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How to Live Over 100 Years Old

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How to Live Over 100 Years Old - Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

Eleven years ago, when I first read the book Become Younger, by Dr. Norman Walker, it transformed my life and the NEXT day I went 100% Raw and I haven't looked back since.

Similarly, a few days ago, I read another book, and I sense that my life will NEVER be the same again. I already knew about the CRUCIAL piece of information shared in this book, yet reading about someone else actually living this way and getting fantastic results was the SPARK for what feels like my next stage of transformation.

I HIGHLY recommend reading Luigi Cornaro's book, 'How to Live 100 Years'. My favorite author, Hilton Hotema, talks about Cornaro in his book, 'Man's Higher Consciousness', and I also talk about the story of Luigi in BOTH my books 'Raw Spirit' and 'Raw Success'. I just discovered that Luigi has his own book and so I ordered 50 of them for our website. The book is a quick read and is only $10.95. The English may be a bit little challenging to understand FULLY for some people, because it was originally written in the 15th Century.

For someone to live past 100 years old in 15th Century Italy was a BIG deal!!! When Luigi hit the age of 40, his doctors pretty much gave up on him and said he had very little time to live. However, Luigi outlived ALL his doctors, to the ripe age of 102. Luigi says he had a weak constitution from birth and suggests that if someone followed his way of living with a stronger constitution, they could conceivably live well over 120 years old, in robust health.

So, what is it that Luigi did to save his life and live to 102 years old?

You might be surprised to hear that Luigi did not even come close to eating 100% Raw. He actually did something which, in my opinion, is even more effective for slowing the aging process and more DIFFICULT to accomplish than eating a 100% Raw Food Diet.

Luigi Carnaro ate no more than 12 oz of food a day and drank no more than 14oz of liquid a day (I believe this doesn't include water). He CONSISTENTLY ate these seemingly miniscule amounts of food. Additionally, as the years went on, it seems that he also consistently lessened the quantity of his food intake. He states that in his later years, in a single day, he would eat one egg yolk, a couple spoonfuls of milk, a small amount of bread and no more than 14oz of wine. Keep in mind, this was in the 15th Century before standard wines and white bread came along. Wine was pretty much just straight fermented fruits, which can have a MUCH DIFFERENT affect on the body than today's standard wines. (It seems to me Luigi's 'wine' would be a kind of fermented beverage, similar perhaps to kombucha and could actually have been healthy overall for the system). Additionally, his bread was a whole food made from ancient wheat grown in mineral rich soils, rather than the packeted, processed shop-bought equivalents of today.

Luigi says he would ALWAYS leave the table "hungry". He would just eat REALLY SMALL AMOUNTS of food, here and there. Imagine that your entire meal was one egg yolk, and then your meal later in the day was a spoonful of milk with a couple of bites of wholefood bread and that is all that you ate in a day. It sounds kind of similar to what Ann Wigmore was doing, but she was doing this with the MOST NUTRITIOUS foods available... live Energy Soup!

Ladies and gentlemen... In my opinion, eating tiny amounts like this is the way we were designed to eat. A pattern we see over and over again is that those who have experimented a lot with fasting end up overweight further down the line, as they have taken their bodies closer to subsisting on these very small amounts, and that is most likely what the body is LONGING for. If someone in this situation is not then emotionally ready to consistently eat these small amounts, they can end up overweight and feeling 'stuck'.

Reading Luigi's book may leave you wondering what is more important for optimal health...eating a 100% Raw Food Diet or eating small quantities of food. In my opinion, if someone is going to overeat on a 100% Raw Food Diet for their entire lifetime OR eat miniscule amounts of egg yolks and whole bread consistently, I would personally choose the latter one for optimal health. The body barely has anything to process with these small amounts of nutrient-dense food and the regeneration that happens throughout the night is surely PROFOUND. Now imagine what can happen if this is done with raw foods and superfoods!!!

Eating tiny amounts was Luigi's first and most important "rule". His second habit was to only eat foods that sat well with his stomach. He states that it is crucial to eliminate the foods that do not sit well with your stomach. He also believed in the importance of clean air and getting all the sleep that the body requires. At 95 years old, Luigi excitedly stated that he slept like a baby, had all of his teeth, a full head of hair and never got sick. He shared that his voice was never so vibrant as in those latter years and he chanted his prayers in bliss and ecstasy, singing at the top of his lungs!

To me, the most INTRIGUING benefit that Luigi discusses is that when you eat this way, you can die without pain and in ease (all other extenuating circumstances aside, of course). Dying can be just like falling asleep in this state, and I TOTALLY resonate with this and believe this to be true. Since reading this book, I have been experimenting with just taking small amounts of food and feeling how it barely taxes the body. I am excited to continue experimenting with this lifestyle adjustment. It is also interesting in the book when Luigi discusses the social aspects of this lifestyle, living with everyone telling him that what he is doing is "WRONG" ;-) I can imagine...

In this day and age, considering what is available to us, I feel there should be no reason we can't live healthfully, well past 200 years old. There are so many high potent, nutrient-rich superfoods, technologies and information that we can use, catapaulting our health to the next level and beyond. I also feel that air quality is a HUGELY IMPORTANT matter to consider.

Luigi Cornaro's book inspired me immensely and showed me more of what is possible. I feel that this is the next level for long-term raw foodists to explore, for optimal health.

If you are interested in Luigi Cornaro's book, 'How to Live 100 Years', you can order it HERE.

Natural Birthing Awakening!

Two years ago Angela and I went to the Raw Food Film Festival. Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova showed her film "Birth as We Know It". This film on conscious birthing shocked and TRANSFORMED Angela and I. It affected us so much that we just attended Elena's workshop this past weekend. Whoa!!!... This workshop REALLY helped us to shift into a new space!!! If you are interested in viewing the 'Birth as We Know It' DVD, you can get it from HERE.

We were EXTREMELY FORTUNATE that this was a last-minute workshop with an intimate group of around 15, right at the time when we had a two-week break from touring. Elena worked with each of us individually on a profound process exploring what holds us back from realising our full potential and then restructuring our "Lymbic Imprint" from birth. I have realized that this new lymbic imprint acts as a new reference point for me to refer to when the possibility of any trauma connected to birth may arise. In conclusion... this workshop was EXTREMELY TRANSFORMATIVE!!!

We were also very blessed to get Elena onto our TV Show, in a 6-part series. Check out these six videos below, which have the potential to BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Each video in this series just gets BETTER and BETTER. Below is the first video and the links under it are the next 5 videos of the series. Enjoy...



I HIGHLY RECOMMEND attending Elena's workshops if you can. This experience truly transformed our lives and has the potential to do the same for you. Elena has around 27 years of experience in this field and is literally helping to change the planet, one birth at a time! She has so much important information to share and does so with such compassion, love and integrity. Elena only goes to the East Coast once a year and her workshops there are coming up soon. She still has a few spaces available. Here are the dates:

Elena's East Coast 10-day Apprenticeship Training in October '09

  • Option 1: October 14-23 - full 10 day experience - $1500
  • Option 2: October 14-15 only - level 1 of 'Birth Into Being' workshop - $400
  • Option 3: October 14-17 only - level 1 & 2 - $700

    There is a description of the Training in Elena's August newsletter:


    If you are interested in the 'Birth as We Know It' DVD, you can purchase that by clicking HERE. You can also view a 10 minute video clip from the "Birth As We Know It" DVD below:


    The Raw Food World RADIO Show - Shazzie!

    OK EVERYONE!!!... coming up on the NEXT Raw Food World RADIO show is the one and only Shazzie!!! With all of these Natural Birthing workshops and TV episodes in the mix right now, I want to go DEEP into Shazzie's birth and raw parenting experiences with her lovely little princess Evie. In Shazzies Book 'Evie's Kitchen' she discusses how she intended to have a natural home birth and it ended up in an elective C-Section. Join me as we talk about Shazzie's birthing experience, raising children, children's nutrition and many of the other synchronistic stories that flow throughout Shazzie's life... and again... I have a few personal questions up my sleeve for Queen Shazzle–Dazzle that I CAN'T WAIT to ask her ;-)

    Listen in LIVE as I, Matt Monarch interview Shazzie, on Friday NIGHT, September 25th at 7:00 Eastern time (4pm Pacific, midnight UK time). There is only room for 1000 people to listen in again LIVE on the call... SO sign up ASAP!

    Sign up for the Raw Food World RADIO show featuring Shazzie by clicking HERE.

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    For the last year we have only carried Wilderness Poet's 100% Raw Organic Pure Hempseed Butter from their range of spreads. When the company first approached us to carry their products, they also sent two other flavours: Sesame Pistachio and Cashew Cacao. Angela absolutely LOVED these... however... at the time, I just wanted Pure Hemp Seed Butter on our website.

    Just two days ago, a customer BEGGED me to get the Sesame Pistachio Hempspread on our website. I immediately ordered them and that customer bought four right off the bat. I didn't tell Angela that we were getting them in. When we were in the shipping department, I pulled one out to show her. She literally SCREAMED with delight!!! These Hempspreads are trulyYUMMY and somehow also have an AMAZING CHEWY consistency in the mouth. ENJOY!

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