Thursday, February 7, 2008


Anastasia Book 8 just came out!!! Click Here.

Anastasia says that the words written in Vladimir's book is constructed in such a sequence to where it will subliminally creates a positive loving change amongst anyone that reads it. I believe this is true because anyone I know that reads this book gets inspired to improve themselves and our "current planetary condition". I have read books 1 - 4. I only needed to read one to create the positive change and now I just can’t stop.

What did I get out of reading Anastasia?

She consistently talks about the power of LOVE. She has this ray that she uses to see people anywhere on the planet. She then uses this "ray of love" to heal people, calm serious situations, inspires acts of love and much more. IT IS SO SIMPLE! It is all about using the energy of love. From a health standpoint, the more love energy that comes into our beings, the healthier we are going to be. We even have the power to heal others with this LOVE. On the otherhand, when we are feeling "negative feelings" such as anger, resentment, envy, etc. the effect does the opposite of healing. I just sent the feeling of love to my mom, brother, and father right now. Although they may not be conscious of it, their lives have been altered for the positive. They did feel it, most likely unconsciously. Now I just sent LOVE to YOU. Did you feel it in you heart?

It’s just a fact of life that we go through "up's and down's" and we end up at each poll, experiencing both love and other negative energies. After reading Anastasia, this "sequence of words", or whatever it was, inspired me so much to make a goal of mine to exude love always. It is quite amazing how my life has changed. When ever I get awareness and I am not stuck in my mind, I make it a point to create love. Exuding LOVE is my meditation technique. How can I not make this a focus due to it's benefits? It is a goal for me. It made me realize, what is the point of having negative feelings if it has an anti-healing effect? These negative feelings still come inside me but it is different now. I now know that these negative energies are harmful and pointless.

One time I got really upset and my ego didn’t want to leave the situation. It hurt. However, with this new Anastasia Inspriation, it was quite different. The new me was kind of floating up above with the awareness that this is foolish, that it was detrimental to my health, well-being, and everyone else around. So in relatively a short period of time I swallowed my pride and went in the other direction. That point of surrendering and swallowing my pride was sooooo PAINFUL. It was like a popcorn kernal getting hotter and hotter and then !BOOOM! The result, of course, was LOVE! The !BOOOM! was the point to where all that pain built up and where the release of it all happened at the same time. The more I practice this, the quicker the Kernal !BOOOMS!, and the less pain I experience.

Leigh wrote:

Mister Matt!
I am really loving this blog of yours!!!! The responses from readers keeps it so interactive and lively! When folks write their opinion it is a wonderful chance for me to check in with myself and assess where I'm at on my path that day, or if I feel reactive to a response you received, it gives me a chance to check in on why that caused a reaction in me. it' s a beautiful thing! Please keep up and I'll keep "soaking" it up! (hee hee, just some raw pun fun there!! ;) Be well!
xo Leigh

Love it! Well then... Teresa Wrote:

Hi Matt, I just cant resist the obvious, or may be I am really missing something. About the lemon juice, the straw thing is a really great idea, I've used it myself, but what about just brushing your teeth?????

Yes, I do brush my teeth right afterwards. I feel that the damage is being done very quickly if the lemon is passing my teeth for more then a few seconds. I feel this damage happens before I reach the toothbrush, It is weird. After I am done drinking it, if I kind of chew my teeth together, I feel as if the enamel was vaporizing off right there. If I scrape my teeth together, it feels like it is caked on or something. It is hard for me to explain. Brushing my teeth helps but I feel that if I did that every day for the rest of my life, that I would run into problems. I have heard that citrus can cause teeth problems if eaten consistently for years on end. I just feel it.
Raw Allison Wrote:

I am African American and found that drinking citrus juice from a glass every day actually bleached the skin around my mouth temporarily!! I started drinking through a straw and that ended the problem. :-)
Hmmm?! I can't wait to try the glass straw. I'll be doing this when I get settled one day.

February 6th I ate:
1:45 PM Watermelon orange Juice
3:45 PM Carrot Spinach Juice – This just feel so good to me. I am going to be drinking it everyday for awhile. Watch and see!
4:30 PM - Meal 1:
Handful figs
3 tablespoons of Tahini (HOME MADE)
1 handful of goji berries to swirl in.
7:30 - Meal 2:
3 tablespoons HOME MADE Tahini
1 small hanful of mung beans and sprouted sunflower seeds
5 cut up tomatoes
2 teaspoon of onions
1 handful of seaweed
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
butter lettuce to wrap the above in and EAT

I have really been on this nut butter kick. Tahini is the only Raw nut butter available in Australia. Now that we are in New Zealand, we found out that the tahini was not raw. I was really sad not to have the nut butters. Guess what our lovely Angela did. We went to the health food store and she tried to hide the fact that she was buying sesame seeds and sesame oil. Do you see where this is going??? We made our own tahini! Since I caught our sly Angela in action she let me in on choosing the cold pressed oil. We chose Pumpkin Seed oil to mix with the sesame seeds. We made our own tahini and it was soooooo SO goood. I am so excited. This gave me the idea to make my own hazelnut butter and almond butter and whatever other butter I choose! How lucky am I to have this sweet goddess princess by my side???

Our sly Angela got her hand caught in the cookie jar a second time. I got a few emails from some lovely people wishing me an early Happy Birthday. I had no idea where they were getting this from. Maybe Myspace or something? Then I realized that I didn’t get my "Angela Stokes Blog" for the day. I saw her writing it LAST NIGHT! Hmmmmmm???

One last story about our lovely Angela. She has known me for about 2.5 years now. Do you know that she has only called me by my name, "Matt", once!!! That's it and I don't even remember her doing it. To you, I am Mr. Monarch with his musings. Great! I don't even know what a MUSING is!

Jan Wrote this about KOMBUCHA:

I've been making Kombucha tea for 15 years or so. I might drink maybe 10 ozs. a week and maybe not, but the real benefit and the reason why I go to the trouble to make it is for the skin. I can use it on my skin at night and see the difference the next day. Even though I use a scrub at night, the Kombucha is so full of enzymes that it takes off the dead skin cells and nourishes the face. I have never used any Kombucha that comes in a bottle that's sold in health food stores. I was told you didn't have to worry about the sugar in making the tea because the Kombucha glob eats up the sugar. I started using it on my face after I read about other people's results in a Kombucha newsletter I once came across. Google and see what you find. Jan in Atlanta.

Ladies, there is a sweet beauty secret for you.

Today, February 7th I ate:

1:00 PM
Vegetable juice - Carrot, Spinach Juice!!!
2 PM - Meal 1:
3 tablespoons HOME MADE Tahini (SOOOO GOOD, I am not even using the Avocado!)
1 small hanful of mung beans and sprouted sunflower seeds
5 cut up tomatoes
2 teaspoon of onions
1 handful of seaweed
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
butter lettuce to wrap the above in and EAT
6:30 PM Meal 2:
3 New Zealand RIPE Kiwi's and a handful of cherries
7:30 PM Meal 3:
2 Bananas
1 – 2 Tablespoons of Home Made Tahini
1 handful of goji berries
1 - 2 teaspoons of maca
1 handful of seaweed like dulse
**All mushed with a fork

Jerry wrote:

Thank You for all the great info! Can I ask you some burning questions please?
1. What are the best enzymes? And do you take the same kind day in day out or are you rotating different enzymes?
2. Are your morning juices 'juiced' or blended green smoothie style. Is not the extra fiber a benefit?
3. Can E3 or Phytoplankton be substituted for green juice?
Healthy Regards, James

The enzymes that I take on an empty stomach are Dr. Fred Bisci's Therapeutic Enzyme Blend which can be seen here. I personally only take enzymes on an empty stomach unless I eat late at night. I wrote an article about the extreme benefits of taking these enzymes on an empty stomach, which can be viewed here. There are a couple of other "over the counter" bottled products, such as Vitalzym and Wobenzyme. I know the formulator personally and I strongly believe/know that Dr. Fred Bisci's Therapeutic Blend are the most powerful enzymes available. I have seen so many people benefit from them with serious degenerative diseases.
I believe that there is no need to rotate enzymes, especially if you are using Fred's Blend. They are the most powerful out there. I do recommend alternating Super Green Foods to get a variety of nutrition.

My morning juice is pure liquid without any fiber. They are not "smoothie style". I rarely do a green smoothie. In the future I will be doing a juicing vs. blending article in an upcoming newsletter. I am just not sure when. They are both great.

E3 Live can be exchanged for a green drink. However, I do recommend two green drinks a day and I also recommend getting variety. E3 Live is a great replacement when you are on the go and can't make veggie juice. Just as I don't recommend making the same veggie juice over and over again without any variation, I recommend switching the E3 Live up with other things. The E3 Live is GREAT. I HIGHLEY RECOMMEND IT! I sometimes take it every day. It is pure chlorophyll with so many vital elements!

Fred and I know the owners of the company really well. Fred went over there and was dumbfounded by the process it is extracted. There are people watching the algae throughout the clock. This is definitely the safest algae product on the market and it is in LIQUID form. Vitamins and minerals in liquid form is most readily absorbed by the body. It is STRAIGHT LIQUID!!! Veggie juice is also liquid vitamins and minerals and is readily absorbed by the human organism like nothing else. Juicing is so powerful that it may give you give you so much vitality that it may create a cleansing reaction in the body. I believe that is one of the reasons why people prefer green smoothies.

AND LASTLY... I had to share this comment from Rosa. It is exciting all the way through, I personally love the VERY last bit about the spider webs. Rosa Wrote:

regarding the examination of ones stools. Yes. We never went to doctors growing up. We always went to my aunt (Tijuana, BC) or someone she knew who could 'cure' (bodywork, herbs, etc). They always wanted to know about/see your stool/urine and like a psychic they could tell alot about what you had been doing! I exam mine every time out of curiousity, but have come to recognize many things about myself too (good & bad).
regarding urine. My mom told me the story about when she was a kid in Mejico she did not own a pair of shoes until she was 12 and had to go to work. So, every now and then her feet would become sore/cracked and her mom would have her stand in a basin and urinate and let her feet soak in it. Problem solved. My father tells the story of being out in some remote orchard (migrant worker) and a co-worker severely cutting his hand. My dad instructed all the men to urinate on this guys hand to stop the bleeding & stop a possible infection. It worked.
side note. When we were kids my mom used spider webs as band-aids to stop bleeding and infections!


Anonymous said...

Love your comments on love. You're living it by sharing sooo much with us. I am older (50's) and old fashion, can't imagine exposing myself so totally on the internet. Bless you.

Rosa's comments on examination of stools are right on target. I do remember growing up in the Caribbean seeing people urinate on the sole of their feet on the beach after stepping on sea urchings. Also in the country the root healers would monitor blood sugar levels by asking patients to urinate on the ground and observe the reaction of ants to it (acid or sugar).
Another thing I discovered about feces is that a sign of intestinal health is when they are shaped like to colon (long not balls), have the consistency of toothpaste (too dry is too much time inside), and preferably disolve in the water. Floating is an indication that oil is not digested and the color is a good way to monitor the transit time (red on monday if beets eaten on sunday).
I started to pay attention to this after finding out that colon cancer was prevalent in my family. I also don't like the idea of colonoscopy. So I pay attention that way.
Hope this help. Keep it going. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wondering where in NZ you are? Because, honestly, if you can't find good quality fruit and veg here,(your post down aways) you just haven't been looking in the right places. My family of four feasts on great organic fruit and veg all year around. Oh, and say something NICE about NZ would ya! :-)