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Enemas Everyday?!?!? Experiment Conducted

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ANNOUNCEMENT 1!: Remember a few months back I mentioned I was going on an adventure where there was the possibility of uncovering an ENTIRE BOX of personal tapes of Ann Wigmore talking??? Well... The tapes are indeed in existence, and I am VERY likely going to get them in my hands next month.

I talked to the person who has them and there are hours and hours of tapes in a BIG BOX! The 'guardian' of the tapes has listened to many of them, but there are so many that she hasn't heard them all quite yet. Ann Wigmore used to carry around a tape recorder that she would frequently talk into, producing boxes of these tapes. I was told that there are recordings of meetings with congress, interviews with Ann Wigmore, and countless hours of Ann simply talking away into these tapes. This person who has these tapes was very close to Ann. She would take notes with her and sat with her every single day. I am so excited about the potential from accessing these old tapes. I intend to meet with 'the tape guardian' in January sometime and we are going to discuss our options.

Wish me luck and we will see how it pans out! I have a VERY GOOD feeling about this...

ANNOUNCEMENT 2!: The next stage of Angela's fiance' visa application has been APPROVED and she is going to be doing her Visa Interview within about a month, in the UK. This is so GREAT... AND... EXCITING!!!

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Enemas Everyday?!?!? Experiment Conducted - Blog Post, by Matt Monarch

The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

Sharon Wrote:

How often do you recommend an enema? Once a week? Once a month?
I know someone who is doing it every day. It seems that would cause your bowels to not work properly on their own.
I use a 2 quart from the pharmacy.
I think the goal is to keep the colon as cleansed as possible in between or without colonics.
I am a cancer survivor and trying for maintenance.
I was asking for a friend who I am concerned about. She uses an enema every day.
Thanks, Sharon S

Thanks for your question, Shron. I feel the optimal frequency of cleansing the colon with enemas depends upon what a person wants to accomplish. I know of Cancer Survivors who did enemas every single day and they healed. These people generally continue to take enemas frequently afterwards. I also know of people on the 100% Raw Food Diet who are successful with just one colonic per month.

I have been told by many reliable sources, that Ann Wigmore did enemas 2 - 3 times EVERY DAY. I have also been told by these same sources that Ann on MOST days would eat just five sips of energy soup, five times daily. She would chew each sip well over 50 times. Lastly, I heard that she only slept about 3 hours a day. She took 1-hour naps, three times a day. That is all she needed, to be the MOST energetic elderly woman on the planet!

At first, I made many assumptions about what Ann Wigmore was physically going through from doing enemas every single day like this. However, these assumptions didn't feel like enough for me, as my curiousity was peaking to an EXTREME. SO... I did an experiment on myself...

Keep in mind, that I am a pretty 'clean' and 'pure' guy as it is (cellular-ly speaking). If I eat at a Raw Food Restaurant, for example, I get a runny nose for a day or so, as my usual intake is very simple.

The Experiment: For two months, I did an enema with a 6-quart enema bag every single day. For the first month, I systematically under-ate, plus only ate whole raw foods, such as whole fruits, nuts and seeds. The most amount of fat that I would eat in that first month was just a 1/4 of an avocado and about a tablespoon of Nut Butter every single day. I only ate two very small meals a day for this first month.

The second month I ate much more 'Raw Gourmet', which included packaged dehydrated raw foods, spices, raw ice cream (high in fat), etc. I ate two larger meals each day.

So, what were the results...?

For the first month... WOW!!!, what an experience.

While doing the enemas every day, once a day, it felt extremely easy to eat small amounts of food. I experienced virtually no cravings, as I just kept pulling the waste out of my body on a daily basis. My sinus cavity felt virtually clean of any obstruction (mucus) whatsoever. My awareness was Soooo SHARP that meditation came to me automatically and effortlessly. It was absolute utter bliss to choose to be conscious and aware and not resort to food for 'escape' in tenser moments. Just like in the past, I again started to have 'out of this world' spiritual experiences. Additionally, I would wake up ALIVE and ALERT... ready to JUMP out of bed. I had more energy than I knew what to do with. I exercised frequently due to the ease of it. My body was so free of obstruction, running was effortless. I felt like I could go forever. My recovery time for my body was extremely fast. I felt that the amount of regeneration I went through each night was accelerated 10-fold. My injuries and joints just felt free of any obstruction and my body felt fluid as can be. Breathing deeply automatically started to happen on its own. It seemed like by eating very little food with very little obstruction, there was more space in my body to breathe and my body just LOVED it. The feeling of LOVE effortlessly permeated through my body and being. As I conversed with others, not only did I feel more in-tune and present with the conversation, but I was also aware of everything else going on around us, and in 'awe' of life in general, all AT THE SAME TIME . I continually thought to myself, why on Earth would I want to eat more than I am eating right now, ever?

I sense that I kind of tapped the surface to what Ann Wigmore was experiencing when she ate 5 sips of energy soup five times a day and did 2-3 enemas a day.

Then!... Came the second half of the experiment, where I went from systematically under-eating whole foods to eating gourmet and larger meals...

The second month of the experiment felt quite unpleasant for me at times. My body continually tried to cleanse the 'Gourmet Ingredients' out of my body as fast as it could (e.g. spices, nama shoyu, agave). For the entire month I was clogged with mucus; I had a constant runny nose and excess gas for most of the day. The enema would relieve me to a great extent every evening. However, since I was repeatedly creating this cleansing pathway for my body by doing enemas every evening, my body would then take full advantage of that, during my sleep, through the nightly cleansing processes. I would wake up obstructed with a massive amount of mucus. I found it more difficult to get out of bed each morning. I sensed that my awareness had faded a bit and I felt more insecure, on many levels. I soon became 'addicted' to the packaged dehydrated foods that contained spices and I found myself hankering for more. I felt 'out of control' with my life in many ways, including my food intake and drive to conduct business, plus my confidence was down. My breathing became more shallow. I exercised less frequently as my body needed much more time to recover. However, when I did exercise, I did have a good amount of energy. Not as much as the first month, but it was adequate.

I'll provide my interpretation of this experiment in a moment, but first I want to ask Sharon... Does your friend seem to be living out smthg closer to the first month of this experiment (Systematically Under-eating), the second month (eating in excess), or somewhere in-between? Keep in mind that we cannot of course make other peoples' choices for them; if it were me, I would possibly make a suggestion to your friend one time (if you feel concerned about the pattern she is playing out) and then let them be. I feel that if someone is living out the second scenario while doing daily enemas, then this can be considered an eating disorder. We'll call it Enema-bulimism ;). I feel that it is not a good practice to do enemas frequently in order to continually clean up eating 'mistakes'. If I were to have continued living this second scenario for the rest my life, I can see how this process of eating poorly (for me) would have a damaging effect on my body. I sensed myself beginning to age at an accelerated rate in the second month, compared to when I was eating extremely well in the first stage of the experiment.

If someone is doing enemas every day and eating processed damaging foods, such as refined sugars and processed starches on a regular daily basis, I feel that could be a really big issue, as it may age them prematurely and lead to disease. I have met people who do this consistently. These types of people are generally morbidly obese. Due to the frequent colon cleansing, the body is working EXTRA HARD to become cleaner, throwing out more waste into the colon every time it is emptied. This cleaner body then needs a lot less food than it is being given, especially due to the repeated colon cleansing, so the excess food is just deposited as fat throughout the body.

In Conclusion...

From this experiment, I saw that doing enemas like this every day will push a person further and faster into 'cleaner' territory so quickly that the body demands the diet to be improved. In fact, Dr. Ann Wigmore pushed her body all the way to eating just about 5 sips of energy soup, five times a day. I feel that if someone is going to practice consistent colon cleansing for a great period of time, whether it is once a day, two times a week or once a week, they would do best to simultaneously move their food choices to their 'ideal emotional-free, consistent diet' for the long-term. I feel there can be major consequences if you don't follow through with these aspirations in the long-run, once your body had become considerably cleaner.

I was told that Ann Wigmore created the '125 Years Old Club'... and she was absolutely SURE that she was going to surpass that age. Living the way she did, I have no doubt in my mind that she would have made it to that age and beyond, had she not passed in a fire, as she did.

I feel that the notion of enema 'dependency' leading to dysfunctional bowels is a falsehood. After conducting this 2-month experiment, there was no shift in the frequency that I had bowel movements. However, I can see how there can definitely be a misconception about this, leading some people to discuss 'enema dependency'. I'd like to refer to some concepts in Arnold Ehret's books Rational Fasting and Mucusless Diet Healing System before we look more at why this misconception exists.

In my opinion, Arnold Ehret is the Ultimate Pioneering Father of Fasting. Besides Dr. Fred Bisci, I feel that no other man has had the experience Arnold Ehret did with fasting himself and thousands of his patients. He laid the groundwork for the 'Next Generation' of experimenters. When Arnold Ehret would do a long-term fast, he would generally break it with fruit. (WARNING: Breaking a fast this way is not recommended for people who are not extremely 'clean' cellular-ly, like he was.) Soon after eating this meal, he would have a powerful bowel movement. After this bowel movement, he would have TONS of energy and could jump into action, performing extraordinary physical strength and endurance feats. When a person is getting just enough food to maintain like this, their digestive system (including their bowels) works with extreme efficiency. The body has MASSES of vitality, takes all the nourishment it can from the food, and immediately rejects and eliminates the waste from the body.

In Ehret's books, he talked about the 'Superior Fast', which I believe he was doing himself. This is pretty much doing long-term fasts, one after another, all the time. I feel that thousands of years ago, when there was pristine air circulating the planet with nourishing pollen from plant-life, the way we lived then was something similar to this this 'Superior Fast' concept. We required very little food... if any.

When we adopt a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle, our bodies start to trek back to that day and age when we ate and needed very little food. Sometimes when I eat just once a day and there is less toxicity in my body, I start to enjoy that hungry feeling. I fall in love with it. I feel that we were meant to be fasters. If a person does regular enemas in conjunction with a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle for long periods of time, reaching a point of needing very little food happens EXTREMELY FAST! Although I wasn't doing enemas every single day before and after this experiment - which makes it a little harder to compare - if I listened to my body wholeheartedly, I would probably be eating one meal every other day, due to how 'clean' I am. I feel that my digestive system would work with absolute efficiency eating at that rate. It is very similar to the above concept of breaking a fast and the bowels working soon after... When a person is getting just enough food to maintain like this, their digestive system (including their bowels) work with tremendous efficiency. The body has MASSES of vitality, takes all the nourishment it can from the food, and immediately rejects and eliminates the waste from the body.

In my opinion, 'enema dependency' confusion is simply this... When someone does enemas every single day and then stops, they are not prepared and do not completely understand that their body needs very little food, and the excess food they're eating results in excess gas in the body. They can't bear the difference in the way they feel from doing enemas every day to not doing them at all. If they were to allow the waste to build up inside their body, like the majority of the human population, they would become more toxic, and I guarantee that they would be having bowel movements 1 - 3 times a day again, other circumstances notwithstanding. They could also choose to eat just enough food to maintain and their bowels would work extremely well. Or they can do something in between...

On a final note, I have met people with health issues who now refuse to cleanse the colon, because they feel that they were once dependent on them. They feel that they regained their intestinal strength once they stopped colon cleansing and they are unwilling to do colon hydrotherapy ever again. Meanwhile, they are ill and I can sense the high level of toxicity within their body. I believe that what these people experienced wasn't a 'regain of peristalsis'; I feel they simply lived the first scenario above. They let the waste build up in their intestines once again and adjusted to the feeling of excess gas within the body from eating more food than the body actually needed at that time.

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    Michele B-Teva said...

    As A practitioner/instructor of Colon Hydrotherapy I have helped many people over the years through their detoxification journey in my clinic. I seen countless positive changes. Aside from the physical changes (being the easier part of the changes)there are many emotional changes people go through too. Fear being the most dominant, this is what usually holds people back from moving forward.
    I would like to thanks you for your support and encouragement with my healthy life choice. It has helped me tremendously- more than I can ever put into words.
    We would love to see you and Angela here in Israel one day soon. Consider this an open invitation.
    Michele Shohatovitz

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