Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Raw Food World TV Show Debut!!!

In this Newsletter you can find:

  • $7.77 Raw Emotions Offer - Link Fixed & ONLY 2 Days Left
  • *New* FREE TV show with Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes
  • 20% HOLIDAY Coupon Code - on ANY SIZE ORDER!! [ONLY 7 DAYS LEFT!!!]
  • New Products - Evie's Kitchen, by Shazzie!, Coconut Flour & LifeForce Bars & Bread, & More
  • "Below Cost" Specials: Hemp Oil 8oz, Cacao Nibs, Raw Chocolate Brownies
  • At Cost!" Specials: Teryaki Kale Chips!!! (the Cheesey Kale Chips SOLD OUT), Carob Powder, & Dark Mesquite
  • Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation - Arnold Ehret's Books
Whoa!!! We had SOOOO many people sign up for the 'Raw Emotions' Offer with the free '30-Day Inner Circle' Trial offer and then the link stopped working... YIKES!!! I got MASSES of emails enquiring about the broken link. Well... The Link is ALL fixed now and you can go sign up now.

I can understand why this broken link stirred up such a RuCkUs with the masses of emails pouring in my inbox. When I first embarked on my Raw Food journey, I was so blessed to have Dr. Fred Bisci there as a mentor for me to show me the 'in's and out's' on how to succeed on my Raw Food Journey. Well... This special offer not only provides that type of support with Angela's invaluable 'Raw Emotions' eBook & Audio Download, but you also get more ongoing support (like Dr. Bisci gave me) through the 'Inner Circle' Program.

In this exclusive offer, for ONLY $7.77, you get:

  • The "Raw Emotions" eBook (Normally $24.95!!!)
  • A "Raw Emotions" Audio Download with Angela Stokes -
    This will be the First Ever Interview Angela has given on Raw Food & Emotions
  • Free 30-Day Membership to our *NEW* "Inner Circle" Subscription Service

    Click HERE to take advantage of this very special offer!

    *NEW* Inner Circle Subscription Service

    Finally!!!... This is what you have been waiting for...

    I am very excited to announce that Kevin & Annmarie Gianni, Angela and I have teamed up to bring you the Inner Circle Community Subscription Service. After your free 30-Day intial trial, it is a "No Brainer" to stay on board for $9.97 a month, even if only because just by being part of this service, you get an ONGOING 12% Discount coupon at our Raw Food Superstore, at That will pay for itself... And some!!!

    This INCREDIBLE service ALSO includes:

  • Weekly Q & A with Health Experts Angela Stokes, Matt Monarch, Mike Adams, Kevin Gianni and more!
  • Access to special videos (including many of Angela and I) not available to the general public.
  • An active forum and community of over 1000 members already, who can help support you and answer your questions!
  • Ongoing 12% Discount to 'The Raw Food World' Website
  • Weekly Q and A Chats with Kevin and Annmarie Gianni
  • Access to the downloads and transcripts of all the previous and future Inner Circle calls with health leaders like Victoria Boutenko, Dr. Doug Graham, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Mike Adams, David Wolfe, Sally Fallon and others!
  • And so much more... Daily we are adding more and more Value to the "Inner Circle"!

    Hurry! This "Raw Emotions" $7.77 offer is only Available for the next 3 days!!!

    Click HERE to take advantage of this very special offer!

    The Raw Food World TV Show, Featuring Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes

    Get UP, CLOSE, and PERSONAL with Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes! Over the years we have been getting hundreds of emails requesting us to CREATE MORE VIDEOS!!!! Well... Our good friend Kevin Gianni of 'The Renegade Health Show' gave me a MASS of INSPIRATION to create our new TV Show... The Raw Food World.

    I am Sooo EXCITED and PROUD to Present... The Raw Food World TV Show!!!

    We plan to post many videos per week. It's going to be FUN, EXCITING, and... NEW... Come aboard... We're expecting you... ;)

    You will not only get UP, CLOSE, and PERSONAL with Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes, but there is so much more... We will be interviewing hundreds of people that cross our way, including our family members and friends. We will review our COOLEST and yummiest new products, give Raw Tips, Recipes and so much more.

    To check out our debut pilot show of The Raw Food World, you can click on the video above or Click Here. You can also sign up to automatically recieve our latest TV Episodes straight to your email by joining the blog for free.

    Also... Click HERE to join the Inner-Circle Program with Kevin, Annmarie, Angela and I for even more support and FUN!

    20% HOLIDAY Coupon Code - on ANY SIZE ORDER!!!

    Never, have I seen more orders placed at, like this past week since we put the 20% HOLIDAY discount code out.

    Only 7 Days Left to take advantage of this 20% HOLIDAY coupon code!!!

    Just type in the coupon code - HOLIDAY - to receive 20% off any size order, excluding all appliances until December 31st.

    The mark-up on all appliances is minimal and we would actually lose money if this coupon code was used for purchasing appliances. Unfortunately, we will have to refund any orders that contain appliances. However, that being said, if you want to get a rebounder, a slicer, or a Breville Juice Fountain, I will let the coupon code slide for those, as the mark-up is slightly higher on these products.

    So please enjoy 20% off all your foods, books, superfoods. 'at-cost' specials, and any of our other non-appliance products.

    Happy Holidays and a huge Thank You for your continued support!!!

    New Products at The Raw Food World

    Shazzie's NEW BOOK Evie's Kitchen, is FINALLY HERE!!! We are the EXCLUSIVE US distributors of this book and I can't get over how GORGOUS this book is. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Shazzie... WE LOVE YOU!!!

    "Evie's Kitchen: Raising an ecstatic child offers an abundance of recipes for raw food, "recipes to love your child to life". But Evie's Kitchen is much more than a recipe book. It is a book that gives voice to nature's wisdom on a wide range of subjects, including natural birthing (ecstatic birthing), breastfeeding (ecstatic feeding), attachment parenting (ecstatic parenting), co-sleeping (you get the idea), natural immunity, natural detox, natural first-aid, even the de-institutionalization of education. Yes, it’s true, and we've always known it: schools are institutional daycare." -- Jock Doubleday, writer and natural man

    Eagerly awaited by grown ups all over the world. Finally, an easy yet comprehensive guide to raising a child on raw food -- successfully

    You'll love it!!!

    Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:

    LoveForce (Previously LifeForce) Product Line (AMAZING Bars & Raw Breads)

    Aaron Suttschenko is the MASTERMIND behind the LoveForce products. When I first became 100% Raw, I worked with Aaron on the phone quite often as he bought some of our products for his first business venture. His LATEST Business venture is a GREAT SUCCESS!!! Here is a message from Aaron himself:

    Love Force Raw Foods exists to offer you with an alternative to the everyday selection of snack and energy foods. We like to think of our energy bars as desserts that provide real whole food nutrition. We are proud to offer Natural Organic Raw Vegan Foods in the form of Love Force Energy Bars and Love Force Raw Breads.


    All our New Items can be found at the link below:

    Click here for New Items


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