Friday, February 15, 2008

Heavy Metals

Ohhhh!!! Yessss! We are out of the City! And... in one of the cleanest environments I have been to YET. Oh Piha... oh Piha, New Zealand... I Love You! If you walk out the front door, cross the street, walk about 10 more feet and you are on THE BEACH. Black fluffy sand, which I have never seen before. AMAZING!!! Well, the first day, I had so much energy from the fresh air, I RAN MY HEART OUT! It is so easy to exercise in fresh air. Fresh air also makes my "third eye" vibrate with INTENSITY. It feels like hot water bubbling, but it being frozen at the same time (OH, that's a good explanation!) I talk about my third eye opening experience when I first went 100% Raw in Raw Spirit.

So what else happens when a clean long-term Raw Food Eater is stuck on the city for 2 weeks and then is thrown flat straight into an almost pristine environment??? All those car, truck and factory toxins all try to leave at the same time! There is literally no gas pressure from the poor environmental toxins anymore. This "lack of gas pressure" on my cells, gave them the freedom to pour it all out. I woke up the next day with a huge runny nose. Also my lungs were coughing it all out that next day. At some points I was high and lightheaded from the toxins, I kind of liked it and didn't like it at the same time.

This detox can overtake the system confusing an individual if they don't understand it. In the evening when my body was at a low point filled with toxins, I pulled it all out by doing an enema which brought me into clean light headed spiritual bliss. Additionally, doing enemas at times like this brings this toxic outpour into ultimate full speed because you are eliminating A MASS of gas pressure. So the next day, I woke up with sleep in my eye and a bit dizzy. Drinking water flushed it right through my system. I am now right back on track.

This got me into thinking about Heavy Metals. No doubt that I was exposed to heavy metals this week. Additionally, they are more damaging to a Raw Food eater then someone else due to how sensitive we are. I felt them coming out all areas of my body, especially my lungs. There are so many things that you can do to aid in eliminating heavy metals from the body. In my opinion, the best thing that someone can do to eliminate heavy metals is to do Colon Hyrotherapy on a periodic basis. The next rung on the latter to get rid of heavy metals is to get in an infrared sauna. Unlike the traditional sauna, the infrared penetrates the skin three inches deep and pushes the toxins outwards. The traditional sauna heats you from the outside in. The infrared sauna in conjunction with Colon Hydrotherapy would be the BEST.

Here is an excerpt from Raw Success worth notating:

Can't I use some other healing method and get the same results?
While other cleansing methods are helpful, they are not nearly as effective as Colonic Irrigations. There is a reason for this. If you recall, the colon is the central waste station, the dumping ground for every bit of bodily debris. It follows then that a dirty colon is the "root cause" of most disease and symptoms of ill health. Waste in the colon is like the deeply embedded roots of disease, spreading like a tree throughout the body, affecting the entire system.

Colon flushing is so remarkable that it greatly boosts the potency of other cleansing tools, such as infrared sauna treatment. Getting into a sauna with a dirty colon will indeed skim off some debris. But, if you flush your colon first, removing the thick hodgepodge of waste, and then take a sauna, it affords the body an opportunity for deep cellular cleansing.

I feel that colon hydrotherapy is the answer for longevity on the 100% Raw Food Diet in this day and age. No doubt that those city toxins would have stayed within my structure for many days longer then if I didn't do this. Some people that have such a beneficial outpour after cleansing the colon don't understand what is going on and they blame the colon cleansing and mistakingly swear to never do it again. Cleansing the colon is the ultimate "gas drainage" outlet. When you pull these gases out, there is less gas pressure on the cells which enable them to detox. If you would like a deeper explanation on this, read Study the Blood Gas Theory here.

I have also heard that zeolite helps with ridding the body of heavy metals. John Evans from Australia tested out the zeolite for 30 days. He said that there was less carbon in his body after the 30 days then before.

Debbie wrote:

Hey Matt, Wanted you to know that your web article on the secret of raw food success led me to my first colonic and I cannot thank you enough!!!!
Thanks for all you do for the raw community!
rawk on

Thanks Debbie!

Anonymous wrote:

Hi Matt, could you PLEASE tell me where I can find that cat and print it out large to put it on my fridge. I have to remind me what caffeine did/does to me whenever I touch it. THANKS A LOT!

Nice!!! Go to google images and type in "caffeine".

Jo wrote:

Hey Matt,
Love your blogs and newsletters...... I so look forward to yours and Angela's each and everyday. Inspiring and thought provoking and supportive. so, thank you! I am about 80% raw. still do a cup of caffeine/green tea in the mornings only. thanks for the caffeine info today. any more info?
and yes, I'm starting to feel that my body may not need it anymore. sometimes I do hot water and lemon instead. My issue now with green juices or smoothies is that I feel slightly nauseous and shaky sometimes for about an hour after I consume them.
usually in the mornings. what's that about? It's like the green veggies are a shock to my body in the morning. however, in the afternoon, they aren't so much.
thanks for your positiveness, it means alot to me in a world of meat/ cooked food eaters all around me.
most people just don't get why I eat like this and seem somewhat threatened.

I would try weaning yourself onto green juices slowly. Do 8oz instead of 16oz and then build up. If it bothers you in the morning, do it later in the day. The juice may be giving you enough vitality from the mass of nourishment to create a cleansing reaction, which is good. Additionally, our bodies cleanse at night and we wake up with the a mass of toxins in the morning. It may be a great idea to drink a liter of water upon rising which may help.

It sounds like you are lowering your caffeine intake while increasing your juice and "water-lemon" intake. It sounds to me as if you are going through caffeine withdrawals. The water-lemon combo is also a bit cleansing. You may want to try eliminating the caffine which may help with the nauseous feeling when you intake green juice. The juices may be giving your body the vitality to push the caffeine right out. If you eliminate the caffeine, please understand that uneasiness will be due to withdrawal/detox. Cleansing the colon will expedite the process. Juicing and cleansing the colon go hand in hand. The results are AMAZING. This process will push you forward to a cleaner state and your body will not be a "happy camper" if you decide to go back to your old habits.

Does this picture of the pizza make you salivate? The chemical reactions in your brain is going under the same process as a drug addict. An experiment was done with many humans. They hooked them up to a machine to where they could monitor chemical reactions in the brain and throughout the body. They would put an individual in a room to where it could see cooked food through a glass window so there wouldn’t be any smell involved. They monitored that each persons brain activity. Each one of these people underwent the same chemical reactions as a drug addict would for their drug. They did a second experiment to where they could not see the food but only smell it. The same case happened.

Makes you think huh?

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