Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why am I sick after a 40 day Master Cleanse Liquid Fast???

I know Angela told you about this astounding place that we are staying at for 2 months in Golden Bay, and I am so excited about it I have to tell you more. There are about 200 sheep on this property. If you go outside, you hear cows ardently "mooing" from across the way seemingly competing to see who can be the loudest. You can see the ocean from the backyard! The house is literally right in the midst of nature. I LOVE IT!!! I don't know if I will ever leave this little area within the next two months, as everything is available here. Our next door neighbor sells really good produce. Raspberries, celery, cucumber, and their lettuces are AWESOME! This morning I ran down our quarter of a mile driveway and across the street to get some produce for juicing. I came home with freshly picked carrots, celery, cilantro, arugula, parsley and lettuce. There is also a fruit orchard here where we had wild sweet blackberries right off the bush. I can feel the difference when I eat straight from nature.

On another note, Dr. Flora has been writing with me lately about tomatoes and I have shared that with you in previous posts. Recently she wrote:
The tomatoes do so much more than just cause gas. As I mentioned, it withdraws calcium from the bones to buffer (neutralize) the acid. The citrus dissolves the endometrial lining of your intestine and causes little (or large) ulcers. The body, in it's wisdom, exudes mucus to protect itself from the acid, but a lot of things are set in motion that are not healthy. All of the nightshades are problematic. The tomatoes and other citrus will react with whatever you have in your stomach that is a starch and you and your cells will blow up like balloons.
I personally don't believe that tomatoes and citrus are an issue in moderate quantities. However, I was doing masses of them every day and I am excited to see what changes - if any - might happen from now dropping them from my meals... I have eaten tomatoes in mass quantities like this for many years...I had my blood tested, and everything was fine.

Anyways, I gave up the tomatoes and I've replaced them with grated cucumbers in my lettuce wraps. IT TOTALLY EMOTIONALLY SATISFIES ME!!! That is how I am able to improve my diet easily. I talked about the importance of emotional satisfaction in this post here. So my meal is pretty much the same as before, but I swapped the tomatoes with the grated cucumbers. When you grate the cucumbers, liquid comes out kind of like the tomatoes, making the mixture juicy. I make sure to use a potato peeler to take off the cucumber skin. I tried it both ways and the meal is so much softer without the cucumber skin. Also, the taste is not so overwhelming like the tomatoes, therefore, I am able to taste the other ingredients in the mixture so much more distinctly. I loved it! If my grandma was around, she would say that I am going to turn into a cucumber if I eat them in these quantities.

Just so you get an idea, the meal I just ate consisted of:
2 Tablespoons of home-made tahini/hazelnut butter
1 Tablespoon of Nut Paté that Angela made (sunflower seeds, garlic, sun dried tomatoes)
1 cucumber grated
2 Teaspoons of cut green onions
1 handful of Karengo Seaweed (My favorite! I am trying to get some for our store. I'll keep you posted!)
2 handfuls of Mung Bean Sprouts
1 big pinch of alfalfa, broccoli, Radish Sprouts
**All Mushed together with a fork
The above wrapped in butter lettuce leaves

When you do a massive fast, for 40 days, your body reaches a new level. You can't tolerate the processed foods that you used to eat anymore. When someone embarks on such a tremendous fast, the goal would be to come out the other end with an improved diet. 40 days is massive!
I just wrote an article about Juice Feasting, which is another long-term liquid fast. Read it and I hope you'll get a much better understanding of all this. When I say "other symptoms" in that article, getting sick is one of them. Another POSSIBLE symptom, if you go back to eating harmful processed foods, is the reoccurence of degenerative diseases. Here is a helpful excerpt from that Juice Feasting article:
No matter what your diet was like before the juice feast, unless you make an improvement in terms of decreasing your intake afterwards, there is a great chance that you will experience weight gain and/or other symptoms.

Even if you are on a 100% Raw Food diet and you go on a 92 day juice feast, you will reach a new level afterwards. Your body will now demand that you eat less quantity than the 100% Raw Food Diet that you used to be on. If you don't do this, it may result in excess weight. It is PROFOUND how much one cleanses when they do a 92 Day Juice Feast.

Before you embark into doing long-term fasting like this, it's important to understand these concepts and prepare yourself for an entirely new lifestyle. Some people jump into long-term fasting and are not psychologically and emotionally able to keep up with their cleaner body. They can't handle a new diet consisting of less food and it results in weight gain and/or other symptoms.
It sounds like your body is craving liquid again and your mind may be associating sickness with a past comforting "Illness remedy" of Chicken Soup. It seems perhaps you are dehydrated and need liquid. If you can't make juice, it may be a great idea to make an easy blended green smoothie that is not very thick. Or you may want to even just blend melons to drink. That should be really easy to do.

If you want to expedite yourself back to health 10 times quicker, then get a colonic. The purpose of colonics is to pull out the waste in your system. This sickness is simply waste just purging out of your body. This is the ideal time to do it!

HOWEVER, if I'm correct about the reason why you got sick , and if you cleanse the colon throughout this "flu-like" process, you will be ZAPPED right back to a cleaner state from the colonics. If you were eating processed foods before doing the master cleanse, (I am not saying that you were) the body needs time to adjust back and adapt to those processed foods and this current sickness would be part of that adapting process.
If you do not feel emotionally ready at this point to stay on the Raw Diet, you may want to consider just waiting out the cold instead of doing the colon hydrotherapy. That way, you won’t take yourself into as much of a clean state and your body will be able to handle and adapt to processed foods more easily.

Taking Therapeutic Enzymes on an empty stomach will also help you heal very quickly. Sometimes when I take enzymes on an empty stomach, I just feel the mucus get cut in my sinus cavity. I talk about our God-sent precious powdered enzymatic gold here.
Selia wrote me back the day after the above message to say that she did indeed have a bout with some non-raw, highly processed items after her 40-day cleanse and she also told me that she was still taking the Master Cleanse drink a few times a day.

Cleansing the colon is miraculous! If you continue on this journey, as you become cleaner and cleaner, that Master Cleanse drink that contains the Maple Syrup in it, may have a negative effect on you. At some point, your body will most likely ask you to eliminate it. I would be SPUN OUT if I did that Master Cleanser drink!
Since we are on the subject of enemas, Kathy wrote:

Hi Matt,
Love your blog .
Hey, I have a question. What is the difference between an enema and colon hydrotherapy? I am/was assuming it is the same thing and since I am still relatively new at this I wanted to ask. Thanks.
Before I answer this, I would like to note something for the readers here. I have heard from many colon therapists that the people who are most nervous about doing colon hydrotherapy actually have the MOST EFFECTIVE sessions. The reason is that they come into the session really tense. When the speculum is inserted, they realize that it isn't so bad after all and their body goes into complete relaxation. This relaxed state enables their body to release masses of waste.
OK, back to the question. Colon Hydrotherapy is 10 times more effective than an enema. When you cleanse the colon with a colonic, you are guaranteed to reach water round to both ends of the colon. 10 to 25 gallons of water passes through the colon within an hour time period, while an enema is generally just a small portion of a gallon. Our colons hold anywhere from 1 - 1.5 gallons. When you do a colonic, the chances of "unclogging the GAS-Pressured, backed up sink" is MUCH greater than if you do an enema.
Additionally, a good colon therapist knows exactly what they are doing, whereas it may take some time to learn how to do an enema for yourself effectively. If you don't have the money to do a colonic, you can definitely do enemas with great benefit. Here is an excerpt from a past blog post:

If you know what you are doing, you can get away with a 1.5 quart enema bag but it would be more of a pain. If you could fill your entire colon with the 1.5 quarts, then that is good. You may need to do less at first to empty out the lower colon. If you want much better results, fill the 1.5 quarts entirely in your colon, hold it in, refill the bag, then take in 1/4 or MORE of the fresh water in the bag.
If you use one of these bags below, the effectiveness of the enemas goes up tremendously and the experience can be quite close to getting a colonic, if you know what you are doing. You would need to take 3 or 4 quarts into the body at one time. You may need to cleanse the lower portion of the colon first, before being able to hold that much water in one go.

I personally use the 6 quart enema bag on our site. It is quite expensive, so we found a 4 quart enema bag that is 1/4 the price, which is also on our website HERE. I personally would pay the extra money for the 6 quart bag.


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