Friday, February 22, 2008

Intermediate Success

We spoke today in Tauranga, New Zealand, where we have been staying for the last week. I actually wrote this post yesterday and then couldn't find Internet last night, so I couldn't post it until now. Yesterday we decided to take a night trip to Rotorua. This place is know as 'Nature's Spa'. It is located in an area where the earth's surface is closer to the earth's core than most places. There are Hot Springs everywhere! The entire town smells like sulfur and whereever you look there is steam coming off bodies of water. You can actually see the steam behind us in the picture to the right. We stayed in a small Motel that actually has Hot Spring Pools throughout it. Right across the street was a huge HOT Sulfuric Lake! We soaked a loooong time in the pools last night... EXCITING!

Chris wrote:

Matt, with all do respect...when I first saw the pix of your mom, I thought it was you in drag. Love your blog...Chris from

Ummmm. Thank you?

My Mom wrote:

Gosh, poor Dr. Perricone!! His skin products are phenomenal!! All he says is that the supplements are needed to enhance the diet! Believe me, he does phenominally with his skin products. Mine has never looked better! (I know the diet helps, too!) I buy them on QVC in kits made especially for them with various products at a great price; from his website and from sometimes. Not cheap, at all, but very good. I get compliments on my skin all over the place!

My mom started Dr. Fred Bisci's Intermediate Diet about a year ago. Before that she was doing the Atkin's Diet as it works very well for taking off weight. The premise of the Atkin's diet is to consume VERY LITTLE carbohydrates and refined sugars while allowing you to eat as much animal protein as you like. When you do something like this, the weight SHEDS off. However, many people run into problems on the Atkin's Diet in the long-run. The reason for this is they eat masses of animal protein which can easily create an acidic condition in the body. When an acidic condition exists in the body, it leaches mineral salts (calcium) from the skeletal frame, which inevitably may cause Osteoporosis.

However, if you were doing the Atkin's diet like my mom was, it could be a great diet. She didn't overdo the animal protein and ate a salad every single night. The reason I say it can be a great diet is because you cut down or eliminate the two most damaging foods (refined sugar and processed starches). The funny thing is that high carb fruits, such as bananas, are something to be avoided in the Atkin's diet due to their high carbohydrate content. My mom has always cared about her appearance and would stay away from any carbs, bananas included. So here we have my mom eating a salad every night and berries with cottage cheese in the morning. She ate other things too but this was the base of her diet every morning and every night. You would think that she was on a great diet and would be stabilized out at a certain weight. Well...


She went on Dr. Fred Bisci's Intermediate diet.

This diet requires that you eliminate Refined Sugars and Processed Starches from your diet COMPLETELY WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER. She still felt like she had to have her coffee in the morning, but everything else she followed completely. That was a big jump for my mom. Every family get-together that we have, chocolate cake and many other desserts and foods are a main family tradition. I don't know how she did it but she has been on Fred's diet for over a year now and she just turns down everything offered to her at those gatherings. She brings flax crackers and raw chocolate truffles to these events to eat, which I send her. She goes NUTS for these Chocolate truffles. Her favorite, at this time, is the Goji Cherry Truffles, however, it is always changing.

She was dumbfounded how the weight kept coming off of her. Keep in mind this is not on a 100% Raw Food Diet. This is an intermediate WHOLEFOOD cooked diet. On this diet you can eat MODERATE quantities of animal protein and dairy, brown rice, beans, 7 grain bread, steamed veggies, and much more. She even had a high carb banana and it DIDN'T MATTER! She lost well over 14 pounds to the lowest weight she has experienced in decades! She LOVES to show it off. The only problem is she had to get rid of a lot of her clothes. My mom really loves QVC and a few years after my brother left home, his bedroom became a SECOND walk-in closet. You can only imagine the charity offering she had. (oh! I am in trouble!)

If you eliminate refined sugars and processed starches from your diet completely without any exceptions, you WILL go through a healing crisis. It may take 3 days, 3 months, or even a year. For my mom, it was probably about 6 – 8 months. The best time to show off the power of colon hydrotherapy is to do it when you get sick. I have seen time and time again where someone was told they had to go on antibiotics and instead they did a colonic and INSTANTANEOUSLY they felt better and didn't need the antibiotics. The results are miraculous! All disease is the same! It is just all this waste that builds up in the system and tries to leave the body. For example, when someone develops psoriasis, it is "disease" trying to leave through the skin; bronchitis, the throat; zits (Acne), your face. A colonic is the most effective way of pulling this waste out relieving the pressure in these areas allowing for immediate healing. The colon is the central waste station of the human organism. Empty it out and waste from other areas in the body will be able to dump into it.

So... After about 8 months, my mom had a healing crisis and at this time my mom refused to cleanse her colon. She went to the hospital and they put her on antibiotics which took the cold away. Luckily, within a couple of weeks, her cold came back. She was very weak, as all her vitality was just trying to push this waste out of her. Before she went to the hospital a second time, she had a HUGE bowel release! For two days she poured out nonstop. (Now I am in REALLY BIG TROUBLE!!!!) When she came out the other end of this, she lost the desire for her coffee and stopped that too.

Dr. Fred Bisci told her that her life would be soooooo much easier if she just did a colonic. She wouldn't have to be going through as much pain. He also told her that he has recommended thousands to get colon hydrotherapy and never has anyone run into problems doing it. It is completely safe. I feel at some point she will do it. Fred recommended the product Colosan (which is now available HERE) in the meantime. It is not NEARLY as effective but it helps get rid of the "intestinal plaque".

I have to say I am soooo proud of my mom, more than ANYTHING!!!

Next post I may talk about Raising Children Raw!


Penni in Tulsa said...

I just wanted to comment how much I love seeing the two of you together (you & Angela) and so happy! It makes my heart sing. Although I rarely leave my two cents, I follow you both and I have personally benefited so much from the work you have done separately and now together.
You are a delight!
Blessings,Love & Light!

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