Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raw... The NEXT Generation!!!, Episode #247

I love meeting teenagers so pumped up on the Raw Food Diet. Watch out for this kid. I am sure you'll see him again!...


christiane.simo said...

woah this is awesome!!

Chiara said...

This is my freshman year in College (I'm 19)and I am studying Microbiology and Voice (Opera). How crazy is this! Raw food came across to me for the first time in December 07, and have always considered becoming raw ever since....
Now I am 100%, and have been on a green juice feast for the last week.

My motivation to study the scientific aspect of raw food and the truth about health and healing is enormous...
In particular immunology, virology, communication between cells and the biochemical spects of life and death within the body. How awesome! For the sake of other people's understanding I wish to develop 3d animations of all these concepts and help spread the word!Something like instructional or learning DVDs.

What to do when college costs too much, and the information out there isn't really true? There is lots of pressure in my family for me to finish college, but being realistic and true to my ideals would prove more useful to my integrity as a human being, a future healer, and possibly a scientist/musician.
Let's see what happens! I will decide by the end of this semester!

This guy is quite inspiring by the way! And he is so young!

Oh, Matt I have been watching every single video on your blog and whenever a science (biology/chemistry/immunology) topic comes up, I get really excited and watch it over and over as if it were a lecture to study.

Who knows when I'll get to watch the rest of your 240 something adorable videos.... you and angela are so cute! Simply beautiful!
And the most profound spot of my heart was touched by the interview with Elena. Soon I wish to study her DVD as well, and spread the word to those who are open in their heart.
Have a fantastic day! (eat lots of sprouts and incan berries!)

Love love love,

P.S.: Will you and Angela come to Parkville Missouri for another Raw Fest (if there is one) next summer? How inspiring it would be to see you guys!

lala said...

awesome... souch a young man doing the master's program! sooo inspiring... I would also like to do that...

WHITE PASSION... yes, that is the yummiest chocolate! <3!