Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ahww! Fresh Air!!!

Mark my words!!! One day when I settle down in ONE place, I will be SURE to live in a "pure air quality" location. The air quality that we are living in right now is SO CLEAN.

Clean air will PUSH you into healing. Remember, it is what you leave out of your diet that heals you... and air quality is another 'food' of sorts. We are taking it in constantly, every day. So... guess what happens if you eliminate poor air quality from your diet. You got it! Detoxification of the old pollution. Clean air is such a healing tool. Have you ever heard of people going to the "countryside" to heal? It may be confusing to some people why they get 'ill' when they go to the countryside, especially as this detox may last quite some time. I have no doubt that people would benefit from spending a great amount of time in bed when they go to the "country" to heal.

I quoted Dr. Fred Bisci in Raw Success, saying:

I know some people from the US that went to South America, became Fruitarians. Many lost their teeth and did not do well in the long run. They couldn’t handle the sudden transition from a toxic environment to a very clean location and lifestyle. The release of endogenous [waste inside a cell] material is what harmed them. There was nothing wrong with what they were doing. It was just too much of a change from one extreme to another. They went from a bad environment to a good environment, and a bad diet to a very good diet. Maybe if they would have eaten greens and did Colonics down there it wouldn't have happened to them.

In the evening time is when we mainly cleanse, so I have been waking up with a minor sore throat and runny nose every morning recently. Then after I flush it down with water, WATCH OUT!

Whenever the air around me is pure, my third eye BUZZES like MAD. The vibration is orgasmic. Additionally, my body doesn't want to eat as much. It doesn't need as much food. Generally, my body is always trying to push me forward into eating less food, but out here, in this clean air, it is extreme. Food just slows me down. The air just pumps me with energy! It is very easy to eat very little out here. I feel this is why it is reported that people in "off the grid", pristine territories often live to be way past the century mark. They have all that clean air, which keeps them healthy and living long. Additionally, their desire for food diminishes and they thrive eating small quantities.

I make sure to eat my consistent amounts of food to hold myself back from getting too clean at this point. I know that my living situation is temporary and I will be back in many "less purified" places soon. When I am settled in my own 'purified' location, I will probably start to move in a cleaner direction with my food intake.

When someone becomes as 'clean' at a cellular level as the space I currently find myself in, the body is always trying to get you to eat less food and take it to the next level. It does this by giving you digestive discomfort after eating certain amounts. If my body had its way with me, I would literally be eating once a day, or maybe even once every other day.

Here is a GREAT excerpt from Raw Success that will explain in further detail:

Stabilizing Out happens when the body gets accustomed to a habitual quantity and a certain quality of food. Biologically, we stabilize out, no matter what our diet is like – whether we are on a cooked diet eating three fast food meals a day, or a Raw Diet eating two small meals a day. If we are consistent, eventually, our body settles into a “normal” food day; this is called “stabilizing out”.

Once you stabilize out, eating more than your usual amount of food often results in a feeling of illness or fatigue. Furthermore, because the body loves progress, even if you are “perfect” and eat exact daily portions, at some point, your body will again try to raise the bar by encouraging you to eat less food. Often this nudge towards progress will be felt as sluggishness after eating your typical meal. This is the body encouraging a reduced appetite, so that you can reach higher levels of health and energy.

Unless your diet continues to improve, at some point you will suffer sluggishness and begin to age. The danger is that the cleaner your diet, the faster this progression occurs, and the more sensitive you become to adverse environmental conditions as the years go on.

Giving In
To avoid discomfort and regain vitality, many give in to the body's prodding and eat smaller meals. Can you see how this process is never ending? The body is always moving toward greater levels of optimal health, becoming cleaner and more efficient, needing less to thrive. This applies no matter where you are starting.

For example, a long-term Liquidarian who has stabilized out in a routine of 4 veggie and/or fruit juices a day, would experience lowered energy and physical discomfort if they were to drink a 5th or 6th glass of juice. JUICE! What's more, their body will eventually encourage them to drink 3½ glasses of juice rather than their typical 4. At some point they will feel discomfort and sluggishness unless they reduce their juice intake.

Before becoming Raw, I ate three processed food meals a day – mostly microwave chicken patties, Subway sandwiches, In-and-Out Burger – the diet of a college bachelor. My body tolerated the menu well; I exercised, rarely overate, and felt energized. As a Raw Foodist, I thrive on much less. For years now I have consistently eaten two simple Raw Meals a day. My body has stabilized out. If I consume larger portions or more than two meals, immediately my energy drops. Additionally, my body is now trying to push me further by creating occasional bouts of sluggishness after a typical sized meal. It’s saying, “Eat less fat and sugar”. What’s incredible is that 99% of the human population would feel extremely hungry and energized on my diet, yet my body wants to keep moving forward, into less and less food intake.

Great air quality is quite profound. I feel like an alien in my own environment a lot of the time. I CAN'T STAND IT when I am driving slowly behind a BIG FUMING TRUCK and there is nothing I can do about it. Just as my dogs bark at the big trucks driving by, I feel like I go through the SAME INSTINCT. The environment is one of the major things that we (our health movement) are fighting for. Oh people! Let's use our creativity, technology and science, and bring our environment back to the pristine space it once was in! I heard a statistic that if we all stopped polluting the environment RIGHT NOW, COMPLETELY, that it would take 30 years for the atomsphere to clean out this junk. I personally see that as a good thing. It would be an easy detoxification transition back to a purer state for all of us animals. If the atmosphere cleaned out completely immediately, everyone would be detoxing like crazy, all around the world!
Another Quick Whole Raw Food Recipe for 2 - 3 people.
Blend three apples with around 1/2 lb of fresh raspberries
Pour an entire 16oz bag of Dried mulberries in it to soak overnight
The next day the mulberries will have absorbed a great deal of the moisture, making them soft.
add 9 tablespoons of ground flax and mix it in thoroughly.
Let the rest of the moisture absorb in the flax, then serve and ENJOY!
Soak 16oz of dried mulberries overnight in enough pure water to JUST ALMOST cover them.
Blend 13oz of the soaked mulberries with around 1/2 lb of fresh raspberries
Swirl in 6 - 9 tablespoons of ground flax and the remainder of the soaked mulberries
WOW! Serve and Enjoy ;)


Wendi Dee said...

Hi there, Matt. Have you done any research on the best places to live for clean air? My body is getting cleaner and cleaner and I feel drawn to live in a place with more sunshine and cleaner air. We are thinking of either Colorado or Northern California.

Clean air is a huge requirement for me, even more so now that I've been raw for some time. In the past, on cooked, I could smell the toxins and feel ill (even insisted that the EPA test the air in my neighborhood--yep, toxic!). Now, however, I can't tolerate it and I *must* have cleaner air to survive.

If you've done research, I'd love to hear what you've found out.

Lots of love to you,

Wendi Dee said...

Goodness, there is really much worthwhile information above!

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