrah with cacao. Sad, but glad too. Thank you for sharing your crazy experience.