Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Raw Oatmeal Cookie, Tooth Swish, & Raw Emotions, Episode #118

Wild Product Wednesday is BACK!!! In today's episode we review our FAVORITE Raw Oatmeal Cookie on the market, Tooth Swish and The Colorful Beautiful Book Raw Emotions. Enjoy...

You can order the Essene Apple Oatmeal Cookie by clicking HERE.

You can order Tooth Swish by clicking HERE.

You can order Raw Emotions, by Angela Stokes by clicking HERE.


uzbekjoe said...

Thats so funny about looking at food you used to eat.
I caught myself doing that a few weeks ago.
Had some weird curiosity about the smells and if it still looked appetizing to me.
It did nothing to me.

Amazes me the power of raw and how it really transforms you.

FYI I knew what a flapjack was can't say ever had one though

cheryl said...

I know flapjacks! My husband is British and whenever we went to England I would be hunting those things down. Yum yum. So good to hear that there's a wholesome raw version.

Anonymous said...

omg you guys are so cute! awesome video - great info, esp. about raw emotions and the tooth swish