Thursday, January 1, 2009

Puppies Are Home!!! & Aulac Raw Food Restaurant Trip with Kevin Gianni! Episode #12

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!

I made it back to the states and the puppies are with me!!! So exciting! You are going to ABSOLUTELY ADORE this video with them. They are in two segments of 'The Raw Food World' TV Show Episode. Make sure to watch the entire thing. It's FUN!!!

You can view today's episode at the link below:

Kevin Gianni also has an AWESOME Daily Television show. I recommend making this show as another one of your daily watching. If you watch today's episode, you can view our car ride up from Mexico with our precious Pups!!! You can view this episode here below:

Lastly, Kevin, Annmarie, Angela and me, spent New Years together. I promised you the link to the live stream we did. We had such an amazing time hanging out. Angela, our diva, went off with singing to Kevin's AWESOME guitar playing. You can check that out at the link below:

We'll see you TOMORROW on The Raw Food World TV Show!!

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'Superfood Girl' said...

That was SOOoo cool! I've spent so much time in that house with Corey, Jack & Sue - it was SO great to see them again...thank you for sharing this :-)

Chef Ito just had an 'anniversary' for his vow of silence...he started it on Jan 1, of 2000!

Taking a vow of silence is one of the many great types of 'fasting' that I would not believe how powerful it is to do this for a whole day, or even just a few hours!