Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Enzyme-Rich Foods???

What is the key benefit of eating a 100% Raw Food Diet? Every book out there seems to suggest that the MAIN reason Raw Food is so good for the body is because it is replete with enzymes and that cooking foods destroys the enzymes, when you heat things above 118 degrees.

Did you know that within one hour after you pick a head of lettuce out of the ground, more than half the enzymes are gone? Now imagine that same organic lettuce being stored, shipped in a truck, stored again and placed on the store shelves. How many enzymes do you think would be left in that?

The number one benefit for us of eating a 100% Raw Food Diet is: you are eliminating all the processed foods that are DAMAGING to the body. For people eating a 'Standard American Diet', you can literally heal and get better just by eating dead rats and eliminating everything else from your diet. You would heal because you have eliminated refined sugar and processed starches from your diet.

Eating enzyme-rich raw foods is not the main reason why people heal and regenerate their bodies. They heal because they are leaving out all the damaging foods. Now don't get me wrong… these enzymes and Raw foods are GREAT and they do nourish the body, especially if you are consuming them as vegetable juices. When you cook food it changes in its molecular composition, which in turn makes foods more damaging to the body. You can eat enzyme-rich raw foods until you are blue in the face though, and you are not going to heal unless you also eliminate these processed foods from your intake.

People are always asking me if things like Agave Nectar or Nama Shoyu are ok to eat. I know that I have been talking extreme these last few blog posts about Breatharianism and Spirituality and I was going to take a breather from all that... but one more thing... Try to look at it as if NO FOOD is IDEAL for the body. ALL food is an obstruction of some kind. It's all relative and it's all about finding what is LEAST obstructive. In other words, which foods are the LEAST damaging to the body. Here is an excerpt from Raw Success:

Did you know that the human body is a Perfectionist? The body's dream come true would be for us to live in a pristine environment on water alone, breathing in the heavenly fragrance of pure clean air. I am not going to explain in detail the theory about how and why Breatharianism is possible; that's another book in itself. (While I have not experienced this myself, there are reports of numerous humans on this planet who live and thrive on air, water and sunshine ONLY.) In truth, everything else is obstructive to the body to one degree or another. An obstruction is anything that hinders one’s progress towards optimal health. In other words, if we are not Breatharians living off pure pristine water and air, then we are putting obstructive elements in our system.

The real question is:
Which foods are least obstructive?
Raw Foods

Another way of saying 'least obstructive' is 'least damaging'. Raw Food can be considered an obstructive element to our body, but it is much, much less damaging than cooked food. When we eat this nutrient-rich Raw Food, made of mostly water, there are fewer obstructive elements entering our system than if we were to consume large portions of dense dead food made with ingredients we can't pronounce. Similarly, someone eating an Intermediate Diet, which eliminates refined sugars and processed starches is putting fewer obstructive elements into their body compared to someone on the Standard American Diet.

The Reward
Eating less obstructive food frees up the body’s energy to detoxify itself of anything anti-life that may be stored in its cells and tissues.


Rob Wrote:

"I am now day 5 on raw food myself and find myself crying a lot. I was wondering about your transition period and whether it was as emotionally challenging as I am experiencing.

Also... what about macrobolitics? did you ever look into that? did you try it? I ask because I have a macro person in my life trying to convince me raw is unhealthy and cooked grains and beans and seaweed is the TRUE health solution. At the end of the day... If I can find a diet 'lifestyle' that can replace my pot addiction...be it RAW 'or' ?MACROBIOTIC' I would be thrilled. Thank you again for your powerful message and presence. Thank you in advance for your answers and guidance. Love & Light. Rob"

Remember, it is all about what you leave out of your diet. The more you leave out, the more you are going to cleanse. Macrobiotics is one of those diets that I always talk about. They succeed because they leave out the refined sugar and processed starches completely without any exception. The reason why I believe people tend to think macrobiotics (and many other diets for that matter) is 'better' than being raw is because if they try to go raw, they don't feel well from the detox and they get WAY out of balance. You are experiencing this yourself with emotional detox. The detoxification does not stop on a 100% Raw Food Diet. Of course, it slows down after you go through the initial major healing crises, but this is an ongoing thing. It is a detox diet.

The macrobiotics diet is a great diet and you may want to do that if you don't feel emotionally stable and balanced on a 100% Raw Food Diet.

You think the Marijuana Addiction is hard to cut??? Go 100% Raw and try to cut your cooked food addiction and you tell me which is easier. That will give you guys something to ponder...

Anonymous wrote:

"Hey Matt!I absolutely love your blog. My mind is swirling with new information. One thing that interests me is your strong belief in juicing. I have been experimenting with a raw food diet and feel that on my 100% raw food days I feel 1000 times better than on the days I eat steamed vegetables or ezekial bread. However, I do not juice or own a juicer (I can't afford one). Without juicing, is a 100% raw food diet doing me more harm than good?"

Of course you feel better after eliminating cooked food. Eliminating processed/cooked foods is the key element in healing. The issue here potentially lays down the line. I can give you example after example of people who run into marginal deficiencies in the long-run on a 100% Raw Food Diet. The reason why people do so well on a Raw Diet in the beginning is because they are eliminating all of these standard processed foods that damage the body. But as the years go by, they run into problems if they don't get readily absorbable nutrients, preferably through juicing. A cooked food diet is also deficient. Look at our ailment-filled society today! If you CAN'T JUICE, then I would suggest at least drinking wheatgrass or E3 Live every day. Those are like potent chlorophyll juices in themselves. I would also take a green food powder supplement, do blended green smoothies and maybe just buy a fresh juice every once in a while at a health food store. Personally, my budget ALWAYS goes to my health first and I would make it happen - health is our greatest wealth.

I am excited and happy to say that I finished the Juicing vs. Blending article that many people seem to be waiting for. I think you're going to enjoy it - it's coming April 1st. If you are not part of my main newsletter list yet, you can sign up at http://www.rawspirit.org/.

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Alex said...

Yes there are key benefits but cost factor holds you back.Organic food items are approximately 40% more expensive than conventional food, making it a luxury for the common man.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honesty and courage. I do not want to criticize, but I just came from some youtube anorexia vids and it struck me that some of your words about the body being a perfectionist, needing only pure air and sunlight...might be damaging to those prone to anorexia, which is a disease. In fact, I am hoping and praying you do not have anorexia nervosa.

Sick Kid said...

Hey, I was wondering when you say that everything we put into our bodies is harmful in some sense other than breathe and water, how far that is meant to extend. Is that to say that the beneficial compounds in herbal extracts or the chlorophyll and nutrients in vegetable juice is actually NOT doing any healing? Because I really hope that's not the case. I've recently stopped eating solid food, but I like to think the probiotics in raw kefir and some other things are improving my health.