Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wine Please?

And the winner is... JAM PACKED INFORMATION!!! Double the amount of people chose the jam packed info option.

I love what Nicola wrote about this:

sure, i'd love your jam-packed info.
the daily menu seems to be consistently similar...
unless you need to report for your own accountability, thanks Nicola

Thanks Nicola! I will document any changes in my diet that I deem worth mentioning. If my consistency changes in any way, I will definitely report it.

We were walking home from the movies two nights ago through all the cars. I got so angry and fed up by the end of our walk, I said, "That's it! I am done! I am buying a car tomorrow and we are leaving. I can't believe I let it go on this long!" Whenever I make absolute statements like this, people roll their eyes and shake their heads. For example, when I decided to move to NYC, I got a lot of this. You won't find a place, you can't afford it, etc. Not only did I succeed, but I ended up subletting a penthouse apartment RIGHT IN THE CITY. Angela knows me well enough to know that we were moving on. The next day I bought a SWEET used car on a 'Kiwi' eBay online auction site. This younger kid drove the car over to us and I paid him about $675 US dollars for it. I really liked him and we got along. There was a good vibe there. We then found a beach house up north in a CLEAN & BEAUTIFUL area that a Lovely Raw Person offered us until our talk on Sunday.

NIKE, knows what they are talking about. JUST DO IT!!!

Olessia Wrote:

Hi Matt,
Since we're on the subject of polluting the raw body...
Does organic mate tea with caffeine do that? (I've been drinking quite a bit of it lately) .

..since going heavy on juices (a few days now -- thanks for the influence) I started feeling sick... generalized weakness, muscle ache, phlegm... all that good stuff.. Could that be it? Or I just took my cleansing to the next level with juices? I'm 100% raw... well, except for the tea, but I've never juiced until I started reading your blog...
Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated:)

I am really excited to answer this question about the caffeine. You said that you are 100% Raw except for the caffeine. If you are truly 100% Raw, besides the caffeine, then you made a HUGE jump. You left out the most damaging and obstructive foods from your diet but caffeine. Your body is now on a life-long path of becoming cleaner and cleaner. There will be a major detoxification process and when that silences, there will be this gradual detoxification that will never end. As you become cleaner and cleaner, your body is going to demand more and more from you. If you are truly raw, then at some point your body is going to ask you to stop the caffeine. It may result in a headache, runny nose, or something else. If I drank the tea, I would end up like the cat in the picture for 3 days!

After being 100% Raw for a few years, I went on a date. I went to Wholefoods and bought the purest organic Red Wine that I could find. I drank a small glass of it. I didn't get high, I got sick. My body was too clean to handle the wine and now it is no longer fun for me. Soooo... a couple of years later, I went on another date... aaaaaand... I bought some organic wine. This time, I literally only had 2 small SIPS!!! I was wAsTeD FoR 48 HoUrS!@#&$. I didn't like detoxing from the wine as my throat got inflamed and my nose was running like a faucet. I now choose to stay away from it.

In terms of the caffeine... Actually... for everyone who improves their diet tremendously... In terms of the caffeine, or an occasional glass of wine, etc... it could be ok for the time being. You have made a TREMENDOUS jump by eliminating all the processed foods from your diet. It can take YEARS to catch up with what you are doing. If the occasional glass of wine doesn't bother you yet, then have fun. If you are TRULY eating ALL Raw Foods, At some point your body will reach the point to where it has become so clean that it will demand that you stop. If you don't listen to your body at that time, then the caffeine and/or wine will actually have a more damaging effect on you now than before, due to how sensitive and clean you have become.

I can give you a real life example of this. My mom went on Dr. Fred Bisci's Intermediate diet, which is in Raw Spirit. She was so strict about everything, except that she would not get rid of her morning coffee that she "oh so loved". It took about a year on this intermediate diet before my mom went through a healing crisis from an improved diet. Since she is not 100% Raw, this process can take a bit longer, however, it is still very powerful. So... she got sick, expelled massive amounts of waste (sorry mom), and she came out the other end without the desire for the caffeine. IF she ever does it now, it is a very minimal amount. I think she may have actually kicked it for good now, though I am not 100% sure.

Secondly, congrats on the Vegetable Juicing. Juicing is so powerful!!! You are getting masses of nutrition every day now. It sounds to me that drinking that much vegetable juice may be giving your body the vitality to give off waste stored on a cellular level, causing this cleansing reaction. It may be good for you to do Colon Cleansing at this point, which will most likey provide epic results. In the beginning, juicing and colon cleansing go hand in hand and provide miraculous results.

Unlikely, but another possibility is that you are drinking too fast or drinking while an earlier meal is still digesting.

If you continue to drink GREEN juices your skin will start to glow! I can sense when someone intakes Green Vegetable Juices. They have that "Raw Food Eater" look. They have clear, shiny, smooth and glowing skin on the face. Green Juicing is a BEAUTY SECRET.

The ULTIMATE BEAUTY SECRET is to do the Green Vegetable Juicing WHILE doing the colon hydrotherapy. :) If you do that, WATCH OUT!!!

Many asked me the homemade tahini recipe / sesame paste recipe. We hi-jacked it off of Melissa Gilbert’s Website, which seems to be down at the moment:

Tahini AKA Sesame paste:
4 cups of sesame seeds (we like the lighter ones) your choice.
HULLED1/4 to 1/2 cup Cold-pressed olive oil
Celtic sea salt to taste ( I add a sm. pinch)

Place into a High speed blender or food processor. I like to chop up the sesame seeds and then add the olive oil as it is blending and salt as well. Blend until smooth, chill and enjoy.You will have to play with the recipe a few times to get the exact flavor/texture you desire. It took me 3X to get it the way we like it.It is so easy and inexpensive to make.This recipe makes 3 cups and will last several months in an air tight container in your cooler. Waiting for you to make something very special out if it
.Raw LoveMelissa

Angela posted the new "Insider List" on her blog yesterday. I got over 200 responses from people wanting to be on this list. If you want to join, or learn more about it, click here. This is going to be on a first come, first served basis, so act fast.

Danny & Kathy Living are the most beautiful Raw Foods Couple. They just opened a Raw Restaurant, called Borrowed Earth Cafe, in the Suburbs of Chicago. They were featured in a short segment on a local cable tv show that lets viewers know about new entertainment and eating places in the Chicagoland area. Check it out. Go to the website and look under VIDEOS and click play. Click Here!

So many people commented that they DID salivate when they saw the Pizza picture. In our next blog, I am going to talk about this experience in relation to addiction.


Michelle said...

I just wanted to post about Danny and Kathy's restaurant. I have been there twice and the food is delicious! I brought my non-raw mom there and she loved it too. They are the nicest people too so you just can't go wrong.

Love the blog Matt. So much good info. Thanks for keeping it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, could you PLEASE tell me where I can find that cat and print it out large to put it on my fridge. I have to remind me what caffeine did/does to me whenever I touch it. THANKS A LOT!