Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sprout Juice, Episode #239

Today we're making sprout juice and we discover a new carafe for our blender... Unreal!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Angela

I was wondering why you choose to purchase the Green Power Juicer as apposed to the GreenStar 3000, 2000, or 1000? I want to purchase a juicer for the first time ever and I thought I decided on getting the GS-3000 until just a couple of days ago when I saw you guys using the GP. Could you please explain the difference. I want to buy one soon and I want the best one possible. Thank you so much for what you do and I really enjoyed seeing how you sprout your sprouts. You make things fun and that's awesome.

Robyn Martin, DFW TX

Russ Diaz said...

Youza! What's in the energy soup?

Anonymous said...

well, dont ya think a good reason for the vitamix is the waaaay longer warranty on all parts????that was a big point for me, other than the also lower price, but hey, i am open for new insights,please, stepgj from germany (they are more than double the price over here...uuuurgh)

Anonymous said...

g sprout juice is better than eating the sprouts whole?
I am also curious about the juicer question asked earlier.

Kristen's Raw said...

Awesome! Love sprout juice idea as a separate shot instead of in my normal juice. How fun!

I get protein from green juice, sprouts, sun warrior's rice protein, hemp foods, and all of my raw foods. :)


Anonymous said...

Love guys, I have been following since Feb. I was curious if I can do the sprout juice or shots with a vita Mix and a champion juicer? My husband wont let me get more equipment. Thanks Theresa