Thursday, January 22, 2009

'The Revitalive Plan'... Raw Food Weight Loss Program!!!

I am delighted to say that our NEW 30-Day Raw Food Weight Loss Program is now READY and live!

We have pooled together all of our resources and the best tips we have to share, into a single, dynamic, effective program, that we're VERY excited to share...

Some of the questions that the program answers are how to...

  • L0se weight naturally using a system that has been proven.
  • Get rid of bad habits that are holding you back from reaching your goals.
  • Eliminate food cravings for good.
  • Make simple yet powerful meals and snacks for weight loss and great health.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth and still stay healthy.
  • Find the right supplements for your weight l0ss and overall health.
  • Stick to your exercise plan.
  • Succeed with your meal plans.
  • Find motivation ALL the time.
  • Clear your mind from self-defeating chatter.

    It's been named 'The RevitaLive Plan' and you can see all the exciting details in full by clicking HERE.

    My FAVORITE aspect of this Program is that there are two Daily Meal Plan Options. You can choose the 100% Raw Food Diet or you can choose a Cooked & Healthy Whole Food Intermediate Diet. Both are extremely healthy and very effective in helping you LOSE WEIGHT permanently. I highly recommend that you sign up for this program, because It Works AND there is NOTHING else like it out on the market.

    Here's a quick summary of what's on offer:

  • Daily Emails
    Containing a 'how to' video on the topic of the day, plus suggested links, further reading/viewing and related products. Daily topics range from recipe demos and detox techniques to fitness guidance, top tips for handling cravings and much more. We cover a full range of vital concepts for a healthy lifestyle.

  • 30 Days of How-to Videos ($97.00 Value)
    Each video is around 5-10 minutes in length; easy to watch, practical, useful information - it's like the next best thing to having us there in your house showing you how we live this lifestyle ;)

  • Four Weeks of Raw Food and 'Intermediate Diet' Meal Plans, Recipes and Snacks ($97.00 Value)
    We provide a full four-weeks of healthy, tasty recipes and meal plans. There are 2 plans to choose from - either totally raw or 'Intermediate' - you choose which plan to follow, or mix n' match. (All recipes are courtesy of Solla, our dear Icelandic raw goddess, who was named as one of the top raw chefs of the year last year in the 'Best of Raw 2008' Awards :)

  • Upgrade Option to continue receiving Daily Meal Plans after the program
    Do you still want to get the Meal Plans once the 30 Day Program is over? This option will allow you to access daily meal plans for as long as you like.

  • A 250 Page Exercise Book with Pre-Planned Workouts for Beginners to Advanced ($97.00 Value)
    Access to an entire 250 page manual of tried and tested fitness routines from your 'Personal Trainers', Kevin and Annmarie Gianni, with every level from Beginners to Advanced.

  • A Dynamic, Positive Support Community to Help You Reach Your Goals (Priceless)
    Alongside all this, you will have access to an uplifting, vibrant online community that we have set up called the "Inner Circle." There are over 1,000 members in there already who are on a similar path. Many have gone down the path a little bit before you. They're successful, they're vibrantly healthy, they're doing their own thing and finding out what works for them. They can help you, as well, on your path, if you reach out to them.

  • A Bonus, 60 Minute Video that Reveals Angela's Own Journey and What She Did to Overcome her Food Addiction ($29.95 Value)
    This is an AMAZING exclusive interview with Angela on healing emotional eating patterns with a raw food lifestyle.

  • Optional 1, 3 or 5 day juice cleanse mid-program
    Full Instructions for an optional 1, 3 or 5 day juice cleanse mid-program.

    Total Value of the Program is $320.95 and you get it for only $67.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    We care about your success. So if you go through the program, put the ideas into action and it does not get you the results that you were looking for, We'll gladly refund your purchase of the program... no questions asked.

    Click HERE to get Started NOW!!!


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