Monday, January 26, 2009

Homeopathic Remedies for taking an X-Ray w/Angela Stoke, Episode 37

What an awesome conversation between Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes. Angela had her Visa Medical today and she talks about a homeopathic remedy that she took to prepare herself for the radiation... Enjoy...

Here is the link for the Icelandic Nature Essences:


Anonymous said...

this is not homeopathic, but my local health investigator recommends lugol's iodine before x-ray.

Anonymous said...

Hi matt,
I am wondering what is the best way to send mail to you,
I have sent one using the link under the video "e-mail the author"
I have to tell you that everytime i try to introduce you to people i know they immediatly refuse due to your hair, saying you look like a crazy one and don't give you any credibility, wich makes me upset i try to tell them otherwise but it's difficult to get them past that.
So i thougth i should share that with you.
Also my thought on your decision to ask Angela is that i also wouldn't have told my husband that he should do any changes on his looks. For you it should be important how other people receive your image since it's very important to the wonderfull work you do.
To me it doesn't make a difference i should say, i am always learing a lot from you guys and very thankfull for that.