Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to eat Raw Food on the road, Episode #109

Who says eating Raw is difficult on the Road???



Anasha said...

hi matt, where is the video? I was looking forward to see it as i am always on the road with my work!!!!!!! well an other time and lots of love to you and the GODESS

elainamari said...

I was also excited to see this post as my job is on the road also. It is hard to be able to eat right if you are not an organized person.
Sure do hope you can get the video up and running asap!!!!
Love you both

Anonymous said...

here it is

natalya said...

Thank you for letting us know about raw food restaurant in Reno. Next time I'll be visiting little Russian Orthodox Church there I'll go to have my raw meals in that location.
I also do not like those gambling facilities in Nevada, they really look scary and represent that poisonous artificial reality on Earth. But I like lake Tahoe for skiing. There is snow right now there because it's melting down (couple days ago it was still not that hot and nights at the mountains are much cooler so it's still in process of liquifying).
I guess, Matt, that you are a Christian if you let Christian minister to marrie you with Angela.Congratulation!

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