Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oil Pulling Detox, Episode #177

Angela took over the show today! Fun... Oil pulling for detox?



EatHealthyBeHappy said...

Can you do oil pulling with any oil, or does it have to be sesame?

Christine said...

I often do green smoothies in the morning and am very intrigued with using aloe vera leaves, though have yet to try it myself.

uzbekjoe said...

I use aloe almost everyday been mixing it in my lemon water.
Have not seen the fresh figs here on the East Coast yet.
Will try them when they arrive.
Angela good job with the show today.

lala said...

Elaina is sooo wonderful! What an amazing personality!!! I want her to be my raw food chef teacher! ;)

Yes, Angela, you did a suuuuper job!

Can't wait to try those figggs!