Friday, July 24, 2009

Enemas Vs. Colonics, Episode #196

Oh Man! Angela and I were TRANSFORMED after we got our colonics from Joyce Oliveto. NOTHING DETOXIFIES the body MORE EFFECTIVELY than Colon Hydrotherapy!!!


Jock Doubleday said...

have fun in KC. thanks for the positive info on colonics!


Penny said...

I had to have some photos done and had to take meds to empty me first. I saw the photos as they were putting the camera through every yard of my organs. It was as clear as a bell right the way through. My doctors said it was the best way because with colonics if you have too many you would gradually loose the muscles you need to control your bowel movements because the colonics do it for you. Is this true?

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

It is unfortunate that colon hydrotherapy is not more readily accessible. There are no colon hydrotherapists within a 100 mile radius of where I live (that I can find). If I want to have it done (and I do) I will have to plan it well in advance and hope that my time and budget will allow me such a "luxury."

Rosa said...

Wondering if you tried the zapper on the canine sarcoptic mange (scabies)?

Also did you try any herbs for parasites (GSE, oil of oregano, black walnut) and Diatomaceous Earth for the scabies? Also MSM?

Nice interview with Joyce about Ann Wigmore. (Seem to be a very gracious woman.) First read a number of Wigmore's books in the early 1980's, they are not easy to get, and didn't know there were more. Look forward to viewing her later work. Thanks for helping to get it out there.

btw, met Matt at RU 6/20.

uzbekjoe said...

I felt great after the last colonic I had.
Looking to do one again soon.
After I did the colonic earlier this year I noticed my weight loss continued.
The raw food lifestyle became something I truly enjoyed after that. Probably has something to do with the fear of putting toxins back in my body now.

Anonymous said...

You guys are addicted to getting high, just like any other drug user. The difference is your looking for ways to get high without drugs.
Its beautiful! The new way to go. Gods way

CheL said...

Thanks for all you do, folks. I don't always agree with you but I usually find your videos interesting.

I do think there are things that detoxify the body better (i.e. more naturally, gently, and thoroughly) than colonics. This is a diet that is comprised only of juicy ripe fruit and tender greens. No powders, no "raw" nut butters, no dehydrates, no refined superfoods (even if they're raw-they're still refined and therefore not helpful to our bodies). The reason I say this is because when one eats a diet that is composed ONLY of organic ripe raw fruits and tender greens, they call upon the BODY, the natural abilities of the body, the begin releasing toxic waste. This may not happen as QUICKLY as it does by manually shooting water up your bum but it does so more healthfully because in the process the natural inclinations of the digestive system towards complete elimination are facilitated. More/harder is not always better. This is the reason why supplements are not health food.

It's so much simpler than this. Health does in fact grow on trees.
I'm not saying that colonics are BAD necessarily, just definitely NOT the MOST DETOXIFYING THIS IN THE UNIVERSE...or however you put it. Raw is so much simpler than this. All these expensive procedures and superfood powders and dehydrated cooked-food mimicking raw recipes will soon fall to the wayside as people realize that all you need is fruit and greens (follow your taste buds-msm powder tastes terrible!...or yeah, and love. You do need love.

I hope this is only taken as an opinion that is a bit different than yours and not a slam in any way. You folks get people excited about raw, you have a lot of folks that come to you with questions, I hope we never stop learning.


mari1942 said...


I think i remember you saying that you have had many colonics, so do you think the experience of the person giving the colonic makes a large difference in the quality of the results for the subject. Did you feel that Joyce got better results because she is more experienced at doing them?

Steve Kraisinger said...

Made an appointment today, we met in Dallas,TX, I am looking forward to it.

lala said...

Love it, love it, love it... thank You for sharing... had a few colonics and LOVED them... yes... they were done by a wooonderful woman, Sheryll Chavarria, in Pottstown, PA...

zapper, colonics, bliss fest... wow, almost too much to handle!?!? ;)))