Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting High...Awwwhh... On Avocado???

Eating nuts is our (100% Raw Food Eater's) greatest source of concentrated proteins and fats. If you remember my latest meals, I have been living off homemade Tahini. I started adding other nuts/seeds to this tahini mixture to get their valuable nutrients. Due to the valuable nutrients nuts possess, Dr. Norman Walker raves about the benefits of them... and... the three he is most fond of are Almonds, Hazelnuts (Filberts), and Pumpkin Seeds. The first nut I added to the mixture was Almonds, Walker's Number One Favorite!

Dr. Norman Walker says; Almonds, when fresh, raw and unsalted, are the most alkaline of all nuts, being particularly valuable as nourishment for the bone structure of the body, and especially for stengthening the enamel of the teeth. Due to the "California Almond Pasteurization Act", we are importing HIGH QUALITY RAW ORGANIC Almonds. They are available HERE.

The "California Almond Pasteurization Act" that passed is very saddening to me. Dr. Norman Walker goes on to say that almonds which have been pasteurized are harmful on account of the change which takes place in the fat under these conditions. The reaction on the liver and gall bladder is then detrimental and may sooner or later interfere with the complete and proper function of these organs.

Hazelnuts (Filberts) seem to be Dr. Norman Walker's second favorite, due to their valuable nutrient make-up. Generally they're not my favorite tasting nut but I just added filberts to my homemade tahini this week. WOW, the mixture was sooo good! I don't have Dr. Norman Walker's book, Guide to Diet & Salad with me now, or I would tell you the amazing benefits of the Hazelnut... I forgot... Blush**

The next mixture will be tahini and pumpkin seeds... Well, actually, we just went to this amazing Organic Health Food Store in Tauranga, New Zealand, and I also bought these amazing looking Raw Organic Brazilnuts. I can only imagine how that mixture would taste!?!

I did say that I would notate anything that I deemed worthy about my meals. As most of you know, when I first went Raw, I would eat 2 - 3 large avocados a day. As the years went by, the avocado quantity diminished. About 5 months ago I was eating only 1 avocado a day, 2 - 3 months ago I was eating a 1/2 of an avocado, and then about a month ago, I went down to 1/4 an avocado, replacing the rest of it with Nut Butter. I was able to do this successfully because the nut butters COMPLETELY satisfied my EMOTIONAL need for a meal. As I mentioned in a previous post, I loved the outcome it had on my body. Well... 2 weeks ago, I eliminated Avocado from my diet completely and replaced it with 3 tablespoons of Nut Butter... and... I emotionally loved it!

Today, Dr. Flora told me that:

1/4 of a cup or 2 ounces of avo is all your liver can handle at one time without storing it.

Dr. Norman Walker seemed to do no more than this amount of avocado at one time. Sometimes he would combine this amount with 2 tablespoons of nuts. Dr. Flora's statement totally resonated with me.

So... after abstaining from avocado for two weeks for the first time in 8 YEARS, I used 1/4 of an avocado with two tablespoons of Nut Butter today. WOW! It felt like the [nut butter/tomato/onion/sprout/etc.] mixture in my meal was filled with OIL! It was only one quarter of an avocado! I wasn't used to it anymore. It was sooooooo GOOD and SATISFYING. I can't believe I used to eat so much avocado at one time. As weird as this seems, I also got HIGH off of the 1/4 of avocado. I was relaxed, light-headed, with a smile, like a crack addict who'd got their fix. Maybe not so extreme but if felt GREAT.

Oh boy... I am getting "high" off avocado.

I hope that nobody feels they need to reduce their avocado intake due to this post. I have been doing this for 8 years now and I am in a different space to someone just starting out. Take your time and have fun. Emotionally bring yourself to eating less over time, for real RAW SUCCESS. It is so interesting how so many different perspectives are reading this post. Some of you, in contrast, are probably saying right now, "I never ate that much avocado and I never will".

Jo wrote (a different Jo from yesterday):

Hi Matt, love your blog, please can you give more info about your self administered you travel with a bag? What about those special boards.What capacity is the bag, and do you just hang it up?Can you recommend a good one? PS why do people do coffee enemas if caffeine is so bad 4 u?XXX

If I put coffee in my enema bag, I WOULD NOT SLEEP FOR 3 DAYS!!! I just did a lecture in Auckland, New Zealand, and this lovely woman told me the benefits of doing enemas with pure urine and no water. She said that the alternative naturopath who recommended this would find old, dirty, junky stuff leaving the body after urine enemas. I personally will never attempt that, but it sounds interesting. I guess you would have to save your pee for a couple of days... oooooooohw… I personally only use purified water and NOTHING ELSE. Sometimes that means just using the water from a standard shower filter, depending on where I am. I haven't ever done a wheatgrass implant, or any type of implant for that matter, but I heard it is very beneficial and I definitely believe that. People claim to get "high" when they do that.

Here is an excerpt from Raw Success that will answer your other question:

I schedule a Colonic maybe two times a year, for deep cleansing and maintenance. When I first began my Raw adventures, I did Colonics frequently to clear out the major cesspool of cooked food eating. Then I switched to the at-home Colema Board, which I used a few times a month to keep up with the waste being eliminated, as my cells kept dumping years of toxicity into my system for elimination.

Now, I am pleased to share with you my latest discovery: the 6-quart Enema bag! Our colon can hold 4-6 quarts of water, depending on the individual. Traditional Enema bags hold 2-quarts of water, which is less effective for cleansing, as it only clears the lower colon. With some practice, you can do very effective cleansing for your entire bowel with the larger bag.

Whenever I feel sluggish, I do a 6-quart Enema. I usually fill and expel twice, using at most 4 of the 6-quart!

The importance of cleansing the colon cannot be emphasized enough. I know it is one of the key reasons I am able to stay 100% Raw. As I've said, those who run into problems on the 100% Raw Diet often do not know why. Periodic colon cleansing would mean SUCCESS for 95% of these cases.

I recommend a 100% Raw Food eater to cleanse the colon more often than anyone else, which may seem ironic at first. Eliminating everything from your diet but Raw Foods will cause your body to continually cleanse. For someone who is TRULY 100% Raw, I recommend they thoroughly cleanse the colon at least once a month. I personally use the 6 quart enema bag on our site. It is quite expensive, so we found a 4 quart enema bag that is 1/4 the price, which is also on our website HERE. I personally would pay the extra money for the 6 quart bag.

If you know what you are doing, you can get away with a 1.5 quart enema bag but it would be more of a pain. If you could fill your entire colon with the 1.5 quarts, then that is good. You may need to do less at first to empty out the lower colon. If you want much better results, fill the 1.5 quarts entirely in your colon, hold it in, refill the bag, then take in 1/4 or MORE of the fresh water in the bag.

Liz wrote:

Matt, In reference to Jo's email Could the Green Smoothie be raising her sugar,those are the symptons I get when my surgar level goes up from a green or any smoothie. What can we do to make the green smoothies so they don't raise our sugar levels. Liz

When I read Jo's message, my head just saw green juices and didn't even think of the green smoothies. The idea that green smoothies are raising her blood sugars may be the case but it is hard to tell. There are over 1001 variables going on in the human organism at one time. Additionally, we don't know her daily habits, weight, age, etc. Raising the vegetable and lowering the fruit quantities may help with the sugar levels. I went through a period of doing green smoothies with no fruit whatsoever. I used cucumber instead. I did put goji berries in it. I love to have something to chew so I would just throw goji berries in my green smoothies. When there isn't any fruit added, it feels sooooo clean. The cucumber makes it very gentle. In the past I have even blended an entire head of romaine lettuce and just ate it... and Loved IT! And... I never add water to my smoothies. I love to just use the water-rich ingredients. If you just do romaine lettuce, you'll need a plunger to push it down. Cucumber will help with the liquid content.

The vegetables are the "nourishers" of the body and the fruits are the "cleansers". This is just another small reason why I feel PURE vegetable juice is so important. It is PURE NOURISHMENT.

I am sure in a future post, I will just go nuts on vegetable juice and write pages. Wow! I am still HIGH off that Avocado...


Anonymous said...

Bless you, for the valuable advice and information for those attempting or considering going raw.
Reading Jo's question about feeling shaky after drinking a green smoothie, I agree with you that it is a detox symptom. I remember that feeling in my first year of change, and that drinking lots of water 30 minutes after the green juice would help instantly.
What I also found usuful and wise is to consult regularly with a natural healer (I see a iridologist once a year) who can point out area of concern or vulnerablitiy. An occasional blood test wouldn't hurt either in case there are deficiencies, we can then adjust accordingly our selection of raw foods and juices.

I get a kick out of your enjoyment of raw meals!! But I never put any fruit in my green juice, mixing fruit and veggies. Carrots or beets are a good way to sweeten a juice. My daily green juices are a combination and variation of cucumber, parsley, celery and 3 different sprouts (buckwheat, sunflower, green peas, or mung)
Love you,

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