Sunday, April 19, 2009

David Wolfe is Marrying Us??!!???, Episode #108

Oh man!!! Check this out!!!


Penni said...

WOOOOWWWWW! You two are over the top! Reverend David Wolfe....Can I get an AMEN?? Just when I didn't think I could be anymore excited about your wedding, I just did!

Nicole said...

Too cool! So happy for you two:)

natalya said...

What kind of minister David Wolfe is?!
I didn't understand.

Sandeep Gupta said...


RawDietitian said...

That is AWESOME!
I'm so happy for you's going to be such a special day!

peace and hugs,

Solla said...

just loooooooooove it - looking sooooooooo much forward:*

Hannah said...

Now I am soooo excited! Woo Lord willing I will be there and celebrating with you and all the wonderful raw people who are coming!

The natural child birth thing is right up my alley, so that is incredible! Ahhhh I cant wait!!!!!!