Friday, January 9, 2009

Wheatgrass in Brighton, England, Episode #18

Welcome EVERYONE to the Raw Food World TV Show!!!! Today is an awesome episode, where Angela Stokes takes you to a Wheatgrass Bar (Guarana Bar) inside the North Lanes of Brighton. It's AWESOME!!! Enjoy!


Harris Reynolds said...

Cool post!!! That double shot of wheat grass looked super INTERESTING!! Speaking of which... it is time for my afternoon dose of barley grass!!!

I just started a type of a raw food diet myself (90% Raw Food Diet). I'm still not 100%, but I'm having fun experiementing and learning about it. All the best man... I'll be back!

musicaljames said...

You must ref-ilm that band !! I am going crazy. It was like strolling past a pink pokadotted elephant and not saying anything about it. I was yelling "wait, go back, bacccckkk." Please, I'm beggin', I'm on my knees! Film the band slowly and interview them. They are: "here ye one and all yonder and near," I nonimate them to be, your tv band! I'm pleading. They were interesting, comical, happy, acoustic (raw) exotic sounding, pure, refreashing... Who were they!! Sing with them. Do a theme song. Stand with them. Pleaasseeee.

musicaljames said...

Encore!! Cue the street band :) )