Sunday, December 21, 2008

Episode 12-22, My Mom on the Intermediate Diet - Up's & Down's

The Raw Food World Episode 12-22, is sooo much FUN! I had a nice talk with my mom on how she has been succeeding on a wholefood intermediate diet. She does so well with her diet! She has eliminated Refined Sugar and Processed Starches completely, except she eats a salad dressing with just a bit of sugar in it sometimes in very small quantities. It's all about Permanent Forward Steps!!!

The Chocolate Truffles that my mom was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY for are the Ulimana Truffles available HERE... They are about 6 items down the page.

We are going to be posting videos all the time now... EXCITING!!! I highly recommend that you join the Inner-Circle with our special Raw Emotions Offer. I will most likely be posting videos daily here. However, we will also be adding many more Videos in this exclusive online community that won't be available to the public. Angela has been filming a green smoothie challenge with our wonderful Landlord in Mexico. Once this 'Green Smoothing Challenge' video is complete, we will be posting it up in the Inner Circle. As you saw in the previous blog post, there is so much more then just these extra videos. To sign up at the discounted rate with all the free goodies, click HERE.


I was having some issues with my blog here and one of my posts from a few days ago didn't quite make it through. You can view the 'Enemas Everyday?!?!? Experiment Conducted' post HERE.

I had a few people that were interested in conducting this type of experiment. If you do something like this, you will become very clean very fast. Please do keep in mind that if you do this for a great period of time, you may not be able to go back to eating the way you used to eat without adverse consequences. Inevitably, you will need less food because the body becomes extremely efficient. Just as it says in that post, people get extremely confused and don't understand what is going on.

I will see you SOON on our NEXT BLOG POST!!!


Monique said...

Could you be so kind as to clue us in about what Fred's Intermediate plan is? :D Thanks!

Katie said...

yay! do more interviews with family members if possible! i just watched the one with brian before this one and the vids with your family members are great! particularly because a lot of the raw food experts only show, well, the raw food experts and sometimes it's nice to hear how the ol' regular diet people think and how they feel about raw food. it's inspirational! i do a bit of waffling on raw food, but always come back and their changes give me the motivation to continue to make changes in my diet to a healthier lifestyle! thanks matt! thanks miss angela! thanks all of matt and angela's friends and family! thanks!

lala said...

Awesome!!! Great diet, Mom... I must confess, I can be the same way as Mom when I am getting low on my favorite raw snacks ;)...