Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Raw Food World TV Show 12-28, Introducing... Wrap Up Sunday!!!

The EXCITEMENT has not diminished in the SLIGHTEST in regards to our new 'The Raw Food World' TV Show.

I have an EXCITING announcement to make...

We have a new weekly episode now, which is called 'Wrap Up Sunday'. What we will be doing every Sunday on 'Wrap Up Sunday', is summarizing and highlighting all the fun stuff that has taken place over the week on 'The Raw Food World' TV Show. We will also be answering to popular pressing questions that were asked throughout the week. Sunday will be a great day to catch up on what's going on at 'The Raw Food World' TV Show. Please view below our FIRST 'Wrap Up Sunday' Episode...

Here is the information below that I promised you on the "How To Succeed on an 'Intermediate Whole Food Healthy Cooked Diet'...

Since we featured my mom on our new TV Show, people have been impressed with how amazing she looks at her age. There has been a HUGE DEMAND for the details of How To Succeed on an 'Intermediate Whole Food Healthy Cooked Diet', just like my mom is experiencing.

As I've stated many times before, no-one needs to be 100% Raw to be healthy. I know of many people who are THRIVING on an 'Intermediate Diet' like this.

In response to this demand for more info, on Thursday, January 8th at 6pm Pacific Standard Time, I am going to be holding a Teleconference on "How to Succeed with an 'Intermediate Whole Food Healthy Cooked Diet'". Simply said... I am going to tell you what the 'Intermediate Diet' is and give you Step-by-Step details on how to succeed with this type of lifestyle. By the end of this Teleconference Call, my aim is that you will feel COMPLETELY EMPOWERED about how to improve your Dietary Lifestyle. I will speak for 1 - 2 Hours, and then I will stay on the call for as long as it takes (up until Midnight ;) Pacific Standard Time), to answer ALL of your questions.

The cost of this unique Teleconference Call is $22 and you can sign up by clicking HERE.

After you reserve your place on this Teleconference, we will send you the information on how to access the call, a few days before the event.

To reserve your space on this empowering Teleconference with Matt Monarch, click HERE.


Yikes!!! I got trapped myself in that one about explaining where I learned the Little Mermaid song :-O...

Thank you again for writing to my brother about all the Spiritual Aspects of the Raw Food Diet. I believe it got him thinking a bit. I am sure that we will have both my Mom and my Brother back on the show sometime soon.

I promised in my video that I would leave you Yum Ball Recipe and a video of us making Yum Pot's. I am sure that in this upcoming week that we will also be bringing you some NEW Yum Pot recipes. Click HERE to see the Yum Pot recipe and click HERE to see the Yum Ball Video and Recipe.

For any of you interested in Please respond with your best offer... ;-)

Angela wanted me to share her favorite Idea that was posted for

Valerie Wrote:

I am an avid antique and vintage collector. I have an extensive collection of antique and collectible art and original prints. The Gibson Girls Tissue girls were the nostalgic faces of the little pastel prints of those cute little cherub faces from the Northern Tissue Company. They are often called simply, "The Tissue Girls" (circa 1950's) Oddly, dreams can be wacky and I always LISTEN to my dreams..another conversation of spirituality for another time. Just between you both and myself, I would have bought the as well had I dreamed of them. It will be interesting as it all unfolds:) Valerie

Thanks for sharing Valerie!!!

Our New Puppy Layda is looking so much better this evening. We gave her much LOVE, SUN, and warmth all day long. She is THRIVING!

The Questions of the Day is...

What would YOU like to see as a Future Episode on 'The Raw Food World' TV Show?
We'll see you tomorrow... At the Raw Food World!


Tanisha said...

Loving your show, it's great to see what you guys are up to.

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