Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wrap Up Sunday, Matt's Hair???, Puppy Update, & More...

It's Sunday Wrap up everyone. You know what that means!!! We wrap up the entire week in the video at the link below...

Below is the article on Hair. I pasted it in here. I am sorry if it is a bit hard to read. If you look real hard, you can distinguish what it says...


fiona said...

Thanks for your wonderful videos Matt, they are very enjoyable and informative. I'm so glad you're not cutting your hair, it just wouldn't be you with short hair! Also thank you to you, Angela, Ann Marie and Kevin for being beautiful souls and caring for the puppies, it's so powerful to feel them gaining strength.

pq said...

Intresting article about the hair.
Who wrote it?
Where do you get it from?
Have any references about this statements?

Dis data will make your good post awesome.

Thanks for posting,

Michelle said...

Go you and your hair!

I am so glad you are not cutting it!!!

Keep these videos coming, they are great!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been blessed with a special friend in my life that is my cat " Telos " ( Blue Point Siamese ) I am so happy we found each other

I adopted him from the Animal Humane Society 2 years ago. He was 4. . 6 months later I asked my friend who is a pet communicator what was going on with Telos he seemed a bit off...but not very sick. She told me he had a serious liver problem and that I should take him to the vet asap !
I trust her and it resonated with me so I took him in..
He did have a liver,kidney, pancreas infection and got very sick that day. He stayed in the hospital for 5 days receiving fluids and medication. He came home and got worse the medication was not helping...The Dr. said he did not know if he would make it .It was really touch and go for 3 weeks . He was constipated and not eating..

I went to a local private pet store and a woman there suggested a RAW grain free food that was dehydrated( Natures Variety) It make sense to me cats in the wild do not eat grains. They eat meat and greens and berries.I was eating a Raw diet myself.. This made sense.. We gave him the food and he started to eat slowly and had interest in it... Then within a couple of days he was
better ,, and continued to heal.
The Vet expressed concern of the hight protien diet being hard on his liver. It did not make sense to me since his liver was made to digest protiens..
It was the grains and other things in his organic food that he was sensitive to . I think that the cat food was causing irritation and then infection came.
To this day he is happy and healthy and I am so grateful that he is ok !
I am no expert and every animal is different and has their own journey.
I am sharing this because this worked for us and made a very big difference. And if in divine order , it can help someone else.
Love your show !
Blessings !

Tara & Telos :)

Love Has No Opposite.....
J. Krishnamurti

mari1942 said...

Great show, don't stop.
Would like to see that article a little bit better if you could.
So with the kitten, will you continue to feed the goats milk or is that over and what are you feeding now, the mom and the kitten??
Thanks again for your shows,

Anonymous said...

If you are going to keep the hair, how about a trim and a little more conditioning? It doesn't look all that healthy although you sure are!
Happy New Year :)

musicaljames said...

Do not cut your hair.
:) That's what hurdy gurdy says.
It's too short.

Glimmer said...

I'm late to the game here re cutting off your hair: why in the world would you do that? You have been gifted with a lion's mane of thick, naturally curly hair. Without it you would look like everybody else, pretty much. It is your distinguishing feature from afar.

If you are trying to hide, blend in, conform, then cut it. If not, keep it.

I also don't understand why Kevin Gianni cuts off his hair. Same issue. You both have plenty of time to go short, bald, etc., on top.

Keep those glorious curls!