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My body keeps expelling and expelling waste, from being in this CLEAN AIR Environment. I feel like I am in this continuous healing mode. I feel myself becoming cleaner and cleaner, becoming naturally 'higher' and higher as the days pass. That UNIVERSAL COSMIC energy JUST DOWN POURS ON YOU! ;) Literally!

Do you notice how the body contracts when thrown into a cold environment? The Blood Gas Theory discusses how cells "contract" and give off endogenous poisons when someone improves their diet. Furthermore, the cells will contract when the body is put into a colder climate. Notice how you get a runny nose in the cold. This may be the reason why. Additionally, do you notice what time of the year the flu season comes around? It is generally the winter time. It is simply the cells contracting from the colder climate and everyone is detoxing waste on a cellular level. I wonder if this has anything to do with bears hibernating in the winter time. Hmmm?

Well... we've got CLEAN AIR and COLD CLIMATE jam packed into one! LOVE IT! I am not really a cold person but for now it is GREAT.

Raw diva wrote this to me on MySpace:

RawDiva wants to be your friend!
Wow, Matt, love your blog! Almost as good as
Angela's (giggle). Looking for new friends here on myspace. Can I add ya?

Thanks Raw Diva!!! Yeah, I know... She is quite a gal!

Christine wrote:

So great that you are in my beloved New Zealand, and even in Golden Bay. I lived there at a friend's place halfway up a hill in the middle of nature just outside Takaka and in Nelson most of the time of my 2 years in this country. Hope I can return soon. Anyway, I wish you loads of fun and success in NZ. Oh, how are the blackflies treating you? Do they leave you alone? Curious how they react on a 100% rawfoodist. Enjoy the fresh air and the amazing landscape!Namaste!Christine

For any readers who are unfamiliar, 'black flies' are these little "Ant-Sized" flying insects that bite you. You can definitely feel the bite as it is a strong pinch. The real issue however comes after the bite. They leave the craziest itch on your skin.

The Raw Food Diet is not a panacea. Miraculous things can and do happen… However, I am getting bitten by these little critters. I have been bitten in the past by other flying creatures and the stinging itch lasted a lot longer in the past than now. Now, after one day it is gone.

Many people say that you become so clean on a 100% Raw Food diet that you will lose your allergies, insects won't bite you, you won't get sick and catch viruses, you can make any permanent STDs dormant such as herpes, etc.

Well... it can work both ways...

If you keep up with the endogenous material that is being excreted on a cellular level, caused from eliminating everything but 100% Raw Foods from your diet, then yes, there is a great chance that these things will happen.

However, many people don't seem to understand that if you go on a 100% Raw Food Die, you are going to detox at some level for the rest of your life (read, 'The Missing Link on the 100% Raw Food Diet' HERE for more information on this). If people are not keeping up with these endogenous poisons which are being released as a raw foodist, then they may be in worse shape than when they started. This can result in a very acidic condition to the body.

The most effective way to keep up with this endogenous waste is to thoroughly cleanse the colon. All disease is the same; it is this waste trying to leave the body. The poisons will leave via the weakest area of the body, which in the case of someone who is inflicted with Herpes, for example, can be the genitals. If you go on a raw diet and don't cleanse the colon, the body will look for every outlet to rid itself of this waste. People get out-breaks, pimples, hemorrhoids, mucus coming out of areas you wouldn't think is possible, diarrhea, rashes, etc. I have heard it all. This is the most confusing aspect and reason why people don't succeed on a 100% Raw Food Diet, whether they know it or not. In my opinion, if you don't practice colon hydrotherapy on a periodic basis, (a minimum of ONCE a MONTH if you are TRULY 100% Raw, or 2 - 5 times a year if you are on a whole food intermediate diet) then you are setting yourself up for CONFUSION and most likely a let-down in the long-run.

Rebecca wrote:

Thank you Matt! I am getting your emails now...they are awesome and inspiring. I plan to get your books soon and Angela's too very soon (congrats, by the way!).

I've been about 70 percent raw for a week now with lots of green juices, fruit smoothies and almond milk shakes. I'm scheduled for my first ever colon hydrotherapy session on Mar 4 at Clear Path Therapies. I'm a little nervous about that, but I know my body will thank me. It feels so natural and so right to get back into a raw/vegan lifestyle. My husband is even drinking some green juices with me. I was totally not expecting that!

I did want to ask you a question. In the blog about the girl who was ill after doing the Master Cleanse you said something about being wary of grade B organic maple syrup, but you didn't go into detail. I was curious what the pitfalls are because I love to use the syrup as a sweetener, especially in the almond milk shakes. Should I stop and if so what else can I use? I'm putting medjool dates into the shakes but they aren't quite sweet enough. Any suggestions? Thanks again for all that you are doing!

This blog post HERE, talks about how people who are nervous going to get colon hydrotherapy have the best sessions.

If the maple syrup is not bothering you, and you don't want to eliminate it, then that is ok for now. Selia was doing MASSIVE cleansing by doing a 40 day liquid diet. There is a great chance after doing that much fasting, that she may become so clean that her body may be bothered by the maple syrup. It's nothing to be alarmed by. Just like I became so clean that the popular raw food condiment Nama Shoyu now has an adverse effect on me. It gives me a massive runny nose every time I eat it, so I stopped.

The maple syrup is not raw, just like many of the foods I recommend to those who want to live on an intermediate diet. If you get to a point that you notice the maple syrup is having an adverse effect on you, you may choose to eliminate it at that time. If you can eliminate the maple syrup now by switching it with something Raw, then that could be GREAT. Dark Agave Nectar may be the PERFECT Replacement. Some extreme raw foodists say that it is not raw but I see it as an improvement to maple syrup. 100% Raw Honey would be an idea but be careful as it is really high in natural sugars and is very cleansing to the body.

The key is to stay consistent with ALL the TREMENDOUS improvements you made by going 70% Raw now. Becoming younger happens when you eat less harmful foods consistently, and that is what you are doing. It may take three years of detoxing and becoming younger before you stabilize out on your new diet. At that point, your body may ask you nicely to get rid of the next set of harmful foods in your current diet with signs of a runny nose, headache, or something else.

Almost 8 years of being 100% Raw and my 'addicted being' STILL salivates over pictures like the pancakes.

Juni wrote:

Matt - again, kudos to your great blogs. I must say you ARE a purist, setting a standard that few of us can live up to (yet) -- your comment that you "continue eating consistent amounts of food to hold myself back from being too pure" - your diet sounds pretty pure to me! How much purer can one eat? Please share your definition of a pure diet ---Thanks for leading the way in health,Juni in FL

Your questions always hit the SPOT! In the last post, I gave an excerpt from Raw Success that anyone can stabilize out on a diet much 'purer' than mine.

The cleaner you become, the more efficient your body becomes and the further and quicker it wants to push you to a cleaner state. Anyone can become even 'purer' than they are now if they eliminate more kinds and quantities of foods from their diet. For example, I can lower my average nut and avocado intake by half and I will become even purer. And yes... Because I left more kinds and/or quantities of foods out of my diet, I am going to detox even more. There is a direct correlation with how much one detoxes and how much they leave out of their diet completely. That is why water fasting creates the most detoxification.

Why would someone want to leave more and more foods out of their diet and become purer and purer? That UNIVERSAL Cosmic energy downpours on you more and more the less obstruction you have in your system - i.e. food to be digested. Raw Success goes into this deeply. Here is an excerpt from Raw Success:

Just as most people don't seem to identify with my spiritual life, I cannot accurately imagine the spiritual state of a successful long-term Liquidarian, who does appropriate internal cleansing. Through my journey, I have met Experimenters, those who have taken the leap to "extreme pure dieting" – taking in miniscule amounts of food for a considerable amount of time. Here is one story from an Experimenter: If a woman walked in the room without making a sound, he could sense they had entered and even knew if they were in their menses or not. The energetic sensory abilities these extreme dieters enjoy are way beyond what I can identify with. My own short fasts and juice fasting merely scratch the surface.

In your own process of exploration, please, please keep in mind the risk these extreme pure dieters have undertaken. In the long-run there is serious danger of shock from any inconsistencies in amount or quality of foods, and from the pollution in the environment. Most likely these individuals will suffer complications in the long-run. Yet, some people may make the choice for a more energetic vibratory life with a higher potential for spiritual experience, even at the expense of their lifespan.

Raw Success goes on to describe what I feel is the Optimal Diet. If you eat anything less than this optimal diet, then your longevity may be affected, due to our current polluted environment. If you eat any more than this optimal amount, then your longevity will be affected by the food. Of course, this is only considering basic factors. Clearly there are also elements to consider like the will to live, how polluted the environment is that we live in (the optimal diet shifts depending on how 'pure' it is where you reside), emotional & mental state, and much more.

Here is another quick Raw Success excerpt:

Many start the Raw Lifestyle to reach "ultimate health". Naturally there are some who wish to become as pure as possible in their Raw choices, excluding certain foods or combinations that feel too dense or not ideal. I personally do not recommend eliminating concentrated foods such as nuts and seeds. I want to comment further about this issue, as it is becoming quite popular with some Raw Foodists.

Some people think that eliminating concentrated foods such as nuts is a dietary improvement because the digestive system is less taxed, thereby bringing us closer to an optimal state. This is a half-truth. Many years ago, when the Earth’s environment was pure and pristine, eliminating concentrated foods would have been beneficial. If done correctly, the body becomes more vital, strong, and in tune to heightened spiritual experiences. However, in today’s compromised air quality, by cutting out nuts, one would ultimately shorten their lifespan because of their vulnerability to the current adverse conditions facing our planet.

In the long run, eliminating concentrated foods lowers our endurance for adverse conditions, and any inconsistent actions in the future will take a greater toll on our vitality. Why walk on a tight rope? Not only do I feel there are immense benefits from the nutrients nuts and seeds provide, but they also help to slow our body's evolution.

In my book Raw Spirit, I talk about how Hilton Hotema suggests that the less we use our digestive tract, the more our spiritual organs regenerate. I have to stop here though. I'll keep that in the back of my head to include in a future post...

And... Lastly... This 'becoming purer' process is never-ending and you can end up eating pretty much nothing, if you follow it through to its 'conclusion'. In my opinion, you can live on only air. However, you have to know what you are doing... and I have only met one that does know, besides which it is EXTREMELY dangerous. I keep toying about writing an entire article about Breatharianism for each of my newsletters, but I get reluctant for many reasons.

Quick Raw Whole Food Recipe:

Apple mulberry cinnamon recipe WOW!
Blend 6 apples
Throw an entire 16 oz bag of dried mulberries and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and mix thoroughly.
Let it marinate overnight in the refrigerator
The next day Grind 6 tablespoons of flax and mix that thoroughly in the apple, cinnamon, mulberry mixture.

This is a 'Gourmet' tasting, 'Purist', whole food recipe, void of complex spices and other typical "gourmet" raw food restaurant condiments. I have a couple more to share soon too...

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