Saturday, January 3, 2009

An Unexpected Visit and Fasting, Episode #14

What a story this one is!!! See the video below about an unexpected visit, which turned into an AWESOME Interview...

The Action of the day is to do some sort of Fast and posting your comments here. It doesn't need to be extreme. It can be simply skipping dinner or breakfast. That would be a small fast. I look forward to seeing what comes about from this inspirational video.

To get Arnold Ehret's books, you can click HERE.

We'll see you tomorrow on 'The Raw Food World' TV Show...


Megan said...

I just finished a 4 day water fast today so have been doing juice and some melon. Feels great to start the new year this way :)

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey matt
I loved this, so fun to hear about Brendan Bear and his family and your Dad, "The Dad" and your step mom too!
for my fast:
32 oz green juice
enzymes (of course) and some chai tea for breakfast!
love deb

debbiedoesraw said...

oops I just realized, that's your Auntie!!!!!
so sorry!

pq said...

Last Friday I found "Rational Fast" and couldn't believe it how good this book was.
How true is the truth.

I was so excited, didn't knowing what to do with my excitment, so I call to my ex-girlfriend, who I really love and care, and I told her about some thing really important I like to share with her.

Saturday morning we go to the bookstore, i show her the book and buy.

I was so amazed wiht that book, like having found "the secret" of many many problems, that I couldn't wait to start the fast so I did it right away.

Then I search some info on amazon and found Matt's web and book, wich I like to read, because seems good info.

So here I am, fasting from Saturday. Eating raw too.
I eat raw from like 8 years or so, but not 100%. Didn't know much about how to do it and not knowing about any comunity at all, i started because i knew somebody who eat raw, and make sense to me, so i did it.

I eat vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, seeds, etc. All raw. And sometimes i fast.

But this book from Mr. Arnold Ehret is the key I was looking for.

He is the real deal to me.

So I am fasting today, and yesterday, and my plan is to fast from today to eternity.
Kind of.

My plan is to fast and to stop when my body get stuck with wat is going ous.

Make it ease for him to leave the filth.

Then keep fasting untill I fill everything is out, or meanwhile I fill i need to let something mor to go out.

My path to follow is what i feel my body is trying to do.

Help him when he cant make it, and let it do what he is demanding when it feels like.

Thats the plan.

Is really good to know, Matt, tha you have made what you do, it's great to know that more people is eating raw.
I'm glad to found all this, share what I can, and learn from everybody.

Thank you all, and keep doing well,


pq said...

BTW, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

pq said...

BTW, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.