Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Ecuador Travelling (Part I), Episode #94

More traveling in Ecuador... Enjoy...



Glimmer said...

Pick okra when it is small! I guess I can understand if it is being grown for seed. Otherwise, don't let it grow into big monsters. Same with cucumbers. I don't understand why I see huge cukes in stores, bad idea. They grow the taste out of these wonderful vegetables. Less is more!

Re Angela's okra love, she must have been from the American deep south in a previous life. So many non-southerners I know won't even taste it. Except for Egyptians, who love a similar vegetable, I don't remember the name.

I keep telling my husband I'm moving to Ecuador. He's perplexed!

elaina harman said...

Wow, you leave me drooling and cant wait for more. It has been so exciting to be with you on this journey.
Thanks so much for including us.