Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Importance of Colon Hydrotherapy, Episode #197

I got some GREAT footage of the Kansas City Bliss Fest, AND... Before we get into that footage, TODAY... I must talk about the IMPORTANCE of Colon Hydrotherapy after I received a mass of comments on yesterdays video. Enjoy!... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
Thanks for saying that , and impressing on people the need for colonics. I do them pretty regularly, two to three in a row about two to three weeks apart and boy does it make a difference in how I look and feel. My stomach is flatter and my complexion glows!! I need to go again BECAUSE I just got off some foods I should not be eating, again, and I have been feeling depressed. I think it is because I haven't cleaned out my gut. I am going this week!!!
Thanks sooo Much
Maty, in Wisconsin

Shakti said...

Hi Matt,

After I stumbled upon your website and watched your videos and read your book I decided to due my first fast and with daily colon hydrotherapy (February '09). Since then, in addition to a high raw diet, I have this treatment monthly and am scheduling my next fast for September. The most profound change was the location of the weight loss after the week long fast - my arms and my upper back. Additionally my waist is much smaller and I feel that the colon hydrotherapy allows my lungs to have the room they need to do the job. After doing this for nearly 6 months I feel that my body looks forward to treatments. For me, this modality of self care is incorporated with massage, exercise and great food. I think that everyone should try this out and see what it does for them - I'm totally with you on this!

dianouchka said...

Thank you so much Matt for coming back with this crucial information and insisting on it !! It just hit me finally why I was failing in doing 100% raw food !! When I was reaching a plateau, I coud not deal with my addicts and emotionnal pain ! I really see now HOW colon hydrotherapy eliminates past wastes !
It's just the information I was needing to hear now in my life ! Both of you are my superheroes here in France and I would LOVE to invite you soon to make a french tours, let's talk to colette about it !! Sending you much aloha... Dianouchka !

uzbekjoe said...

The best thing the colonics have done for me was help overcome late night eating.
When I say high raw most of the time I am 100% just on occasion there is some steamed veggies and some stuff like quinoa.
Now I am craving more live whole foods than anything.
My body is telling me its time again for a colonic.
Just cost prohibitive for me to do them monthly.
Dr Walker has some of the best advice to offer.I have most of his books and pass them around.

Bridgette Stringfellow said...

Hey Matt,
Ok, so I have never done a colonics and I am wondering what is the best type of colonics to do???? I know there is a couple ways to do it and I would like to know what type do you like the best.....I think there is one where you can see your "stuff" as you release it....then there is another way where you don't see it???? What is the best process so as I am looking for a place to go I know what to ask for???

Thanks for all your wonderfulness...

Much Love & Blessings~


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
As a Detox specialist by profession, one of my main treatments in my clinic that we offer is colon hydortherapy. I have seen endless positive, amazing changes in many clients that come and do our program. Changes from there skin appearances, to there energy levels, body images, ... its endless. Thank you for taking the time on your show to explain the importance of the detoxification process for healthy people - it is too often overlooked.
Michele Shohtovitz

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
My husband and I are brand new to raw food. We had been contemplating having a colonic, but after hearing you stress its importance, we definitely will. Do you have any tips in how to choose where to have one done? Thanks for all the valuable info. Greetings to Angela :)

Carolina, in California