Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Raw Food Recipes on a whim!, Episode #235

This video is not to teach you how to make chocolate pudding, but to teach you how to make your OWN recipes on a whim. Enjoy...



Kristen's Raw said...

Awww.... gotta love making chocolate pudding for the folks. :) You're a good boy!

LOL about the coffee pot... I saw it and thought, "coffee pot? creamer?" They must be at someone else's house or they have a roommate. ;)

Cheers XOXO,

Bri said...

ooohhhh yummy yummy yummerness!! :) I just made dehydrated coconut strips as a tester after watching that video of Angela's new favorite product from Noniland! We'll see what happens...they were turning all transparent halfway through drying, so it might be a weird turnout... :)

Buzurg said...

Great! That's how I make my recipies...by intuition [some would call it luck!]. Sometimes you taste it and have to adapt to what's on hand. And voila! a suprisingly mysterious delight. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, Hi Angela!

Thank you a lot for all your clips, they're very inspiring!

I do a blog here in germany, too. It's smaller and just in the beginning.

At the moment I'm making a clip series "Wild&Raw", about wild edibles.

Wishing you the best time ever, and all the success you want to have!

Best greetings from germany's raw friends,
Sebastian, Corinna & Elijah

cindy said...

It's good to support people get off the recipe and measuring mentality a bit and onto the intuitive creating!

By having quality ingredients on hand, so much can happen!

Also, it's a reminder that those of us who "cook" (or uncook) for other members of the household don't necessarily have to taste or partake in eating it, but can rationally choose which foods work best for us.

I've gone through many struggles in the process of making great progress. It used to be impossible for me to make something and not taste it. But after trial and error it's really gotten a lot easier.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

HOOOOW great you would be looking with short haiiir!!!?
(Yeah, I should probably mind my own business - but could not resist!)
P.S. I saw Angela speaking on Monday-Night-Life (had never heard her for more than some seconds before) and really really loved her talk. She was sooo different to what she's like on your videos. Really warm and charismatic - very special.
Thanks for all the inspiration you're giving.

lala said...

looovely... that is how all my recipes go - playin around! sooo fun! how sweet to make that for your family... I love their reactions!!! the best!!! Totally agree with Cindy - veeery inspiring to see two meals going at once!!!!! <<<333!

Anonymous said...

what type of blender is this?