Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Wedding Location, Episode #101

We were in Ecuador a day ago, Los Angeles Yesteray and today we drove up to Southern Oregaon where we are having our wedding... Enjoy!!!


klewisusa said...

Hi Matt,

You mentioned in passing that you should put your nuptial stage on the island. It looks like it is heart-shaped. That would be a great place to take your vows.

Also, will there be anyone filming and uploading so those of us who cannot join you can still experience your happy day? A live stream would be awesome! Is there any chance of that?

Congrats to you both! (~_~)

stephj said...

Wow! You guys rock! what an incredible journey and what amazing energy you radiate!Thanks sooooo uch for the daily inspiration! LoveLightnLaughter from Stephj , Germany

uzbekjoe said...

I am on the East Coast and probably would not be able to attend.

A live feed of the wedding would be great.

The property is beautiful.

Keep us posted

Hannah said...

Yay! I hope my mom and I can make it. Save save save : )

Wholly Raw for an Organic Planet said...

yay kids, you are both such an inspiration.....big love, have a wonderful wedding! xxxx raw foodies from Oz will be meeting you next year! xxx HollyBlossom

Anonymous said...

Love on ya! To a fab wedding!