Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Food Combining

Am I writing too much??? Look at the size of these posts!!! I am sure at some point I'll slow down a bit so bear with me.

I have to say that there was such an uproar on the Juice Feasting article that I put in this months newsletter. You can view it here.

Doug wrote:

What is the name of the Book that you use to tell what NORMAN WALKER ate for breakfast etc? Thank you

Become Younger has what he ate for breakfast and part of it is repeated in Guide to diet and Salad. They each say something a little bit different. Those two books together will give you a great idea of what he ate all day long. If you study every last one of his books you will get every hint possible. I highly recommend it. To get an even greater understanding of what I feel are the most important concepts about raw foods and how it all works, I recommend reading, Man's Higher Consiousness, by Hilton Hotema, Rational Fasting & Mucusless Diet Healing System, by Arnold Ehret and study the Blood Gas Theory in and out in Raw Success or on my website for free.

Valerie commented:

[When I drink water with lemon in it, I feel that it isn't good for my teeth. I just feel citrus on them.]

Matt, have you tried drinking water and lemon with a straw. Most dentists will suggest that with enamel eating drinks. I am a nurse and when we used to give liquid iron in juice to patients, we would do so with a straw, as the iron can stain the teeth. Just a suggestion! I sure enjoy the dance between you and Angela. It does a heart good:)
Valerie from Virginia, USA

Thank you Valerie for the comment! I am very excited about this and I will try it. I'll get a glass straw so it doesn’t melt it.

FYI... Chia Seeds were talked about on Oprah today!

A lot of attention in the Raw Food movement is focused on Food Combining. All Raw Foods combine well together if cooked food is not presant. However, if you are eating a massive quantities like the salad I used to eat, then you may want to watch your food combining a bit more. I would never put a granule of sugar with my 3 avocado large salad because I knew what the consequence would be - GAS. When I eat smaller quantities, then I have very little problem with digestive discomfort. For example, I just started eating a "fruit/nut" meal today which is a small quantity. It is the banana meal below at 8pm. This meal is about the size of my fist and contains sugar and nuts. This meal feels so satisfying and good to me. Some people would scarf this meal down in less then a minute and the emotional satisfaction would be very little. This is the perfect type of meal for me to fletcherize because it tastes so good all over my taste buds. My saliva mixing with it makes it even taste better. I never swallow, it just disapears down my throat. Small meals are key for longevity and your body can handle any raw food combination in a small quantity. It is not easy though. For example, even though it takes a great amount of time for me to finish this meal because I am fletcherizing, I start to mourn when the meal is coming to an end. I think this mourning is very healthy as it then turns into habit and makes it really easy.

This is not orthorexia. We are animals. Human's are simply mammals. They did this experiment where they took 40 apes. They gave 20 apes double the amount of bananas as the other 20 apes. The apes that were restricted not only lived longer but had more energy and health. The apes that were aloud to eat more bananas, indulged.

They didn't say, hey, I shouldn't restrict myself so I can live longer. In the past we would have to go get our own food and there wasn't so much abundance. Now that we have evolved into this "tehcnocratic" world, with very little exercise, we have all the abundance of food we want right in front of us. Just like the 20 apes indulged, so has about 95% of the human population. We have the ability to reason, and I cut my food intake for this purpose. OH!!!!... The cleanliness, clean digestion, is ECSTATIC BLISS!

I am really excited about this banana meal below. I believe that you will be seeing it on my menu a lot now. The flax and almonds grinded together, mixed with the banana is divine. The flax starts to thicken from the moisture in the banana. YUM! To get variety, I will be changing the Almonds up with other nuts. Wow, I am excited! I love BALANCE!

Lastly about food combining. Every Raw Vegan Food combines well. However, some foods may cause a bit of extra gas then others. Veggies are fine with anything and the fruit and fat combination may cause a bit of gas. If you become strict on these combinations, your body will demand it as you become cleaner. Smaller quantities are no big deal with food combining. Many of you have heard my Raw Summit interview. I talked about how I was crazy and fanatical about it all and I was scared to even go to a Raw Food Restaurant. I also used to be scared to mix fruit and fat together in the same meal. I just wouldn’t do it. I was also eating two large meals a day instead of two small ones. The first one was a good amount of my favorite fresh sugar fruit and the second was that large avocado salad. Imagine eating 2 or 3 pounds of ripe figs or persimmons with nuts or avocado? Or my 3 large avocado salad with dried figs? If you are interested in food combining books or a chart, you can click here.

February 4th I ate:

11 AM Orange Pineapple Juice
11:30 AM Vegetable juice
Carrot/Cellery - Norman Walker did this juice a lot too (we also added a bit of watercress and two kale leaves that we had to finish up.
2:00 PM - Meal 1:
1/4 avocado
3 tablespoons of hemp seeds MUSHED
1 small hanful of mung beans and sunflower seeds
5 cut up tomatoes
1 teaspoon of onions
1 handful of seaweed
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
butter lettuce to wrap the above in and EAT
6:45 PM Vegetable Juice
Butter lettuce, celery, cucumber, watercress
8:00 PM - Meal 2:
2 bananas
1 handful of Almonds and 1 handful of flax grinded up
2 teaspoons of maca
1 handful of goji berries
1 dried calymyrna fig
1 small handful of seaweed - similar to dulse
**All mushed with a fork

Wangamaud wrote:
Many hygienists believe that examing our stools is a good way to monitor our health. What do you think about that. Would it be too gross for you to share that part of your experience?

I personally don't examine my feces. I wouldn't even know what to look for. In habit I turn around from afar to see what is there but that is about it. I do have to say during my liver cleanse I was a bit more curious. On a side note, if you drink beet juice, it may look like you are bleeding internally when you expel feces. It is even cooler when it looks like you are urinating blood. (I hope everyone can stomach this... eek!)

While I am at it, let’s discuss my views on Urine Therapy. I have never done this and I never will. My gag reflex pops into action when I witness someone doing this. I once had a meeting with someone that practiced urine therapy. They smelled like urine. I think it was coming out their pours.

The benefits from urine therapy come from the fact that you are recirculating your antibodies. They are then used by the immune system to work against bacteria and viruses. You can also use it topically. My brother did that once when we were younger. He was advised to urinate on his toe after he got bit by a jelly fish. Click on my brother’s picture and you will be brought to his myspace account. He is 37, knows and believes in the Raw Diet because of me but doesn’t practice it, and is good looking and SINGLE. How cool would it be if a Health food eater started dating him??? I see his transition happening as we speak.

Today, February 5th I ate:

12:00 PM
Vegetable juice –carrot, watercress, celery, parsley cucumber (we are running low on veggies!)
2 PM - Meal 1:
1 DURIAN!!!!
5:30 PM
Green Veggie Juice
8:00 PM - Meal 2:
2 bananas
1 handful of Almonds and
1 handful of flax grinded up
2 teaspoons of maca
1 handful of goji berries
1 dried calymyrna fig
1 small handful of seaweed - similar to dulse
**All mushed with a fork

Pauline wrote:

What do you think about Kombucha? Specifically Synergy? They say that it is 100% raw - but I hear that it's made with sugar. Any thoughts?

Generally, all Kombucha tea is made with sugar. The fungus of the Kombucha lives off of the sugar and totally absorbs it, dissolves it, and changes the structure of it to where it supposedly has beneficial effect on the system. Someone once told me that Robert O’ Young says that Kombucha Tea is very acid on the system and that you might as well be drinking a beer. Dr. Fred Bisci says it is ok to drink, including the Synergy brand. Also, remember, it is what you leave out of your diet that heals you. If you are eliminating refined sugar and processed starches (the two most damaging food to the human organism) and partake in Kombuch Tea, this is a good thing.

I personally don’t drink Kombucha tea. Due to how sensitive I am, I feel DRUNK on it. I do LOVE THAT feeling but I tend to have other issues when I drink it also. I remember the first time I drank it my nose started pouring mucus out for hours. Then all of a sudden it stopped and the pathway was REALLY clear. Maybe I needed to cleanse that out and the kombucha helped. So I started drinking Kombucha every day and it just didn’t feel good to me. Paul Nison did this experiment too and had the same results as me. We both don’t drink it.


tumbleweed said...

Hi Matt,

I love that I found your blog.

I'm a singer-songwriter, now expat and after having married an Austrian and moved to the Alps, I have had severe constipation to the point I've been in and out of hospitals (8 months) addicted to laxatives. ug.

So I recently started to research food combining to see if that was/is something of a culprit as food is very heavy in Eastern Europe.

My husband cooks and is trying to do whatever I/we need for this and overall health.
We've also both put on some weight - me because working out was difficulti in the height of all of this and him while taking care of me. ug again.

Anyway, I am reading and watching and hoping some things you write and advise click for me.

Thanks and I'll be trying that banana, flax seed and almond meal now. It's only noon here but it sounds too good to pass up! Don't have any of the other ingredients though. :)

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