Monday, July 27, 2009

Raw Food Runner Tim Van Orden, Episode #199

We've got more footage from the Bliss Fest in Kansas City. We've got Super Raw Food Athlete Tim Van Orden and Penni, from Tulsa, OK, shines her happy smiling face on the show once again. Enjoy...


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I am a fan of Tim Van Orden and I follow his Running Raw website. I, too, am a raw runner, so he's a role model for me. Maybe someday I can be someone's role model. :)

I also wanted to comment on how GORGEOUS Penni looks. I remember the last time you interviewed her. She was beautiful then, but she is even more stunning now.

Penni said...

It was such a delight to be in such amazing company at the Kansas City Bliss Fest this past weekend! I am already exploring creative ways to use my 17 pound pail of cashew crack. What fun!!

Tim Van Orden is a such a quality guy. I kreally enjoyed hearing you interview him.

As Always....

Anonymous said...


I LOVE how you mentioned the algae products @ beneifts of DNA changes .. I'm personally Taking loads of e3live and chlorella..
You may already know since you listen to Dr clement but raining on your Love affair with cashews..
In Lifeforce by Dr Clement The 2 nuts considered toxins are peanuts and cahews(?) ..sorry P the bright side looks like all other nuts are Cool!!
I LOve Hazlenuts and pecans,Macs, after ending my own addiction to cashews, but focus more on sunflower, pumpkin hemp,chia@black sesame seeds:=)
LOve @ care about Ya all!!

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