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The Life-Long Fast, Probiotic Therapy, Taking Enzymes at 2 - 3 AM

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Hello Everyone!!! WHEW...what a trip the last few weeks have been!!! I am writing this to you from the airport in Tijuana, Mexico. The police officer who is 10 feet away from me has a machine gun strapped to his body and he has his hands on the handle, looking ready to go at any second. I do feel very safe. I have heard that it is like this in many places in Israel too, where police officers are strapped with guns and people feel extremely safe. It is currently about 8pm and Angela arrives here in about 3 hours.


Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of hands-on work in our Shipping Department. I really LOVE it! I've turned it all up a notch, hired more people and all orders are shipping out within 12 hours now.

So... Why Mexico? As many of you know, we are in the process of getting a Fiancee Visa for Angela, for the US. The process is quite lengthy and we are waiting for this Visa to go through before Angela can come back into the States. The Mexican border is only a couple of hours from where I am based in California. I'll be driving back and forth weekly as I take care of business for now.

We have a lot of plans for the near future and I will be updating you soon!

For now, please enjoy another ~Jam Packed~ newsletter this week!

Can Overeating Raw Foods be a Good Thing??? - Article, by Matt Monarch

The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

Many Raw Foodists like to reproduce raw versions of harmful processed foods that they used to eat and are perhaps still emotionally attached to. For example, some popular items in many Raw Food Restaurants and Raw Food Recipe Books are Raw Lasagne and Raw Ice Cream. We eat "imitation" Raw Ice Cream to help us stop eating ice cream that contains refined sugar and other harmful ingredients. Yet, if you make this switch while simultaneously eating 100% Raw, the 'comfort' experience of emotional fulfilment is definitely not the same as it often seems to be for 'SAD' eaters. I'd love to share some thoughts about why that might be...

Let's say that a 1/2 pint of processed ice cream with refined sugar used to satisfy you. When you attempt to be a 100% Raw Foodist and you eat the same 1/2 pint quantity of Raw Ice Cream, generally it won't satisfy your emotions and hunger like the other processed ice cream. You will most likely crave and hanker for more. Therefore, the Raw Foodist tends to overeat Raw Foods, in their attempts to satisfy their feelings of "hunger" and cravings.

So... Which one is more damaging to the body overall? Overeating Raw Food or eating the processed foods, such as refined sugar and processed starches?

From my personal experience and my observations of other 100% Raw Foodists, I feel that in the beginning of the Raw Food journey it is less damaging for the body to overeat on Raw Foods than eat the processed foods. The quantities of food that I ate when I first went 100% Raw were massive. I didn't eat all throughout the day, but when I did eat, my meals were ABSOLUTELY HUGE, which sometimes included one large head of Romaine Lettuce, 10 medium-large Heirloom tomatoes, three LARGE avocadoes, 2 oz of dulse, HANDFULS of bean sprouts, and other vegetables.

Despite eating meals like this EVERY DAY for OVER 5 YEARS, I still rapidly regenerated and seemed to become younger and younger. After about six to seven years, my body reached a point where this process of becoming younger ended and I started to noticeably 'age' on the 100% Raw Food Diet. In my opinion, this is the optimal time to learn to systematically under-eat, to slow down the aging process. Keep in mind that I was about 24 years old and already a slim guy when I started the 100% Raw Food Diet. Therefore, there is a great chance that this 'becoming younger' process of six to seven years would be extended for someone who is heavier, or older, or has more work to do on his or her body. I go deeper into this concept in my book Raw Success.

Here is a related excerpt from my first book, Raw Spirit:

When you first convert, it can be a little bit crazy. I remember meeting an older overweight man who had just turned Raw a few months prior. He was leaving everything out of his diet except raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. At one point during the gathering I was at, he confessed to our group that he eats a jar of almond butter every day, gets knocked out from all the fat and protein, and then falls asleep. In spite of his almond butter habit, this man was losing massive amounts of weight and healing his body. I was thrilled to hear the advice given to him: "You are doing great! Keep up the good work. Who cares if you eat a jar of almond butter a day and fall asleep? Eventually that impulse will be gone. For now, eat all the almond butter you want."

Another option to avoid all of these concerns is to maybe eat a really healthy 'Intermediate Diet', which includes cooked WHOLE FOODS, such as brown rice, steamed vegetables or quinoa. This way of eating will help you to feel more satiated, put the brakes on rapid detoxification, and potentially handle cravings and hunger more smoothly, compared to a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle. Many people who choose an 'Intermediate' pathway find that it helps them to overeat less, compared to when they are following a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle.

Please note that this article isn't intended as a message that 'overeating raw food is ok'. Overeating on ANY kind of food is a burden for the body. I simply love to share experiences and insights - both my own and those of others. There are of course also examples of people who have transitioned to a 100% Raw Food Diet slowly and avoided the process of overeating, as well as examples of people who eat 'Intermediate Diets' and find themselves diving into binges. We all have our own unique paths and stories. I hope that you are feeling great right now, whichever way your path may be unfolding and that perhaps this article has provided you a fresh perspective on your own choices.

The Life-Long Fast, Probiotic Therapy, Taking Enzymes at 2 - 3 AM - Blog Post, by Matt Monarch

The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

Some of the concepts that I share seem, at times, to be a little challenging for people to grasp. To try to make things clearer, I love finding examples that support what I believe to be truths. For example, I know that the Human Spontaneous Combustion videos I showed you in a past Newsletter helped validate/clarify the Blood Gas Theory for many of you. Well... Angela was recently sent the link to another video that supports the concept that adopting a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle is like going on a life-long fast, meaning that 'forever-more' you will cleanse deep old cellular waste, along with other current toxins entering your system.

In this video to the right, the researchers took 10 humans and tested them for well over 400 toxic chemicals within their bodies. There are thousands of different chemicals that the scientists could have tested for, but they didn't have enough funds to test for more than about 400 chemicals. 10 out of 10 of these people tested POSITIVE for well over 300 harmful chemicals, which included toxins from tail pipes of cars, toxins from household products, and over 212 Industrial Chemicals and Pesticides that were BANNED OVER 30 YEARS AGO!!!!!! The craziest part of this experiment is the identity of those 10 humans who were tested. They were all newborn babies!!! They took the blood straight from the umbilical cord at birth.

I highly recommend watching this video HERE.

Can you imagine, if newborn babies are being born with that many toxins in their bodies (and those were just the toxins they tested for), how many toxins might be found in the average ADULT? It took generations and generations to in-toxify the planet and humans to the level we have. In my opinion, when someone goes 100% Raw, it's like beginning the process of bringing the body back to the day and age where the planet was 'pristine' and processed foods were non-existent. This process is not just a "HOP, SKIP, and a JUMP..." With a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle, not only is your body going to be continually cleansing and throwing off the current man-made chemicals (pollution) you are exposed to, but at the same time you will be cleansing out deep old cellular waste from this life-time and from the life-times of your ancestors. Let's be totally clear here: this cleansing process is going to persist for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

And... As I have talked about many times before, I feel the rewards are worth it EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.


S.S. Wrote:

I went raw 8 months ago! Yea! But now I feel drugged all the time.
I'm a 50 year young female. I have food allergies, Candida, & a hyperactive immune system! Yuck! I do not do well with supplements; I react to everything I try to take. I have an in-home infrared sauna, which I take 4 times a week.
An enema everyday, coffee enema once a week, & an in home colonic every once in awhile. Exercise 5 days a week. I can't eat fruit or grains {feeds yeast}.
I juice my greens everyday, eats veggies, bean sprouts, veggie sprouts, nuts and seeds. If this were happening to you, what might you do to over come these problems?
Thank you for your time & knowledge!

Hi S.S., firstly, I would like to point out what I feel is going on here. You are 50 years young and you JUST went 100% Raw. You have a lot of cleansing work to do. Not only did you go 100% Raw, but you are practically doing THE MOST POWERFUL COMBINATION of cleansing that ANY human can do.

I'd like to share a story. One of my best friends from 2nd grade had a small case of Psoriasis, when we were younger. We stayed close all the way through college and beyond. After years of eating fast food, partying and drinking alcohol in college and beyond, my friend unfortuntely got in a serious car accident. He had a choice right after that to take the holistic, healthy route to recovery or the Western medical/Big-Pharma 'route-to-demise'. I fought and fought and fought to encourage him into the healthy holistic route. I was going to offer him everything while he was unemployed (even all expenses paid, food and board).

I was a young Raw Foodist and I told Dr. Fred Bisci my plan to give my friend colonics a couple of times a week and get him to take an Infrared Sauna many times a week too. Fred said, " may want to take it slower than that. He is going to think you are killing him at that speed." Fred explained to me that cleansing the body this much (especially cleansing the colon in combination with the infrared sauna) would clear a pathway for rapid detox. It's like popping a balloon: the air pours out from the inside of the balloon. However, in this case, the body is like the balloon and the air inside of the balloon would be old, toxic built-up waste.

S.S.... From the cleansing you've been doing, it's like you punctured a massive hole in your "balloon". You created a pathway for waste to rapidly pour out of your body and this is, I believe, why you feel drugged all the time. I also think this is a good thing ;) I just want to make sure you understand what is going on here and feel good about your choices. You can always slow down the detox process by doing these cleansing techniques less or eating some cooked whole-foods, rather than being 100% raw. You say you don't feel well now, but I sense that if you slowed things down and stopped the intense detox, you would then later remember how good you actually do feel now in comparison and come back to these current patterns that you are living out. Again, you are 50 years young and you surely have a lot of work to do. Welcome to the Life-Long Fast! You will very likely have more ups than downs on this journey, but please just take the time to really understand what is going on here. In the last Newsletter I mentioned that the good times often seem to FLY BY and the rough times can seem to d-r-a-g out - please don't be too hasty to focus on the rougher times of detox.

I don't really want to offer you any more cleansing guidance, because I feel that you are moving fast enough. However, if I were in your shoes, I would practice Probiotic Therapy. This is the perfect time to do it, as you have eliminated sugar from your diet and it will be ideal to help counteract that "Candida". I highly recommend doing Probiotic Therapy with, Freddie's Blend Probiotics, as I feel you will get the best results with this super-strong formula.

Enzyme and Probiotic Therapy can get quite expensive depending on how much you take. There have been times where it was recommended for someone to take up to 5 Tablespoons of Therapeutic Enzymes a day, for example, in order to help the body reverse serious degenerative diseases. Other times, only 1/2 teaspoon might be recommended. I don't like to make recommendations of quantities for people, as I prefer to see them decide intuitively for themselves. As I've often mentioned, I am an 'extremist' and personally I can see myself experimenting with Probiotic Therapy in the future and cutting down my natural sugar intake, while at the same time taking multiple tablespoons of Freddie's Blend Probiotics each day.

Lastly, S.S., you have a lot of toxins running through your bloodstream on a continual basis. The mixture of these toxins with almost any of the foods that you are talking about can create a 'combustion' effect, which can result in a person feeling like they can't intake anything into their body without some type of uncomfortable reaction. In order to minimise this discomfort, I would recommend you maintain eating very simple, low–glycemic whole foods and avoid high-glycemic, sugary foods as much as possible. Remember that fruits are the cleansers of the body and their effect can at times seem "aggressive". As Arnold Ehret states in his books, sugars dissolve solid waste in the body into gaseous waste, just adding to the outpouring of waste and toxins. I'd encourage you to continue focusing on eating mostly greens, nuts, seeds, fats, sprouts, seaweeds and other simple foods.

On a side note, unfortunately, my friend didn't take me up on my offer to help with his healing. His psoriasis turned into Psoriatic Arthritis, which is similar to a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The psoriasis went inwards in his body and it is actually now "eating away" at his body. For years now he has been on HEAVY drugs that are usually used to treat cancer. Of course, years into taking these heavy drugs, he still runs into health issues, so the doctors keep upping the dosage , to the point where he recently has agreed to start taking a shot into his stomach. He has been trying to avoid that shot for some time. Now that he's started taking the shots, it gives him a false SURGE of energy to make him feel really good. He now takes this shot weekly. I shudder to think of the impact of this on his adrenals alone.

I am usually not so blunt with people but I told my friend that he is surely going to end up as a cripple if he continues to take this route. Interestingly, he believes in the healing benefits of a Raw Food lifestyle or even an intermediate diet and he also agrees that he will likely end up as a cripple. However, he still chooses to eat fast food and take these drugs. Well, I'll toast to that, as he is making a conscious choice - and I send both him and you S.S., all best wishes for your health.


It was great to be with my family at Thanksgiving! It was a very nourishing time for me. One of my brothers is almost 38 years old and he regularly eats refined sugar and processed starches. He does, however, stay away from greasy and fried foods. My Aunt Dotty lived to be well over 100 years old and she always said her secret was staying away from fried foods. I believe she also ate a whole food diet and small meals.

My brother seems to be a happy guy and I've always left him alone in regards to his diet. I have always told him that further down the line, in about ten years from now, I have a feeling that he will improve his diet, at just the perfect time for him. When we were at Thanksgiving, the topic of taking pharmaceutical prescription drugs came up. In disgust, my brother said "I am not on any of those drugs. I try my hardest not to take them, even when I have a headache."

I was relieved to hear that - and then this is what suddenly POPPED out of my mouth:

"As soon as you feel you are "forced" to take a pill consistently, THIS IS THE TIME TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFESTYLE , permanently!

I hope this didn't come across as an order! I care about my family and want to see my brother thrive, rather than ever taking prescription drugs. I hope he remembers this, if and when that time comes - let's see how it goes...


Beth Wrote:

Hey Matt, am very happy with the systemic enzymes, that i got from you, & now a question about them...would U take them/is it advisable/safe to - take them as a last thing in a day..? i mean, would they in such case have more time to heal us (through the night) orrrr....what do U far i've been able to manage to take them mostly once a day, seldom 2, as i am veeeeeeeeeery skinny (without exaggeration) & after each meal, after waiting for the food to go down, i usually don't want to take enzymes, & then wait again, before having my next meal, as my digestion is slow, & that would make me end up with 2 meals a day, probably, & , being so skinny, i don't want to get even skinnier.... please let me know, LOVE & BLESSINGS, Beth

One of the best times to take enzymes is on an empty stomach in the middle of the night (2 - 3am). If you were to wake up to urinate in the middle of the night, for example, and take some enzymes, that would be ideal, as this is when we are in our deepest state of cleansing and the enzymes will aid the process. However, this may assist in the cleansing process so much that for now you may lose more weight. Yes, in general, at night is a great time to take them; the main thing to focus on is taking them on an empty stomach. The morning is usually good for this too.


Mary Wrote:

Hi Matt,
I think I have a Urinary Tract Infection.. =( I feel I have to pee all the time, and when I do it's just a few drops and it burns!!! Now I actually have blood coming out too..!
All I can find on the internet is to take antibiotics.. =/
What can I do?? This is the worst feeling ever!
Thank you..!

Get a colonic!!!! A series in fact. And if you are eating any refined sugar and processed starches... STOP. It may take some time to heal. But keep cleansing the colon while removing processed foods and you should be fine in no time.

Mary Wrote Back:

it's completely GONE! =) it took 1,5 day. From urine with blood and burning pain, to absolutely feeling great! Lol..!
I did an enema with the 4 quart bag twice, and I fasted on fresh cranberry juice & green juice with garlic & supergreens for 1,5 day.
I've been 100% raw for 6 months now.. ;)
THANK YOU!!!! =)

The power of cleansing the colon is not to be taken lightly, my friends. It is extremely POWERFUL!!!

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Angela wrote about this AMAZING free offer in her blog recently and I decided to reproduce her words here, so that my readers can dive into this offer too. Enjoy!

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If you're not familiar with the site yet (I've mentioned it a few times before) - basically, Brian reads 'self-development' books and then makes 'mini-CliffsNotes' for them, to share on the site in both PDF format and as MP3s that you can download and listen to. Think titles like 'The Power of Intention', 'A New Earth' and 'The Four-Hour Work Week' - all those books that you might have been intending to read (plus others that might have slipped by you ;) and never QUITE got round to it... Now you can listen to a 20 minute summary, or read through a PDF file and get ALL the key 'Big Ideas' of that book quickly and directly (then maybe go and get the WHOLE book to enjoy afterwards, if you liked the sound of it ;)

I've been taking a lot of bus journeys recently and have got into the habit of downloading a few files from onto my iPod before I go out, then I listen to them on the way. I LOVE it :) My favourite piece of guidance that I picked up from the recordings recently was from the audio file on the book 'The Other 90%' (which I'd never heard of before). The idea was this: periodically, ask yourself if the point that you are at right NOW is nearer to your optimal vision for your life than the point you were at 30 minutes ago. In the last 30 minutes, what have you done to help yourself get nearer your ideal? (Or, what have you procrastinated? ;) I find this REALLY motivating. If I find myself drifting in my work day now, I just ask myself these Qs and it really helps ME feel more motivated to get back on with things ;)

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    There are very few books by Raw Food Pioneer Authors that I would heartily recommend. However, I feel Arnold Ehret's books "Mucusless Diet Healing System" and "Rational Fasting" are a MUST!!!

    Along with Dr. Norman Walker's books, these were the very first books that I read when I went 100% Raw. I was dumbfounded by every last sentence. These books are only $5 each and I recommend them in combination with Hilton Hotema's books to get a much deeper understanding of what is going on during detox. Although Ehret doesn't talk about the term 'Breatharianism' in his books, he does talk about the "Superior Fast" that he experimented with. If you study these books, along with Hotema's and mine, I feel you can really start to put the pieces of the puzzle together... I feel that Arnold Ehret focused on mucus instead of the Gases as the toxicity embedded deep on a cellular level. When you fast, the gases are released on a cellular level at an accelerated rate. I sense that these gases can irritate the internal membranes of the body and it creates mucus to protect itself. This is, however, just an assumption and I intend to ask Dr. Fred Bisci for his thoughts on that...

    If you read these books, along with Hilton Hotema's book "Man's Higher Consciousness", you may truly access a deeper understanding of what is going on with our bodies.

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    Shining the Spotlight - Anthony - The Raw Model!

    Anthony, the Raw Model is ALMOST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE... Not only is he a Remarkably Good-Looking Raw Man, but he's really got it ALL TOGETHER. When I met him recently for the first time, he seemed SO CLEAR, conscious and AWARE. It's like he is from a movie... He has a perpetual smile and just emanates goodness through his every action. Anthony has worked with companies such as Hugo Boss, Target, Macy's, Tommy Hilfiger, JcPenney, Kohls, Acura, and Paul Mitchell. Though he enjoys modelling, his true passion is spreading ideas and awareness about green and simple living, and the raw foods lifestyle.


    Sorry Ladies... I do believe that this amazing Raw Model is spoken for. Anthony is very SHARP and he lives his life following his truth, while at the same time putting a massive amount of his care and attention towards the well-being of our planet and mankind. He and his woman are living the DREAM. He is now building a self-sustainable home and organic garden/orchard in Minnesota, where he is growing over 200 kinds of fruits and vegetables, and loves to spend time in nature, hiking, camping, and wild food foraging. This way of life has such a POSITIVE, HUGE IMPACT on the entire planet. Angela and I have SO much respect for Anthony.

    Anthony... We'll be there soon too, living the "with the land" life!!!

    I highly recommend clicking on the 'Permaculture' Link at Anthony's website, There is so much information on how to create your OWN permaculture oasis. You can even look at Anthony's design for his land and view his list of AMAZING permaculture resources.

    Anthony Anderson created in 2007 to document his journey from eating cooked to raw foods. Motivated initially by the desire to lean up and lose a little weight for his modelling career, he happened upon a book about raw foods and decided to try it for 2 weeks. Aside from seeing physical changes almost immediately, he also experienced profound bursts of energy, happiness, and mental clarity. He became convinced through his own trial, errors, and further research that eating raw/living foods is the way human beings should eat and live. He has gone through the ups and downs of raw foods and hopes to share his experiences in order to make it easier for others who are just beginning their own journey.

    Anthony once stated that it was a lot of hard work to get his ROCKED body to where it is today. However, once he got his body where he wanted it, it was really simple to keep it, through maintenance exercising, which requires a lot less work.

    Besides, you can find Anthony online as a regular contributor to and watch many of his cool videos on

    Anthony says that his ultimate goal is to recreate paradise on Earth by spreading the idea of organic living and self-sustainabilty, and to help others realize their full potential.

    Thank you Anthony for Making a Difference!!!

    ~Many Blessings from The Raw Food World~

    Thank you for continuing to let us serve you.

    We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!


    Brandon Gilbert said...

    thank you for all of the information and insight youve shared. i know that it has helped me and many others in our journey.

    debbiedoesraw said...

    Matt: catching up with your blog, I love it and Anthony, who I nicknamed "anthnoni" at raw spirit for his love of the noni juice, is incredible.
    He is the sweetest most down to earth guy, just a wonderful being on this planet!
    best wishes for You and Angela, hope your wedding is very soon!

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