Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Episode 12-24, Angela Stokes Debut & an Interview with Matt Monarch's Cousen, Jamie Stalick

Ohhhhh!!!! So EXCITING!!!! Angela Stokes is on the show, LIVE... IN PERSON!!! For those of you that are subscribed to my YouTube Channel. I created a new one called The Raw Food World and you can resubscribe HERE.

Angela and I have both had Ear Candling done in the past and we both noticed some shifts happen when we did it. My cousin is an audiologist and gives the science on why it is virtually impossible to get any benefit whatsoever from Ear Candling. In the video she explains the science behind it. Although, it sounds very convincing, I know what I saw Angela go through and what I went through. After watching this video, we would LOVE to hear your comments in regards to this.

Although, my baby cousin thinks that I am ABSOLUTELY NUTS, she is still so BEAUTIFUL and ADORABLE. Sorry guys, she's spoken for ;) She thinks I am CRAZY!!! I bet more than half of my family members would say THE EXACT SAME THING... It's not easy dealing with the Social Challenges when going 100% Raw... Is it? Well!!!... It doesn't stop me!

Ok, my friends... On another note, who's correct? Angela or I. Does Christmas Eve start in the morning on December 24th or in the evening???

And... LAST but not LEAST... Angela's Raw Food Christmas Video is a MUST Watch. You can do so by clicking the video below...

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