Monday, September 7, 2009

Natural Birthing (Part 2 of 6), Episode #241

Wow! Amazing huh?! Many people have been asking about links to Elena's website and to her DVD. You can get Elena's 'Birth as we Know it' DVD on our website by clicking HERE... And... To visit Elena's website click HERE.

Are you ready for Part II??? Check it out...


Andrea said...

Most interesting. I see very clearly about the "blankness" with which most people live their lives.
Sad indeed.

I was born in the the bright lights and spanking the newborn era and bottle fed. My children, besides my first born (c-sec., due to ignorance on my part) were born in a gentler atmosphere at birthing centers with midwives and were breast fed until self weaning.

My daughters want to have their babies at home with a midwife the first time or two and then perhaps unassisted subsequent births.

My second born daughter was able to attend your movie and talk at Raw Union and came away blessed and inspired. Progress is being made. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You can absolutely tell a difference in a breastfed child. There energy and life force is beyond confident from the unconditional nurturing of breastfeeding.
I also beleive that b/c of this confidence in themselves my children are able to sense the "aura" of others more easily and gravitate to the ones that are good and pure.

lala said...