Sunday, April 26, 2009

Raw Food Event in San Luis Obispo, Episode #115

Today we had the Raw Food event in San Luis Obispo...


HerbalEranah said...

Do you ever video tape the whole lecture??? That could be an option for the website and/ or inner circle?? I would love to hear you guys speak!

lala said...

I loved this video!!! Something about it... sooo beautiful and glowy!!!!! Also loved being reminded of the weight... Brought a tear to my eye :*)... I am determined to help my family with this information!!! I need to get all your books, etc. right away... I am saying this outloud so I do it!

I hope you are coming to eastern PA!

LOVE!!! <<<333

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt!

Just wanted to let you know that San Luis Obispo is pronounced SAN LOO-IS OBISPO... not LEWEY ;)

I love San Luis with all my heart. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth to live.