Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prunes, Durian, Coconuts... Oh My!!!..., Episode #105

Today was a fun day at the Farmer's Market in Portland Oregon and then off to the Asian Supermarket for guess what...


patrick said...

Excellent score on the tropical fruits..and Market..

Had a QUESTION..What asian market did you visit????

...It looked really nice compared to others I have been to in portland....
Maybe you could review The raw/vegan/yoga/cafe called Blossoming Lotus...If your in Portland longer..I ate there once and it was good..
Love ya my friends
Patrick...Drive the Columbia Gorge if u have time..many waterfalls.

Lois Kubota said...

Matt and Angela, what a cute show.

What do you do with a Durian when you get it home? Can you show us how you prepare it??