Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Natural Birthing (Part 3 of 6), Episode #242

Here's part 3! Enjoy!



Andrea said...

All of this hits at the depth of my heart. So here I am again :) If you can, take your daughter out of school and teach her at home. She will learn more destructive, life robbing information at a government run school. The natural place for her to learn is at home with you. Learning to love is more important the math, etc....

Anonymous said...

Matt you do need to post the following, is that I'm on a quest journey and this series is as you mentioned, profound. I'm trying to get information so maybe you can expand... Thank you!
Profound series. Now... this is good for a new human coming into being. How about already been through life, having gone through a lot, born -wanted or not wanted. Is there a way that we can work out or transform our limbic imprint so we are free, concious, loving... be the way we are meant to be?