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Withdrawals, Fasting, "Does Natural Sugar Feed Cancer?"

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  • Withdrawals, Fasting, "Does Natural Sugar Feed Cancer?", and More - Blog Post
  • Simply Raw "Reversing Diabetes" Special Offer
  • New products - MacaForce!, Mesquite Powder (Dark Argentinean, WOW!) & more
  • "BELOW Cost!" Specials: Amaz-A-Power & Sun Warrior Products
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Kelp Noodles, Parma & Raw Food Charts
  • Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation: 4-Quart Enema Bag
  • Shining the Spotlight - Icelandic Goddess of Raw, Solla
Hello everyone!!! It seems I am going to be pretty busy for the rest of the month and I suspect that I won't have a chance to send another newsletter out until December. I am back in the States again now, to take care of some business. So, for the time being, I hope that you enjoy the current Info-Dense Newsletter below.


Karen wrote:

Are you and Angela having a baby??????????????????????????

LOL ;) Not yet Karen... A lot of people seem to be thinking that, because I have been talking about raising kids a lot lately. Consider it early preparation. I think about it a lot, though it will probably not be for another couple of years for us. Thank you for your enquiry!


Please Enjoy another ~Jam Packed~ Newsletter this week!

Withdrawals, Fasting, Does Natural Sugar Feed Cancer?, and More - Blog Post, by Matt Monarch

The information below is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I would love for you to make an appointment with Dr. Fred Bisci at 718-979-7950, for the most accurate information possible.

I am coaching a few people right now who are in the process of healing naturally from various degenerative diseases. While it's an easy task laying down the groundwork, the actual process seems to be a bit more of a challenge for them all. Almost universally, as soon as someone makes the commitment and eliminates the most damaging foods from their intake, they start to go through major withdrawals. This is often where they get very confused about what is happening.

One person gave me permission to use this quote, from an email they wrote me:

I just want to tell you that I know that the gluten-free thing is a key because I have craved it since stopping. I was actually slightly mad about it : P These subtle changes are key for me to consider, don't you think? (maybe I am celiac??? I should get tested)

It's ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! to witness over and over again. This seems to happen with EVERY SINGLE PERSON. I am 99.99% sure that this person does not have Celiac Disease and she is simply going through the emotional and physical withdrawals from the processed, damaging foods. It is easy for me to get someone started on their healing path, motivate them and give them the 'step-by-step' process of 'how to heal'. That's all the easy part. The challenging part is taking on the enormous task of coaching someone through the entire process. It is painful for me to see people going through these withdrawals as they attempt to heal. I feel so much empathy and compassion for what they're experiencing and I want to do everything in my power to help them understand what is TRULY going on. Head fog, fear, confusion, and heavy toxins run through their body, sometimes culminating in moments of breakdown.

To be honest with you... I am quite new to coaching people through healing like this. I have worked with about 20 people one-on-one so far. Out of these 20 people, the number who actually did everything that was recommended, was around eight. 100% of those eight people who followed the healing protocol process... healed. The other twelve did not fully heal their conditions yet. For those dealing with acute illnesses, following the healing protocol verbatim is KEY for healing.

I know that detox and withdrawals are not easy for many people. I knew of some parents who did not bring their four-year-old child up on the healthiest foods. (Remember, young children are very sensitive and emotional, rather than more mind-based, like most adults.) The parents decided that they wanted to improve their child's diet by eliminating refined sugars and processed starches. The addicted child KICKED *&* SCREAMED for many days while going through withdrawals from these processed foods. Whereas an adult in the same situation might find that they get moody, snap at those around them, go in circles in their head and so on, the more emotionally-attuned child just lets RIP with their whole emotional being.

Perhaps this reminds you of that heroin addict example I sometimes give, where an addict is thrown into hospital, forced to eliminate their drug and they go absolutely mad! Keep in mind that this child was only four years old. You and I have been on this planet eating processed foods probably 5 - 10 Xs longer than that, so the symptoms for us can easily end up feeling very harsh. Cleansing the colon with colonics is the ultimate way to "cheat" the process, in my opinion, and take the SUPERSONIC pathway for aiding this ongoing detox.

Let's be clear that you are not always going to have downs if you take this journey. It is only a small fragment of the process. You will most likely feel better than you have ever felt, more that 50% of the time. Your body becomes cleaner, you feel more energetic and much more blissful, with realizations flooding in. However, the downside/detox is what throws people off. There's a saying that time FLIES when you are having fun... AND... conversely, it can feel like it goes really S->L->O->W when we are not feeling well. People often feel that they just can't handle it and they may feel very weak at these points. It's all about living with the process, working through it, embracing the release, breathing deep and doing the best we can.


Jason Wrote:

Do you experience the feeling of your body just dragging along every time you plan a detox event or cut back a little more on obstruction?

OF COURSE! When we go on a fast, we purposefully send our body into a state of 'sickness' (Rapid Detox). The key, ultimately, is to eat small amounts (a better diet) consistently, so that you won't come up against any harsh detox symptoms and there is no need to fast. Recently I was driving in a car with a couple of guys and one said, "I haven't done a fast in a really long time, it's due." I see this pattern over and over again: many people go on a fast and then go straight back to eating the same foods that they used to eat. While there will surely be benefits to the fasting, you inevitably just end up back in the same space that you were in before if you follow this pattern. Again, the ultimate key is to eat small amounts consistently.


My mom's bone density has been decreasing for many years now. She has been following her Doctor's advice for over a decade now and hasn't seen any positive results. After the last test that she had showed even lower results, she finally decided to listen to Dr. Fred Bisci and I. I am happy to report that for the first time in over a decade, her bone density has started to head back in the other direction.

The key here is a wide variety of fresh vegetable juice, exercise and a consistent better diet. I talk more about this in another blog post HERE.

I wonder... have YOU ever told someone who you love very much something that just would NOT seem to sink in...? AND THEN... some stranger they've never met before says the EXACT SAME THING and the BIG light bulb FINALLY goes off??? mom recently wrote:

Dr. Perricone - I haven't opened his book for the longest time and got up because I had a nightmare. I took a cup of tea into the living room and opened it to where I left it previously. Believe it or not, it was on the chapter of bone loss. I have to let you know that he espouses all you have talked about, even to going to the sea to get the most nutrients in the world. I felt as if I were hearing your words, along with the advice Fred gave me! If you didn't read that chapter....I know you looked through'll have to when you're here. Unbelievable Matt. No wonder I am doing well in that area. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction....E3! and all the rest. He talks about Nori, too. and everything!

LOL! Love you, mom...

Haley Wrote:

Dear Matt,
I enjoy reading your newsletters, so I thought I would submit a question of
my own. Why am I so cold all the time? I have been raw for over a year now,
and I just have this constant sensation of coldness. My body temperature is
in the normal range, by the way, so what could be causing this? My hands and
feet are particularly affected. I would love to get your opinion on what I
could do to change this. I've read that raw vegans tend to be less sensitive
to temperature than most people, so what am I doing wrong? Please let me
know what you think.

Hi Hayley. Well, it could be 1000 different things and I don't know what you are doing on a daily basis. You might be eating all day long, overlapping meals, you could be overdoing fruit...I don't even know where you live...

I will say this though: it is key to keep up with the endogenous poisons entering the body from detox. Cleansing the colon should help this. I wonder if you find that you can handle the cold better in the morning and then later in the day it gets worse... If so, this is because when you eat, it lowers your vitality and your blood gets employed to help with digesting food. That can result in a feeling of coldness. I wrote an entire blog post on the subject of Raw Foods and Cold Weather HERE.

AND... Last week I talked about how I had some Ginger Juice and it warmed me up for hours. I got a couple of replies from people about how Ginger Juice worked for them too. FUN!!! I wasn't expecting that.

Chakra Earthsong wrote:

I used ginger juice as a primary technique to help keep me 100% raw for 2 winters when we lived in the Colorado Mountains. I used ginger juice in everything from soup to nuts, literally...and have lots of great recipes that will be in one of my books. I adore ginger tea made from freshly squeezed ginger warming!

Mary Leck wrote:

Take a veggie cap and fill it one quarter or less with cayenne and take that with ginger juice. Follow with a glass of water. Very warming and great for getting the liver moving.


Elva Wrote:

Question - do fruit sugars also feed cancer? or just processed sugars?

Hi Elva. Some leaders in the raw food movement state that natural sugar feeds cancer. I believe this statement to be a falsehood. I have heard of people healing cancer while living strictly on carrot juice, for example. If sugar feeds cancer, then it seems that carrot juice would not be something you'd want to intake. I feel the real issue here is that too much sugar can cause a massive amount of fermentation and gas, which can hinder the body and result in a toxic, anaerobic state where cancer can thrive. In my opinion, a person with cancer can eat fruit if they like, but in a moderate quantity in addition to following other health-supporting principles.


Lastly, I would like to express that I am a 'Vitamin-D-straight-from-the-sun' WARRIOR!!! You know you are a Raw Foodist when you are far north of the Equator in wintertime and when the sun comes out for a rare appearance, you get practically naked, to soak up the RAYS in the FREEZING weather. I feel like it's impossible for me not to use these opportunities. When I saw the sun out recently in the UK, my inner being kept tugging at me to go outside. So I went and sat out on the stairs in the sun, at the entrance of the apartment block, as the CoLd WiNd blew against my body. From time to time, a cloud would pass by and block the sun. YIKES!!! Enduring the cold... And then... The clouds pass over and the WARM sun shimmers again on my body, as I smile in raw ecstasy. And whenever the gust of wind briefly stops, the intensity of bliss rises even further... Thank you, brother sun!

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    Matt Monarch's Monthly Recommendation

    The 4-Quart enema bag is one of the products that I would most highly recommend from our website. A typical enema bag that you would get at a local pharmacy is about 1.5 - 2 quarts. The colon can hold about 3 - 4 quarts. With this 4-quart bag, if you know what you are doing, then you have the potential to cleanse deep into both ends of the colon.

    For those who don't want to spend money on colon hydrotherapy on a periodic basis, this enema bag can be especially beneficial. I do still recommend getting a professional colonic every once in a while too, though.

    I always get asked the question, How do you do an enema? At first, you very likely won't be able to fill so much water into the colon, because there will probably be a lot of gas and waste. In the beginning, just fill up enough to release the waste in the lower portion of the colon. As you clear out the waste and gas, you can start to add more water in and go deeper. Sometimes there may be a lot of gas in the colon causing pressure and people get a bit of pain as that gas shifts around for release. Many people get scared to take in any amount of water due to this pain. I don't want you to push yourself unnecessarily and you do of course want to be careful, but I also feel that sometimes it is important to 'push through' this temporary discomfort and let more water into the system. The key is to get that gas out that is causing the pain when water tries to enter. This discomfort doesn't ALWAYS happen, but it does on occasion. I like to recommend !
    professional colon hydrotherapy, because it is pretty much guaranteed that the entire colon will get cleansed out, including all the gas and debris and you have a ‘professional’ there to help guide you with the process.

    For those of you who are used to using a colema board, the 4-quart enema bag is a great replacement. The enema takes about half the time it takes to do a colema and can be just as effective if you know what you are doing. These enema bags are also IDEAL for travelling, as they roll up very small and can be tucked into your luggage easily.

    You can order 4-quart enema bags HERE

    Shining the Spotlight - Solla

    Solla is the ultimate Icelandic Raw Goddess! She is a truly amazing woman who is very dear to both Angela and I. We must have stayed at Solla's house in Iceland for over two months this summer. It is rare that we stay anywhere for over a week, at this stage in our journey! Solla is so easy-going and welcoming that we felt totally comfortable being there. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Solla also happens to be the ULTIMATE Raw Chef. She particularly loves to make recipes for kids :) Her refrigerator, freezer, and dehydrator were ALWAYS filled with yummy Raw Food Snacks that she lovingly and generously prepares for anyone to enjoy.

    Solla is a very well-known chef in Iceland. EVERYWHERE we would go with her, Solla is stopped in the street by people who want to have a quick chat. If you met this beautiful, gracious, VIBRANT SHINING LIGHT you would totally understand why. In recent years, Solla has had her own entire line of branded foods for sale in the Icelandic stores. Every mainstream grocery store that we went into had Solla's face plastered on many of the food products, including raw tahini, coconut chips, seeds, grains, agave syrup and many other products. Solla put together a talk event for Angela and I to speak at and there were well over 100 in attendance, packed into a yoga studio in Reykjavik. She also used to appear on morning TV in Iceland every single morning, demonstrating healthy recipes, while she simultaneously ran her vegetarian resta!
    urant. Solla has now passed over ownership of that restaurant, as she moves forward to pursue more raw ventures. This woman has such INCREDIBLE energy, stamina and passion - she just does not stop - she keeps going and going...

    Solla has been lovingly 'sneaking' raw foods into Icelandic consciousness for many years now - on her TV shows, in public food demos, in her recipe books. She doesn't necessarily even tell people that the food she makes is raw - she just lets them know that it's good food ;)

    She also gives free talks and food demos ALL over Iceland with different kinds of social groups - in prisons, with groups of children, womens' groups, cancer patients etc.

    You can check out Solla's lovely 'Heavenly Raw' Blog HERE. Last time I visited, she had just put up a yummy Raw Ice Cream Recipe and an AMAZING Jam and Cheese Recipe.

    I'd also recommend visiting her profile at the following sites. I am sure that she would love to make friends with you on 'Give it to me Raw' and 'Facebook'. (BTW - Solla posts delicious raw recipes DAILY on her facebook profile - surely reason enough alone to pay this wonderful woman a cyber-visit ;)

    Thank you SOLLA for Making a Difference!!!

    ~Many Blessings from The Raw Food World~

    Thank you for continuing to let us serve you.

    We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!

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    Matt, thank you so much for this post. It helps to read about how people detox and know that you are not alone. You are so helpful, and look at your MOM!
    love deb