Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blooming Petals

We have been in Auckland for 11 days now. We are right in the midst of what seems to be an industrial part of the city. Whenever we go out anywhere, we are enveloped in black smoke "coughing" trucks and cars speeding by. To walk to get groceries a mile a way, we have to deal with this. We decided to go to the heart of the city yesterday. Since we don’t have a car right now, we are getting a lot of exercise while inhaling black smoke. We were walking up a big hill in the city and you can just see smoke collecting all across and we WERE IN IT.

We know New Zealand is amazing!!! We just happen to be stuck right in the industrial portion of the city for now. We are going to get 2 months to explore all the luscious parts of New Zealand after this week. Additionally, we are getting the best organic produce right now. I am loving the carrot spinach juice, Organic !KIWIS! and cherries. However, in many ways, it's just like any other extremely polluted city out there.

My nose is pouring mucus, literally from this pollution, and I wake up as if I did a lot of cleansing with blood shot eyes. Sometimes I have a minor sore inflamed throat and a headache. It is nothing that I can't deal with, but it is there. I CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE THE CITY!!! Our Raw Food Talk here is on February 17th. I think I found a place to stay outside of the city, which is near the BEACH, within the next week. We'll see.

Hilton Hotema's books go into how the polluted environment effects one's health drastically. When a sensitive child is born, a constant running nose, shows signs of the poor environment. After continual exposure, the runny nose is silenced. My body has been gravitating into eating more meals along with more fatty foods. The more one eats, the less sensitive one becomes to pollution and other toxins. This is a concept I go into in great detail, in Raw Success. I talk about an optimal diet that we don't want to become cleaner than, or it may effect our longevity, due to the compromised environment on Earth. That optimal diet may vary depending on where you live and how polluted your location is.

If I was forced to live in the city here, my longevity would be affected. I would aim for eating more food, to live longer in this type of environment. It is so polluted here where I am at, that if I was FORCED to live here for the rest of my life, I would maybe even eat a wholefood healthy cooked food diet. I am not saying all of Auckland is bad, just where I am at. It seems we are in an industrial area. Additionally, I am not dealing with pollution that has dissipated into the air. I am dealing with fresh black car, truck, and bus smoke, that comes fresh out the tail pipe before it disipates. These are the busy streets I am walking upon to get ANYWHERE.

Thanks for the space to vent!

I always say, it is what you leave out of your diet that heals you and not what you eat. You could eat Raw Foods until you are blue in the face, but if you don’t eliminate the processed starches and refined sugar, then you are not going to progress much. When you omit certain foods from your diet completely, you detoxify. After a certain amount of time, the toxins in the body produced and stored from those processed foods you used to eat, will leave the body.

When I leave this place, I will detoxify from the pollution because I will be omitting the extreme pollution completely from my diet. Every breath I take here has this extra pollution. Whenever my body tries to eliminate it, more is just brought in. When I leave this place and eliminate it completely from my lungs, my body will now have the freedom to detoxify. I will most likely get a runny nose until it is all gone. Raw Success introduces a new concept called "the base of our environment" which is the saturated pollution that has happened on the Earth from man's "wrong-doing". The base of our environment has degraded all across the Earth but it is worse in some places then others, such as a city. I AM AN ALIEN IN MY OWN ENVIRONMENT. I belong on another planet. ;)

February 8th I ate:

11:45 PM

Carrot Spinach Juice – (In my last post, I mentioned I only drank this once in a certain day. It was actually twice.)
1:30 - Meal 1:
3 tablespoons HOME MADE Tahini
1 small handful of mung beans
5 cut up tomatoes
2 teaspoon of onions
1 handful of seaweed – That yummy seaweed that tastes like dulse!
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
butter lettuce to wrap the above in and EAT
5:00 - Vegetable juice
Carrot Spinach Juice
6:00 – Meal 2:
1 pound of fresh fruit – fresh figs, handful of cherries and golden and green kiwi’s
6:45 - Meal 3:
3 tablespoons HOME MADE Tahini
1 small handful of mung beans
5 cut up tomatoes
2 teaspoon of onions
1 handful of seaweed – That yummy seaweed that tastes like dulse!
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
butter lettuce to wrap the above in and EAT

There has been a major drought here in Auckland, New Zealand since last October. It has rained two days since we have been here!

Right outside of our little apartment that we are renting, there is a flower bed with about 10 wilted green weeds coming up from it. The last tenants clogged the bathroom pipes up before we got here and we had issues with the shower and toilets. In jest, I told Angela that I was going to pee in this flower bed. She actually liked the idea. I JUMPED ON IT! I started peeing on all the wilting weeds that were planted from before. Jokingly, I told her that the plants were going to grow back to life. Again, she was like "yep". I didn’t believe it, and after peeing on them for two days, guess what happened, on my BIRTHDAY... They came out to say hello with vibrant green leaves and blooming with PINK FLOWER PETALS. They received no extra water but from me. I’ve decided to never use a toilet to pee again! Well... as much as I can.

I am still on this lemon subject but this is great. Marjorie wrote:

Loving the blog. About the lemon thing. As a child I would eat a lemon before sleep, putting the rind under my pillow, no mouth rinse or anything! As yrs went on and I continued to eat lemons I noticed my teeth feeling the same way that you describe...I actually have terrible teeth, not sure if the lemons or genetic or both! I think the acetic acid works very quickly, IMO the straw is the thing.
BTW getting so much out of both your books. Thx

I got another really great question about the Juice Feasting Article that I did. I love it so much that I am going to save it for my next newsletter.

Today, February 9th I ate:

12:00 PM

Vegetable juice
carrot, spinach juice
2:30 PM - Meal 1:
3 tablespoons HOME MADE Tahini/Almond Butter
1 small handful of mung beans
5 cut up tomatoes
2 teaspoon of onions
1 handful of seaweed – That yummy seaweed that tastes like dulse!
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
butter lettuce to wrap the above in and EAT
6:00 PM
Green Veggie Juice - Carrot/Spinach
6:30 - Meal 2:
Angela made me a blended orange fresh fig soup with cut up bananas
9:00 PM Meal 3:

Nicola Wrote:

o, I forgot, I have a question...
what juicer do you use when traveling?
I was thinking of going to thailand and vietnam, but was concerned about getting enough good raw food over there thanks Nicola

I use the (Samson) Kempo Twin Gear Juicer on the road. It is a miniature compact version of the Green Star Juicer. Another name for the Kempo is the Hippocrates juicer. Besides the Norwalk juicer, the twin gear juicers have the highest nutrient quality because they don’t heat the juice up like the others. I would take it as carry on luggage when you travel, as it may get destroyed otherwise. I’ll go into detail on all the juicers in a future blog post coming soon.


aililiu said...

matt--- i am really enjoying your blog, thanks for all your posts ! :)
i wanted to mention, someone sent me a link to your juice feasting article yesterday and it was *just* what i needed to read &made so much sense to me, so thank you. it helped me out of quite the conundrum ;)


Anonymous said...

The pink "pee" flowers are called Bizzie Lizzies or Impatiens.

You are obviously in the worst place of the whole entire country! Get out of there as soon as you can! :-)

anon in NZ :-)

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