Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our LOVE, the River in Vilcabamba, Ecuador..., (Part I) Episode #91

I am so excited to live in connection with Nature and our breathing river...


Tawni Lay said...

Lovin' This Matt and Angela!
A little tear came down from my eye watching this! I am so happy for you two!


Anonymous said...

David built you an inukshuk, more specifically an innunnguag, meaning a likeness of a person. These are part of Inuit culture.

When your architect comes up to Angela, he says " Oh, an inukshuk. " at about 6:16. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your videos and the beautiful scenery, but - as a long-term arachniphobe - (even in England), can't help wondering about the gigantic spiders that must be lurking.
Are either of you afraid of spiders? Have you seen any?

Jamie said...

I have to say I can almost feel the excitement you and Angela have for your new home. I love following your adventures and you both inspire me everyday.

threadspool said...

Rushing River Water = White Noise

Perfect sleep

Brenda said... beautiful. That area reminds me of growing up in Panama. We had a home near Costa Rica up in mountains called Volcan Chiriqui. We also had to bull doze the river back from time to time after the rainy season. So that being said, enjoy your " nidito de pasion " You guys have the whole universe on your side :)
Peace, love and gratitude,