Monday, January 5, 2009

Super Green Food Extravaganza with Enzymes, Episode #15

Many people think I am crazy for eating Green Food Straight with a spoon. Make sure you see the 4th green food I taste. AMAZING!!! Check out this video as I go to town!

The Action of the Day is to go to your pantry and eat some green food straight from a spoon.

We'll see you tomorrow at The Raw Food World TV Show...


'Superfood Girl' said...

OMG!! Crazy combination (in a good way)....those have got to be two of the best possible things you could put together to make your own enzyme/greenfood combo!

I do remember burning my mouth on those therapeutic enzymes (more than once, I'm sorry to say). Your dad's going to live 3 times longer (at least) with that superfood concoction. :-)

'Superfood Girl' said...

OH YEAH! Almost forgot - LOVE the theme song! Beeeea-utiful!

Astonish Me said...

Re that combo you came up with for your dad, do you have a supplement mix you can suggest for a 15-year-old boy? I transitioned to almost raw myself and have switched my son to whole foods at home. But outside the home is a different matter. He would refuse to eat those super foods straight the way you do so I would need to disguise any odd tastes in a fruit smoothie.

Acne is a big issue with him now, nothing works for very long. I need help! Many thanks.

Monique said...

I'm enjoying your show, good stuff to be exposed to! Thanks for doing it!

So what I was wondering today... and this may seems like a weird question.. it sort of *seems* a little contradictory to a "natural" raw food diet to consume so many processed "foods" like these, you know? Maybe a supplement here or there is needed to a raw diet, but are there those who don't rely so heavily on these types of products who do just as well?

Ideally, I'd want to be hitting up those gourmet raw recipes daily opposed to the processed stuff, you know?

Laurie said...

hi matt - i actually have a random question for you. on kevin gianni's show he mentions that you wanted a terminator zapper. did you ever get one?? was it at all effective? i want to try it but part of me is worried that it could turn out to be wasted money or harmful in some way.. id love to hear your experiences with this. thanks!

Matt Monarch said...

I actually lost my terminator zapper before I go to use it :(

debbiedoesraw said...

From Sam:
Hi, what do the enzymes taste like? do you think they taste good? My mom says they taste bitter. Hope you are doing good.
(Daughter of Debbie!)
PS She loved watching you chew green powder, she giggled the entire video!